Aéroports de Lyon : partenaires de la Biennale de la Danse 2012 / the 2012 Biennale Dance Festival

Uploaded by AeroportsdeLyon on 29.08.2012

The Biennale Dance Festival was created in 1984 in Lyon.
It takes place every two years for around three weeks.
This year, it will be running from 13th to 30th September.
You will be able to see performances in 30 different places.
For this edition, we will be welcoming 35 dance companies
from all over the world.
The 9th September, brings the traditional Biennale Procession.
Dominique Hervieu's events organisation is just magic.
It brings together big names in dance,
such as Philippe Découflé, Angelin Preljocaj or Maguy Marin,
and up and coming choreographers,
such as François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea,
Antoine Defoort and Halory Goerger, or the group Entorse.
The Procession brings the amateur world on board.
For a whole year, these amateurs work on a choreography.
There are 12 groups this year.
Each of them has created their own music and costumes.
The groups are made up of around 300 people.
They are going to be walking to Bellecour square,
where a finale performance from the Käfig company awaits.
The Procession takes place on 9th September from 2pm to 5pm
from Terreaux to Bellecour square.
The Procession is open to all, protected by barriers.
We are expecting some 300,000 spectators.
This Procession is a festive and light-hearted moment.