Mobile Device

Uploaded by VoxMobileTechnology on 19.09.2010

Does your organization have a mobile device policy? With today's dynamic
environment you might as well shred it and start over. I'm Kris Snyder the CEO of
Vox Mobile and today I'd like to talk to you about constructing a mobile device policy
that takes into account the dynamic changes. Never before have we seen within an IT and
telecom world the pace of change. Today I want to go through the construction of a mobile
device policy by focusing in four areas. I'd like to talk about the who, the what, the
where and the how. The who is simply end-user segmentation. And while is easy to say end-user
segmentation, its challenging for organizations to actually come through and look at the different
segments of users and determine what they actually get, where they actually connect
and how they do it. Most of the time we see three primary areas: executive management,
IT versus non-IT lines of business and the final component is more the approach of management,
which is, are the end-user an individual liable or corporate liable user. The what from a
mobile policy perspective is really what we're extending to those mobile devices. For the
longest time personal information, i.e. your e-mail contacts, tasks and calendars have
been the killer application. However with the consumerization of applications now bleeding
into the enterprise, we're seeing more organizations think about what applications they can promote.
However our device selection conundrum, with all the new devices on the android operating
system, the emergence of Apple as a dominant player in the marketplace, we are seeing more
challenges on what's going to be extended. As we look at beyond just the what we get
into the where. WiFi has become a primary component of the actual transport for mobility.
Now there's an opportunity in a lot of organizations to actually transmit, transmit, voice traffic
over WiFi. And finally as we look at the how component of building a mobile policy we get
into the device piece, the application, server security, asset management and my favorite
is expense or who's going to actually pay for it. And with the recession of 2008 this
area of expense became even more dominant in our clients conversations. As we continue
to think about mobile policy, I would encourage you to look at your organization, in its entirety,
and think about where the expense lies and the other components as they are interrelated.
In our next two video blog sessions we will go from the core construct of building a mobile
policy to looking at the security component which is a cornerstone of all good mobile
policies. And finally the one piece that everyone likes walk way from which is who will actually
support the end-users and the server infrastructure. I'm Kris Snyder with Vox Mobile and I look
forward to talking to you soon.