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Uploaded by kyarypamyupamyuTV on 12.10.2012

Hello, my name is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
Welcome to my official YouTube channel.
Thank you all very much always cheering me from all over the world.
I'm very glad to view your comments.
Thus, for Non-native Japanese speakers, my channel did the first attempting to supply with the subtitles using various languages on this video.
Well, in this summer, I appeared on a lot of stages in music festivals held in Japan.
Among them, I had the large scale events such as "Rock in Japan Festival", "Summer Sonic".
These festivals, which I appeared with many popular singers and musicians, are really heating up.
These great experiences were more unforgettable for me.
By the way, all you guys, have you listened to my new song "Fashion Monster"?
Have you also watched its Music Video?
This song is in cool and rock contrast with my songs before.
The promotional video is packed in the atmosphere of Halloween.
In the video, I and several monsters have a party in singing and dancing.
If you have not yet seen this promotional video, please watch it at once on YouTube.
Now, my memorable concert day is approaching! On 6 November, the one-man concert is scheduled to take place at big and time-honored arena "Nippon Budokan" in central Tokyo.
For Non-native Japanese speakers, in particular living abroad,have great difficulty making a ticket reservation in Japanese.
But if you had already bought the tickets by good fortune, I look forward to seeing you then!
Incidentally, I have ever experienced my own music performances in abroad were Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris.
I hope that someday I may be able to do my music performance in abroad again.
Please tell me the city or country which you want me to come over by use of your comment at this YouTube channel.
I want see you too in your country!
If a huge amount of comments to receive, I may be able to fly to your country. Go on posting please!!!
Now, I'll soon upload a next video message on this channel.
From now on, I intend to keep uploading all kinds of videos that you can only watch this channel are available.
So, I would appreciate it if you could subscribe this channel right now.
In Tokyo, this is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, see you next time!