Career Changer Scholarships (Secondary) 2013 Online Helper

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Kia ora,
Congratulations on deciding to apply for a TeachNZ scholarship.
Applying for a TeachNZ scholarship is easy,
but it must be done correctly.
Over the next few minutes we'll take you
through the application process, step-by-step.
You should also read the Application Guide before completing the Form.
If you need further advice,
give us a call during business hours
on 0800 165 225.
TeachNZ offers a number of different scholarships.
This online helper helps you prepare your application for the 2013
Career Changer Scholarships (Secondary) --
Tipu Whakarito Te Reo Māori me Te Waka Whakarei.
The Application Form and Guide are available in te reo Māori and English.
For the purposes of this online helper,
we'll be referring to the English language version.
You can access Application Forms and Guides from the TeachNZ website.
If you have trouble accessing the forms online,
get in touch and we can assist you.
Download the form and complete it electronically.
You can save the form on your computer and complete it in stages.
You'll need the help of other people to
complete some sections on your printed form.
This includes an employer, tertiary provider,
referee or supporter.
These sections are indicated with this icon.
Take a printout of the form to the
relevant people to help you complete your application.
You'll need to provide documents to prove your identity,
academic history -- and if applicable -- your residency status
and any legal name changes.
TeachNZ is not able to accept original documents,
so all your documents must be photocopied and certified.
Photocopies you'll need to have certified
are highlighted in the form and guide with this icon.
Gathering the relevant documents and getting them certified
can be time consuming, so start as soon as you can.
Certified copies are photocopies that have been stamped
on the front page and endorsed as a true copy of the original
by any of the following people --
a School Principal
a Registrar of a tertiary education provider
a District Court Registrar or Deputy Registrar
a Barrister and Solicitor
a Justice of the Peace
You can find a list of local Justices of the Peace in the Yellow Pages.
Before you start filling in the form,
check if you're eligible to apply.
Page two of the guide outlines the eligibility criteria for both scholarship types.
You must have commenced enrolment to study an approved
Secondary Graduate Diploma of Teaching before you apply.
You must also be enrolling to commence study at the start of 2013.
If you started your study during the year
you're not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
If you meet the eligibility criteria, begin completing the Application Form.
Use the guide to help you.
The section numbers match the numbered instructions in the guide.
For section one,
indicate which scholarship type you are applying for.
Tick the box in the orange panel for the Tipu Whakarito Te Reo Māori
if you want to become a teacher of te reo Māori in a secondary school.
Tick the box in the red panel for Te Waka Whakarei
if you want to teach a secondary subject, or subjects,
in te reo Māori in a Wharekura.
For section two, insert your name and contact details.
If your Tertiary Provider knows you by a different name then write this here.
To prove your name and date of birth
you'll need a certified photocopy of either your passport,
birth certificate, or certificate of citizenship.
We cannot accept a driver's license.
If you've changed your name you'll need a certified photocopy of
either your marriage certificate, a deed poll,
or birth certificate showing your changed name.
Next, confirm that you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
Permanent residents and Australian citizens
must have lived in New Zealand for at least two years
and reside in New Zealand in order to be eligible for this scholarship.
If you are a permanent New Zealand resident,
you'll need to supply a certified photocopy
of the main ID page of your passport,
and the page showing your indefinite permanent residency stamp or sticker.
The following section asks for your ethnicity.
This information is requested for statistical purposes.
Section five relates to your qualifications and academic history.
Please state your degree or graduate diploma, and the year it was completed.
To complete this section, you'll need to provide a
certified copy of your university or academic transcript.
The transcript must show every year of study and all subjects you've undertaken.
If you're applying for the Tipu Whakarito Te Reo Māori,
state the 300-level papers you've completed
in Māori studies, development, language, culture or society.
The certified copy of your transcript
must show the 300-level papers you've listed on the form.
If you're applying for Te Waka Whakarei,
list the 300 level papers in the subject, or subjects, you've completed.
The academic transcript you need to provide must show
the 300 level papers you've listed on the form.
Also list and provide certified evidence for
any other degrees, certificates and awards you've achieved
If you have overseas qualifications,
make sure you get these assessed by NZQA.
This process can take a few weeks, so get started as soon as you can.
For more information, visit
The next section asks you to provide details
about your current and previous paid employment.
You'll need to supply a CV (or Curriculum Vitae)
to complete section seven.
This should be brief -- no more than two double-sided A4 pages.
Your CV does not need to be certified.
For section eight, provide evidence of employment
for at least one of your previous or current positions.
This should be either
a letter of reference,
a Certificate of Service,
or a signed letter from your employer
Remember, TeachNZ cannot return original documents to you.
If you're supplying a photocopy of an original document,
please ensure you get the photocopy certified.
Next, you'll need your tertiary provider to complete their declaration.
Take your Application Form to your Head of Department or Programme Director
and ask them to complete section nine.
Great teachers have the ability to lead and motivate.
For the Tauākī a te kaitātaki, your leadership statement,
describe your experience as a leader.
This could be from your experience
in work, education, sport, community or cultural activities.
You'll need to complete this statement in te reo Māori.
Make sure you list two referees who can confirm your statement.
One of the Ministry of Education's priorities is to
make the greatest difference for Māori students.
This includes finding teachers who can help
young Māori students enjoy education success as Māori.
This section, Whakapapa, reo, tikanga, asks you to make a statement
in te reo Māori on what identity, language and culture mean to you,
and how they've contributed to your decision to teach.
Ask one of the following people to support this statement
by signing and providing their details.
a Kaumātua
a Māori Liaison Officer
a tutor or teacher who is Māori
a leader of a Māori Community Group
or an authorized person of a Māori authority, Runanga or Trust Board.
The person who supports your Whakapapa, reo, tikanga, statement
may also act as a referee for your Tauākī a te kaitataki.
However, referees and supporters cannot be
your sibling, spouse, partner, parent or grandparent.
Your supporter may be contacted by TeachNZ
or the Selection Panel when they assess your application.
Your statements should be no more than 500 words
and may be typed or handwritten directly onto the Application Form.
You can also attach your statements as a separate printout.
Please indicate this by ticking the box, and ensure each page is titled correctly.
These two statements provide us
with valuable insight into your leadership style, background
and the energy and enthusiasm you will bring to teaching.
Attach the certified photocopies of your documents and
your statements to the last page of the Application Form.
Please use a paperclip, not a staple.
You must read and tick the statements in the Applicant Declaration.
Don't forget to sign and date it or your application may not be considered.
Use the Document Checklist to make sure
you've collected and attached everything required.
Ask someone to check your application before you send it in.
This is a good way of making sure that you've completed it properly.
Post or courier your completed Application Form to TeachNZ.
It must be sent on or before the closing date.
We'll send you an email to confirm that your application has been received.
Contact us if your application has not been acknowledged within
one week of the application closing date, or if your contact details change.
You now know that you must have commenced enrolment to study an
approved Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching
before applying for this scholarship, and that you must be enrolling in study
to commence at the start of 2013.
We've also shown you
how to find the latest Application Form and Guide,
complete each section on the Application Form,
collect the relevant documents you'll need to supply with your application,
certify photocopies of original documents,
prepare your statements,
confirm that your application has been fully completed,
and send it to TeachNZ.
Remember, we're here to help.
If you need further advice, give us a call during business hours
on 0800 165 225,
and all the best with your application.
Ka kite.