Arqaam & Wardah's Pre-Wedding Video

Uploaded by jawaadahmadkhan on 04.07.2010

Assalamu 'Alaikum
This is Arqaam And this is Wardah
And if you haven't heard yet, We're getting married!
And this is our pre-wedding video
We took some time to put together these helpful tips
To make your visit to our wedding
That much more special
Survival Tip 1: Masajid
The closest Masjid to the hall is Islamic Foundation of South Florida
known as IFSF
There's also Nur-Ul-Islam in Cooper City
And remember, if you want to go to Salatul Jumu'ah
It starts at 1:30 (PM)
Survival Tip 2: Halaal Restaurants
Arqaam and I have 3 recommended choices
Ellie's Desi Kitchen for your Spanish, American, and Italian cuisine
Mehfil Restaurant for your Indian and Pakistani cuisine
And of course for your middle eastern food, Al-Salam Restaurant
Survival Tip 3: Our Wedding Hall
Make sure you take a very close look so you will remember it on our wedding day
Survival Tip 4: Vacation Spots
There are a variety of malls you can go to such as Aventura or Sawgrass Mills
Also, you can check out our Seminole Indian reservations
Or, downtown Ft. Lauderdale with our water taxi and Las Olas
And, if you have kids, you can take them to Wannado City
Butterfly World, Miami Seaquarium, and Metro Zoo
And don't forget to check out our beautiful beaches and boardwalks
But remember, always check for a lifeguard and stay safe
Just so we're all on the same page
Both of our families come from Guyana and at the same time, we're also Muslim
So we're gonna share with you, some of wedding day expectations
Some from our culture, some from our religion
And some, just from us!
Some of the things you will not see on our wedding day include no alcohol
It's Mango Juice!
No box gifts
And, no dancing
Some of the things you can expect at our wedding include a variety of cuisine
Lamb curry?
Or curry lamb?
Boxed goodies
And a variety of cultures, from all over the world
from Guyana, Albania, Trinidad, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, Pakistan
Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and all over the good, old U.S.A.
You will also find a variety of languages used at our wedding
Some of them include Guyanese as well as Arabic language
Some of the Arabic language terms you might hear are:
An expression of excitement meaning "God is the greatest"
And now for some Guyanese terminology
My dear girl, your children have grown so much
My gosh! There are many people present here at the moment
So thank you for tuning into our pre-wedding video
And don't forget to visit our website
You can find the attached survival guide there which you'll be able to download and print out for your usage and purposes
So, you excited?
Oh! There's one Guyanese term we forgot, you know
If you get approached by some of the uncles and aunties in the community
They may come up to you, just randomly saying
"You guh be next, ya know!"
which means...
It just means, "see you at the next wedding"
Hopefully yours.
Assalamu 'Alaikum!