MADYMO in the News in Brazil - Seatbelt clips!!!!

Uploaded by IvodecastroJR on 27.02.2010

In Brazil, an accessory used by many drivers came in sight of the transit authorities.
Some still run without it, others give a trick to loosen the belt using clips sold at intersections. Excuses abound.
"All day long in this business (the belt) get hurt the neck of the people," says one driver.
"Only little thing is do not be pressing, grating. I wear a white shirt and this here (the belt) takes a lot of pollution. "Justifies the taxi driver Luiz Godinho.
Computer simulations show that a gap of 20 centimeters achieved with the use of the clip 50% increase in the risk of head injury in an accident.
The engineers responsible for this simulation used a car at low speed, 56 km per hour, hitting against a rigid wall. The driver goes straight to the head on the steering wheel.
"The belt does not work in the proper way it should and the inmate is to impact against the steering wheel with more violence," said mechanical engineer Ivo de Castro.
In a rollover, the danger is even greater. The simulation shows that the head of the driver reaches out the window or worse
"The occupant can be thrown up out of the vehicle," said Ivo de Castro.
The use of the clip is prohibited by law from transit. Gives fine of R$ 127 and five points in the portfolio. It's cheaper, safer and more prudent to get used to the belt.
"The law was made by a lot of people familiar with the matter, doctors, engineers and is easy to get used to the whole world has become accustomed," said Ailton Brasiliense, the National Association of Transportation.