IAI Innovation Camp 2011 תעשייה אווירית מחנה חדשנות 2011

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IAI Innovation Camp 2011
The people demand innovation camp
150 participants from all divisions of IAI
60 projects have been developed
40 workshops were held
This year we have 160 who felt that they could be harnessed to help and give of themselves to action
more focused on their hobbies and their personal aspirations
what they would like to do in IAI but can only be fulfill in an innovation camp
Assembled here the most talented people of IAI and I'm sure that we will draw benefits and fun of it
Israeli Aerospace Industries is so large that we can do whatever we wants
we need new ideas
here we want you to enjoy it but also meet each other and your thinking ability the ability of your creativity
You'll meet and participate at this event
and when it'll get to the real test I mean at work
the roads will already be familiar
So I am pleased to announce the opening of IAI Innovation Camp 2011
I built a facility that makes cola from sea water
water flows into the Makineta it steams up and condense
then flows through Brita filter and into Soda Stream
The innovation here is in the architecture of the mirrors
radiating the sun to some Focal - Lines
and actually adds more energy to improve system performance
We actually creating a giant QR Code probably the biggest in the world until now
we'll take a RC helicopter with a camera to film it from above so we can scan it and see where the QR Code leads to
Leah... Leah... Leah... Look at her
Everyone knows Leah... Leah..
I fell in love
How can you identify an employee of IAI?
first, he only drink soda water at the cafeteria.
yes, if you drank still water you will never be a permanent employee ... for sure!
Second, from lunch around half a day he goes with an apple from one meeting to another
as if he was Newton... goes like this, he's not eating it, just hangs around with it
Three days of fun and meeting new people I learned all kinds of things that I haven't dealt with before
I have always maintained that Israeli Aerospace Industries is a tremendous source of innovation
A great place to innovate and initiate
We had an amazing activity the most beautiful activity that IAI does to benefit its people
Israeli Aerospace Industries is always growing of its own ideas
I saw amazing ideas here I sow creative and thinking people here
I met new people and it's always nice
also met old acquaintances and got to sit down and talk with them thing that sometime doesn't happen at work
It made a strong impact for social relations and work relationships
I saw enthusiasm people with fire burning in their bones and they want to do things
There is a lot of joy here the joy of doing things
We will do so again in the coming years There is no doubt!
Tomorrow at work I tell everyone to start working on their application forms for next year
IAI Innovation Camp 2011