Charlie Brown - Hora do Jantar

Uploaded by Darknesship on 29.11.2012

I wonder since when does the man thinks the dog is his best friend.
It must have been after they discovered dog treats!
My stomach hurts
It's suppertime and Charlie Brown has forgotten to feed me.
Here I lie
A poor dog dry and empty!
And there's my supperdish...
But everything's fine...
He's going to remember when no furry friend comes to greet him after school.
Then he's going to remember...
But it will be too late...
He won't find anything else but the dried carcass of his former friend.
Nothing but the bleached puppy bones!
- Snoopy!
I've been standing here a whole minute with your supper and you haven't even noticed.
It's suppertime..
- Suppertime?
Behold a brimming bowl of meat and meal. Which is brought forth to ease our hunger.
Behold the flowing flagon moist and sweet Which has been sent to slake our thirst.
- Snoopy, life isn't a musical!
It's suppertime!
Yeah! It's suppertime.
Oh, It's Sup-Sup- Suppertime, Very best time of day!
It's suppertime!
Yeah! It's sup-per-time.
And when suppertime comes, Can supper be far away?
Bring me the food, bring me yes. Bring me the bacon that it's just for me.
Cause it's supper Supper, supper, suppertime!
My suppertime!
Bring the food for this dog. Bring me everything that I asked for.
'Cause it's supper Supper, supper supper.
Supper, Super, Pepper, Upper!
Supper, Supper, Duper, Suppertime!
Snoopy, can you now eat your meal quietly and calmly like any other normal dog?
Supper, supper, supper, supper...