Recasting dengan MwaxZ dan MpoxZ

Uploaded by Frikimidz on 29.06.2012

Hello, this is Midz from
This video wil show how you can do a recast using MwaxZ and MpoxZ
The thing that we'll recast is this belt buckle
The first step is making a mould
where I will be using MwaxZ L
that has been heated under a 15 watt (220v) desk lamp
After its soften
push the MwaxZ to the pattern to make a mould
Use a little at a time while giving firm pressure to get all the details
Add additional wax to make the mold more solid and rigid
then let it cool
This process can be accelerated by putting it in the fridge.
The result is a mould that's ready to be filled with MpoxZ
Step 2 starts with the mixing of MpoxZ
Mix an equal amount of the resin and hardener until uniform in color
If the mix feel sticky, wet your fingers with water as lubrication.
Push the mix into the mold
again a little at a time while giving it a firm and even pressure to get all the details.
then leve it be for 30-60 minutes to let the mix harden
This is the harden MpoxZ ready for demold
To demold you just need to tear open the mould
You might need to clean it up a bit
But this technique can be used to copy small parts
That's if for this tutorial video.
You can visit for all the product details.
See you soon and happy sculpting!