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Uploaded by weddingsinflorence on 19.06.2012

Dear frustrated bride: The most fabulous man has said the four words
that will change your life forever… WILL YOU MARRY ME? It’s an amazing “once in
a life time” sensation! Finally, you’re going to marry the love of your life and start
building a family together. OK, you’re engaged, but what now? Where
do you go from here? What do you need? When do you start booking a venue? Or who could
design the invitations, order the flowers, or file the wedding registration paperwork?
The idea of managing this super complicated process might scare you because you’ve probably
seen a relative or friend planning a wedding. You know there’s a long way to go. But again,
where do you start? The first thing that you probably do is run
to your computer and spend hours upon hours searching for wedding tips, venues and ideas,
and/or become a fan of Martha Stewart, Preston Bailey and David Tutera, and/or buy all the
wedding and bride’s magazines that you can get hold of. And yes, I’m sure that you’ve
already download your “wedding planner tools online” - the one that tells you month by
month what you need to do. But after doing all this, I’m sure that
you’re even more confused than when you started. All these beautiful things that are
available, all these stunning venues and amazing wedding set ups, all this useful information
out there - but in the end you realize that you’re still at the starting point… where
do I begin? I have to be honest: planning a wedding is
not easy. Now, can you imagine doing all this hard work for a wedding in another country
where you can’t just visit whenever, and even worst, you don’t speak the local language?
Are the local vendors as good as they say they are? Are the venues as lovely as they
appear online? It’s not that you can travel every week to your wedding destination to
see that everything is perfect, right? And after considering all this and realizing
that a wedding abroad can be very complicated, I sure that the next thing you’ll probably
do is running again to your computer and registering in every single “wedding abroad forum”
that you’ll find, searching for advice from other brides’ who are in the same boat as
you. But the truth is you’re UNIQUE! You have
a unique love story and your wedding has to be TOTALLY YOU! All the information that you’ll
find out there is “standard” or maybe it has nothing to do with your style. You
can get some good ideas but I’m sure what it really matters is a fun day surrounded
by your family and friends in a beautiful location that is TOTALLY you and having your
guests saying, “Wow! That was the best wedding EVER!”
Well, I have some good news for you. What if I tell you that you can have your dream
wedding in one of the most beautiful countries in the world without the stress of thinking
or doing all the things that I’ve mentioned above? That you can be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD
by someone who can help you designing YOUR perfect wedding that you’ve been dreaming
of and help you organize EVERY single detail without missing anything? And the best thing
is that this person will do the hard work for you so you’ll both have the opportunity
to enjoy the LUXURY of free time and NOT STRESS one moment over any detail of your wedding.
Because getting married in Italy can be super easy! What are you waiting for? Contact us!
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