The brand new LG MSB 100 Bluetooth Stereo speakerphone

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 04.09.2008

Hi, I’m Carly from
And today I’ll be giving you a full detail information on functions, and specs for the LG MSB 100 right here.
So, functions first
Number 1, LG MSB 100 is actually a speaker phone and a music player
So you could put it in your car, or you could at home, and play music
Also, it has different buttons on the side, for you to control as you can see
Right here, at that point is a part of button right next to it on left hand side is the mute
Further on the left hand side are the music controls For back play pod and turning it this way is the volume control, for music and talking on the phone
Also, on the other side you will see two more ports, one is actually the “whole” button
What it does, is that it disable the use of other button once this is clicked over
And another one is that power PWR so you can charge it
Also, the great thing about this is, it comes with a visor clip put it in sun car visor
And so you can simply tap it in
You could fit your sun visor right here. And you just hang it like this, or like this in any direction you like
Also great thing, you use it at home or at the office
Set off the back of it, I'll present to you a prop kick-up stand
Just like that, all we need just put it down, this fits perfectly
Specs wise, it could be used up to 20 hours, constant usage for music play and talking on the phone
So, if you like to talk and play, this is for you
Also if you are not a vivid music geek user, you can also have it standby for 900 hours
The speaker produces good quality and it could be ..
And now we’ll demonstrate you using the LG MSB 100 with our Blackberry Curve phone
And that conclude the usage of LG MSB 100
Remember you can get this at along with our ship charm right here.
Thanks and good bye