Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Raul Soares Square

Uploaded by whlamericas on 10.12.2008

It is just like get back to the thirties, when the square was built.
The floor made of Portuguese mosaic was all recovered,
and the marble benches are original replicas.
The small Ficus contour the bloomy flowerbeds.
Municipal Guards to protect visitors and
the major square attractive: the Fountain.
During the night, before the opening ceremony,
the Big Band das Gerais played songs from old times
and thrilled the memories of those who are proud to be part of history.
- We went out and came to this square, to make conversation and chat.
The Mayor also saves some memories of Raul Soares Square,
which he takes back to people entirely restored,
by workers like Oséias, honored on stage.
But the main attention was it, the monumental Fountain,
which gained a very special appeal.
Colored lights and classical music that conducts the water choreography.
- Pretty! Superb!
- I felt I was in Paris!
Moreover being a post card of Belo Horizonte,
from now on the Raul Soares Square is stage of this spectacle.
The water's dance will take place every day, on three periods.
From 8 to 10 in the morning,
from midday to 2 in the afternoon,
and from 6 to 10 in the evening.
Sônia lives at the high floors of that building and
she can watch the shows in a private location.
- I will come just to pay homage to the square!
Times have changed but the place is still used by couples,
to promenade with the family, the kids, the puppy
and enjoy it like in the old times.
- Hey, we have to take care of the square,
because Raul Soares Square is to people
just as the sky is to the airplane.