Yamudu - The Real Singham

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Lift him carefully.
Give way.
Brother had an heart attack. Check it.
what happened to him? we must see him now.
Don't get agitated. Treatment is going on.
No one can see him now. - He must know we are here.
Give your name, l will tell him. Give him your name.
Appala Raju speaking. How is he? - He is being treated.
This is our chance. we must attack him tonight.
He's bossing over us from Gajuwaka.
Should we obey him like eunuchs?
Here after Poorna market Suri will rule this place.
Has Suri come? - He did not come.
l knew it. That's why l faked this heart attack.
we don't know this. - l always suspected him.
He is an amateur criminal and he wants to challenge me.
Our brain will never function properly if we eat a lot. Take it away.
Suri's gang is waiting to take revenge.
l told you so. He'll definitely come tonight. 22 00:02:49,900--> 00:02:51,300 why? - To kill me.
How are you brother? why are you like this?
Are you pretending? - what do you mean? l'm your man.
You think you can kill me. - Yes, l'm here to kill you.
Do you think you are so famous in Vizag?
Let's run away.
Purushottam, a goon who controls the entire Vizag.
He kills his enemies first.
His men surrender to the police on behalf of him.
The cops will be satisfied their job is done.
He'll take a lease on a land beside a computer company.
He'll get a stay order from court and interrupt their work,
and threaten them for money.
Can't dare touch me.
lt's Purushottam's government in Vizag.
Relax! we will pay you the money.
He must receive a portion for any dealings worth more than Rs.10 lakhs.
He's well versed with the law even if the government changes in the future,
he's too smart to be caught.
we must celebrate the temple festival. - Okay.- Greetings.
where are you from? - we are from Vijayanagar.
we have been praying to this Goddess for the last three generations.
we came to cook and serve the people. - Very happy.
we need jewellery to decorate the idol. - what jewellery you want?
l need the complete set. - Okay.
Make sure you decorate well
Take out everything.
Let's go... Quick...
who is that? Check it out.
Run away.
l can forgive those who steal for hunger.
But thieves like you should not be forgiven.
Do you know how many fathers would have committed suicide,
how many people would have suffered?
This village has the protection of police and God.
Do you think God will keep quiet if you steal the jewellery?
You'll know the pinch if you lose your hard earned money.
Have you ever felt it?
why do thieves like you need to be alive?
Please don't.
Head Jamadagni Garu!
Chitti Mallu escaped from prison and is hiding in the stone quarry.
A lava spewing volcano...
Please don't go. - No one can stop me.
lt's dangerous. - l'm not afraid of danger.
Don't try to stop me from arresting a criminal.
watch my brave act.
That's why we stopped you from going.
No one told me about this bomb blast.
You said you were not afraid of danger.
That was a punch dialogue.
Are you in disguise to arrest Chitti Mallu?
He's not here, he's in the sand quarry.
why did you lie to me? - l did not, printing mistake.
That one mistake almost took my life.
your shoe front is torn.
You saw my shoe front, but did you see my back .
why are you hurt? - Nothing sir.
l heard you injured yourself in the stone quarry doing heroics.
You'll be fine the day you forget that song.
l can't help getting emotional. what can l do?
what is this case about?
Foolish fellows. lt's a small misunderstanding between them.
l want to lodge a complaint against him for hitting me.
why did you hit him?
He spoke ill of my wife when he was drunk.
He should have done the same to me,
l want to lodge a complaint of murder charge against him.
l'll never let you go so easily.
l must lodge a complaint against him.
Now, you can also lodge a complaint against me for hitting you.
You will simply lodge a complaint and expect us to take action.
And the government has to spend a lot of money on this case.
You expect him to keep quiet while you speak ill of his wife.
lf it was me, l would have chopped off your tongue.
Shake hands now. Hug each other. Do as l say.
Don't fight again, be like this forever.
what's the use of a police station if you keep settling the problems this way?
How can l take action against my own people?
what if the government decides to close down station for no cases?
How will my dream of getting award come true?
My dream will come true. - Your dream? what's that?
My dream is to own a grocery shop.
l joined the police force because of my father.
l'll expand my shop into big shop if what you say comes true.
what are we supposed to do then?
You can pack in the shop. - Pack?
Don't rush, l'm packing. - Do it fast.
How will you catch a thief if you can't even do this properly?
what is this, sir?
You changed your outfit instead of your job.
There's a football match, l have to go. You look after this station.
You are neglecting your duty. l condemn it.
we don't have fix working hours.
we have to be available at all times.
we have to handle every problem.
All other government offices have a day off.
Does a police station close for a day? - No.
So play whenever you can. There's no harm.
Narasimham has joined the team.
The other team had scored a goal but we are still in a draw.
Only five minutes left. - Don't worry, we will definitely win.
Fast acting limbs...
Razor sharp eyes...
Directions shattered with his arrival...
He's coming like a tidal wave...
He's furious Lord Narasimham...
I'm Indra, King of Gods, and the moon to this place...
Always be happy...
Always do good...
If anyone breaks promise, I'll twirl my moustache...
If anyone overruns, kick him up...
Bash him up...
I'm a policeman, I can arrest anyone...
Never fight amongst yourselves...
Real men never boast about their bravery...
It's true...
Mother is an angel...
Her love is out of this world...
Food eaten from her hands will give you 100 years...
If all are united... difficulties vanish...
If we march ahead together, won't the sky come into our hands?
All are good people here, all are my people...
Raging bulls have rope to stop...
He's the man to stop rogues...
He was born here... he's a lion in khaki uniform...
He's our protector God...
He'll not spare any criminal without punishing them...
we have a bad habit, we never say no to anyone...
we love our enemies too...
we are always on top in everything...
God will always bless with victory...
Stop. l think they are smuggling something.
we must stop them before they escape.
l'm first.
why do you win all the time?
You are upset for coming in second place.
How would they feel for coming third and fourth?
Let's go.
Madam Kavya...Madam Divya... Simhachalam.
Arunachalam. - No.
My name is Bhadrachalam.
How are you? - l'm fine.
where is sir? - He's coming, l'll get the luggage.
Greetings sir! - Hi Bhadrachalam.
How are you Mr.Mallikarjuna? - Fine, how about you?
l'm fine. what brings you here?
My children wanted to be with their grandparents for sometime.
Your product is circulating here, but you hardly come here.
Even now, l have a meeting at the harbour.
l'm leaving right after that.
Kavya, has our luggage come? - Not yet, we'll bring it.
Come home straight from school. - Okay.
why carry such heavy bags to school? - Go uncle.
where did you go the last 2 days?
28 days l eat in your house, 2 days let me eat in my house.
lf accounts are ready, l'll take it to CTO office.- Okay sir.
Are you both planning to down grade your shop?
wash your mouth with phenol.
How long are you going to remain a head constable?
8 years and l'm still a head constable.
Your son became an Sl in 3 years.
My salary is only Rs.7500, but he's earning Rs.12500.
He won't even allow us to take bribe.
l'll add salt to your drink if you speak ill of my son.
You want to know why you remain a head constable.
Call the shop and ask if the goods had arrived.
Has the goods arrived? - Yes.
lt already arrived. - Ask what time it arrived .
lt arrived at 3.30am. - How many items he received?
How many? when? How did?
why can't you ask him everything at one go?
Sister. - Breakfast is ready.
Yes dad.
Call the shop and ask if the goods have arrived.- Okay dad.
Sit and call.
lt arrived at 3.30 am, total 48 bags,
pulses 11 , rice 22, 1 bag of chilly, 5 tamarind and 5 jaggery.
SRS lorry service.
Brother-in-law said you can come to the shop after your lunch.
Okay. - You missed one item.
l asked you one question and you made 20 calls.
He only made one call and got all the details.
That's why you are still not promoted.
Bring out the accused from the room. Must take him to the court.
He has got a prison at home itself.
Come out.
You eat and sleep in a police man's house.
No wonder you are not afraid of police.
Give him food before taking him. - Thanks.
l'll buy you biryani and beer. Let's go.
why are you keeping a criminal at home?
Our police station is not safe because it's an old building.
That's why l bring home important cases.
He is a witness for 10 cases so must be extra cautious.
l'm leaving. dad. - Okay.
Bye baby. - Go.
Stop the bus, must take them to prison.
l'll meet the public prosecutor first.
You bring them safely by bus.
what is this? - He'll escape easily if left alone.
Better lock him against the bus window rod.
Don't stop me.
Give me your permission and just watch my power.
Do what ever you want.
why are you looking at me ? You are a criminal, but l'm a police.
Shut the scent factory.
l'm not a comedian. - Let me go, l need to take a leak.
l can't let you go for loo also because the bus will not stop.
lt will stop. See!
Head constable fell from bus.
He's dragging the constable with him.
He will kill me. Catch him.
Head's head is broken
You are hitting the police instead of the criminal.
My butt is burning. - l can get a burning smell.
lt is my underwear that's burning.
lt's gone, only the pan is there now.
You can't even challenge me in running.
who hired you as a cop? - He is misusing the law and order.
Must stop him before he escapes.
we ran together, l'm in a bad condition.
But you are still in good shape. How is it possible? 249 00:21:56,900 --> 00::58,300 You are just a cop, but l'm a criminal.
Throw the key.
Volcano has fallen down...
Stop singing and carry me.
Ask for a car from our department.
A tiger has entered our village.
what ?.. Tiger ?.. - Let's go from here.
How can a tiger enter the village ? - why not?
when elephants and bears entered village six months ago. why not a tiger?
what are you saying? - l saw the tiger.
where did you see? where is it?- lt is over there.
lf the tiger's tail is this long wonder how big is it's teeth.
Hey stop...you...
wait!...where are you running? who are you?
The lion has captured the tiger.
who are you?
why are you in this disguise? - lt is...
where are you from? - l'm from this village also.
l'm Parandamaiah's grand daughter.
Does it mean you can scare everyone?
l wanted to scare my cousin sister but everyone thought it was a tiger.
Do you have any sense?
what if they had harmed you thinking it's a real tiger?
what would you have done if l had shot you?
Go home.
Remove your costume and go.
why are you so tensed up?
He scolded me so badly.
l must take revenge on him for slapping me.
why do you want to hit a cop?
He's arrogant because he's a male, so l'll teach him a lesson.
why is your sister so stubborn? - You don't know her.
Once a guy on a bike winked at her she chased and knocked him down.
He fell immediately. - what happened then?
She winked back at him and ran away.
You should have done that first instead of knocking him down.
Tell me where to meet him.
He'll definitely come to the temple tomorrow.
Everyone will close their eyes while praying.
That's the time to attack him.
The girl is coming in a gang.
Are you here to pray? - No, l came to set a bomb.
You'll get caught one day.
He has closed his eyes.
This is the right time to hit him.
Are you praying? - Can't you see?
Pray to yourself. Don't hurt others.
why did you hit me? - why would l?
who hit me if it's not him? - l am the one who hit.
l give you tips each time l come. why did you hit me ?
l only rang the bell.
The bell must ring fast...
what happened ? - Someone hit me with a coconut.
They are breaking coconuts here it would have hit you accidentally.
Hey you, come here.
He saw us, sister. - l'll manage, come.
l was thinking the whole night.
l felt so bad for hitting a woman.
l thought you were a thief.
l wouldn't have hit if l knew you were a woman.
l'm sure even your parents have never hit you.
l came to apologize to you. Please forgive me.
You can hit me if you are still mad at me.
But don't do it in public, a cop can't get slapped publicly.
what happened? Has he found out!
No, he's a very good guy. l behaved childishly.
Here, hit him with this.
How can you ask me to hit him?
Don't you have brains?
Did l give the idea to hit him? what's happening here?
lt's me, Mano.- Go ahead. - l'm at the spot now.
lt will take two hours for the game to finish.
ls this Ranga Rao? - Yes! who are you?
That's not important. we are going to kidnap your son.
who are you?
l said we are going to kidnap, we haven't yet.
He's playing basketball now. You have 2 hours time.
Be ready with Rs.45 lakhs cash.
what are you saying?
Don't worry, l'll handle it. - what happened?
we only took his hand phone.
Don't make us kill your son. - Listen to me.
Kakinada Appala Raju is on the line. - what is it?
They are building a big cement factory at Rajole.
we can get a big money if we interfere.
we can't even manage locally and you want to go out station.
Please release my son, l'll give you Rs.10 lakhs.
You think l'm a beggar.
Pass the phone to me.
Don't you've brain, you filthy man!
You only have one son, yet you want to negotiate.
ls it really your son?
l know you took a bribe of Rs. 1 .2 crores yesterday.
Your son will live if you bring Rs.45 lakhs.
lf not he'll die, hang the phone. - what is he saying?
These days parents don't seem to love their kids.
Deal with him, don't leave him.
what did Kakinada Appala Raju say?
lt's regarding the cement factory.
Have they started the construction? - No, just the foundation.
Useless man, let them raise the building first.
They will stop and sell it as plots if we interfere now.
Let them build first, then we go and interfere.
where is the place? - Rajole.
The deal is over. Leave the place. - Okay.
why did you use a gun in public? Bloody bastard.
l've handled so many deals.
Even my wife doesn't know what l'm doing.
No one will help us in kidnapping as they help in other matters.
Brother... - what?
l only target rich families so that they'll pay the ransom.
lf anything happens to the family, we won't get the money.
Useless guys.
My chain!
Grandma.- what? - My chain is missing.
Chain is missing?
Let it go, just a silver chain.
Grandpa, it's platinum not silver.
lt had a solitaire diamond. lt costs Rs.4 lakhs.
You were using a chain worth 4 acres of coconut plantation.
Ask our men to search everywhere for the chain.
Also inform Narasimham about it. - Okay sir.- Go.
This is the house, come in.
who are these girls? - They are my boss's grand daughters.
They came here to meet Narasimham.
Are you from town?- Yes. - Yes mother.
Parandamaiah's grand daughter is here to meet you.
what are you doing here?
You want to hit me in my house? - l came to lodge a complaint.
The girl is very beautiful.
lt will be nice if we get her married to Narasimham.
How did it go missing? - l don't know.
when was the last you saw it? - Last night before dinner.
How do you remember it?
lt might sound cheap if l tell you. - Cheap!?
l've a habit of looking at my face in the plate.
l remember seeing it at dinner yesterday.
Do you walk in your sleep? - Are you kidding?
You must answer if a police questions.
lt's nothing like that.
what did you wear last night? - My nightgown.
How did you take it off? Like shirt or vest?
why do you ask all this? - Just answer me.
Over my head.
Chain must be stuck to the hook of your night gown.
Go home and check. Take it.
He sounded vulgar questioning about your nightgown.
And you answered him without shame.
Got stuck to the hook it seems. He was ogling at you.
we went because we loss the chain. So he was ogling.
lt won't be there.
what is the problem?
My cell phone is missing, l want to lodge a complaint.
Lost your cell phone?
why do you keep losing your things?
where did you put it?
l told good bye to my mother before sleeping.
Today morning it's missing. - Okay.
Do you have any habit of throwing things in sleep?
Nothing like that.
who sleeps along with you? - She sleeps.
Are you suspecting me?
where do you normally keep your phone?
At the table beside the bed.
How far is the bed from the window? - Don't know.
The window was closed or opened?
lt's an air conditioned room, of course it'll be closed.
You don't need air conditioning in this climate.
The person beside you didn't take it, the window was closed,
and you used it before sleeping, Morning it goes missing.
Definitely you put it somewhere. - what?
May be you misplaced it.
lt might be in silent mode as well. Search again.
lf you give me your number, l can call you for advise.
Call 100 and they will connect you to the station.
Do you want his number? - we don't want it.
why is she interfering? Do you want it ?- Yes.
Rs.100 please. - He said the same.
This is different, got it?.
Rs.100 is a lot, take Rs.50.
98482... only half.
Do you want my number?
ls it your father's name?
Someone stole my earrings while l was bathing.
Your earrings are missing?
How do you take off night gown before bathing? Like shirt or vest?
ls this how you talk to a woman?
The officer asked the same question. lt worked for him why not for me?
My mouth is cross.
who would hide their own cell phone ? He's talking nonsense.
He is right, but l've gone mad. - what are you saying?
l told Bhadrachalam to hide it. - why?
You've heard the tale of the lion catching the tiger's tail..
lt did not catch the tail.
Did he catch your leg - No, he hugged me.
l started feeling for him since that day.
Sister, you have fallen for him.
You are... - l stay nearby.
You are building a big house, you want any help?- Please sit!
There are good people staying nearby.
where are you from? - Vizag but l have migrated to US.
My children wanted to build a house in their motherland.
That's why l'm here building it.
lt is a huge land. Must have paid Rs.50 lakhs for it.
lt's 5 grounds, each ground costs Rs. 1 .5 crores.
l paid Rs 7.5 crores to get it. - That's huge amount.
Call me if you face any problems. - Problems?
Someone might come and threaten you for money.
How is it possible? who will come?
They'll definitely come.
l'll myself will come. l'll ask you for money.
why are you talking like this?
Give me Rs.50 lakhs, l'll make sure no one disturbs you.
l will report to the police.
l will report to the Revenue and lncome tax department.
l have recorded whatever you said earlier.
This document shows that you bought this place for just Rs. 2 crores only.
Your name and image will be tarnished if Revenue department finds out this.
You'll end up in jail even after paying a fine of 20%.
lf you insist on going to jail rather than paying us,
There will be two murders,..
A girl will run out naked shouting you raped her.
Send the money tomorrow and carry on work.
A girl will run out naked shouting you raped her.
The last l came here was 25 years back to watch 'Mayabazaar'.
l'm coming again now.
Shall we ask father to build a theatre in our village?
Let's build it.
You go in, l'll bring something to eat.- Okay grandpa.
Take your tickets.
Give me a rupee coin, l want to check my weight.
lt will be better if you take off shoes. - Yes, you are right.
lt will be better if you take off clothes.
what did you say? Do you know who l am?
ls that how you talk to women? l don't know what l'll do.
what the hell are you blabbering, old man?
would l get scared if you hold my shirt?
How they are behaving like rogues?
why did you push him? - How dare you touch a man?
we'll tease girls, if you like enjoy it or else get lost.
You came for movie with an old man.
Mind your words. She's my grand daughter.
who knows if she's your grand daughter or your mistress?
what did you say?
My men will chop you off if they find out what happened.
Ask your men to come and get it.
You should have killed him for what he did.
l will not let go of this.
who are you calling? - Your father.
Let him come and kill them. Don't stop me.
Father will never send us here again if he finds out.
Please tell what happened. - why are you crying?
l went to Rajahmundry to watch film with my grand daughters.
Some goons misbehaved with her.
Greetings sir. - ls the show over?
No, it will be over in 10 minutes. - Close the gates.
No one should leave this place.
Please wait! Sl wants you to wait.
who is he? who misbehaved with the girl?
who insulted the girl of my place?
which son of gun said that? lf you've guts, comment now.
l'm asking you, who is it. - Come to Ramba theatre.
Show me them.
ls he here? where is he hiding?
lf you're a man, come out.
why stop us for your personal problem?
Can't you wait for 5 minutes?
will you do the same if it was your sister?
You could watch movie for 3 hours, but can't wait for 3 minutes?
You are shouting because you are a cop and own a gun.
Leave it aside, then l'll show you my power.
l'm not here as a cop, but representing my Rajole.
why are you hiding? Come out.
Come out.
How dare you touch a girl?
You deserved to die.
Take it!
will a cop keep quiet if someone disturbs his wife?
My heart experienced these lovely feelings earlier...
My heart never knew about these sweet nothings...
I don't know what's all this... but it's pleasant...
I don't know if it's dream or real...
Little reality and little dream is overwhelming my heart...
where ever you are... my heart yearns to be there...
My heart never wants to leave you...
Every word I hear is like your name...
That's why I stutter to say anything...
Though the thirst increases...
You're my desire...
You spread like lilting music in my heart...
My youth acquired beauty for you only...
My young heart is aiming arrows of flowers at you...
My dreams have melted like kohl in my eyes...
Let it reach your arms like desire...
Though strongly stopped... will it stop?
That's why heart is hastening...
what to do? He hanged himself in fear.
He has mailed everything to his children in America.
Embassy put pressure on Commissioner,
so we had to file an FlR against you. - what the hell are you here for?
Don't get tensed sir.
You are only being accused you'll definitely get bail.
Great!- Call the Minister. - Stop it.
why are you making it a big issue?
we have prepared that no one will know you have been arrested.
The embassy and CBl is involved in this.
l have never been arrested in the past 12 years.
This is just a formality.
l'll get you the bail before you are remanded. Trust me.
lt's done but condition bail.
You have to sign your attendance for 15 days in Rajole police station.
Rajole? Never heard this name. - Don't you know that?
Rajole is near Rajahmundry.
Rajole is not big problem.
we can ask Kakinada Appala Raju to sign the attendance.
l'll send my men to sign, you just fax me his signature.
Don't let him travel unnecessarily.
Please sit! Sit!
You are a police officer, how to sit infront of you?
You are my relatives. Please sit.- Please sit down.
lt's wrong on your part to there with knives.
You too are wrong in retaliating with knives.
He came there because he loves your daughter.
l gave him water to drink.
He stood in the opposite tea shop and stared at the house.
Our village girls stay at home all the time.
That's why he needed a reason to see her.
lf you take to violence at this age who'll advise the youth?
Your son is super.
lt's not easy to be a police officer.
This problem is between 2 families, not between 2 villages.
lf they approve...
They will unite in marriage. No one else should interfere.
lf l see you at the house again l'll bash you up.
l won't go sir. - Come and shake hands.
Hug each other.
All can go now.
Okay bye.- Bye son. - Okay dad.
You made them hug each other because they are both males.
what would you do if it's a male and female?
Can you come in, l need to check if my gun if it's working.
You escaped from him.
One day you will get caught by me. - what will you do?
Government encourages to plant trees but you are growing beards.
l like the noise that you guys make before killing.
Go now...go together.
Stop! stop! - why are you rushing?
A thief sliced my hand took my bangle. - Stole bangle?
who is that? - Do you know who is that?
l don't know. l was not with her.
You joined her after she was hurt?
Ask your grandpa to come! - what about the thief?
You are a grown girl right!
why are you always hanging out. Go back home.
Come, let's go home.
why are you so tensed up? - She is lying.
Lie? - This was not a thief.
lt's scratched with a thorn, not a knife.
She's a good girl, wonder why is she doing all this.
She reported losing cell phone? You've her number?
Yes. - Call that number.
lt's not reachable. - Try again.
You may press the star button if you like this song.
Someone is playing with us.
This is Bhadrachalam's voice. where will he be now?
Today l'll break your light.
You steal in your boss' house.
l did not steal. - How you got all these?
That is...
Tell us.
Kavya asked me to keep it and pass it to her later.
You too come here.
what are you thinking? Are cops fun to you?
You left all things with Bhadrachalam, but lodged a complaint.
l respected you so much.
You'd have played fun in Vizag, doing same here also?
You only said there must be a reason to see someone.
How can l meet you without any reason?
why should you meet me?
Don't you know what it means when a girl keeps following you?
what does it mean? - lt means she likes you.
lt means she loves him.
what are you saying?
l never had these feelings before.
Guys are so egoistic but you, without any ego, told me to hit you.
That's character disturbed me.
l have never seen a cop like you.
Your intelligence and responsibility made me fall in love with you.
Like a talking parrot, she called me...
Like lightning, her eyes struck me...
Like a thunder, it chased me...
Like a boon of love, it changed my life...
Can't you really understand me?
How can l make you understand if you are pretending?
You are a typical village boy. - what?
l don't know why l've become like this.
You can even get close to marrying another girl avoiding me.
But l'll sit next to you in marriage and insist you must tie knot with me.
For love, l lied about losing bangles.
l will even lie you raped me to marry you.
l'll lie that you took me to a hotel and raped me.
what are you saying? Stop.
Kavya, drink some water.
lt's okay, l'm leaving sister-in-law.
why did she call me sister-in-law?
She didn't call you a Sabena, right? - Answer me.
Did you offer water to drink? - Yes!
That's what they call if a woman offers water to another woman.
what if it's between two men? - why? what's this silly question?
They'll mix with drink.
what did l ask him? why is he so angry now?
Good morning! - He's the S.l.
You must come here to sign for next 14 days.
will you come? - l will come.
who are they? -They came to sign for condition bail.
where are they from? - Vizag sir.- Vizag?- Yes sir.
They sound like locals. Ask them to come in.
Purushottam, sir is calling you, come here.
Let's go, come. - Come.
Greeting sir. Did you call us?
what is your name?
what is your father's name? - My father's name....
why are you thinking so much to tell father's name?
Didn't your mother tell you his name?
Show me your lD card. - we are Kakinada Appala Raju's men.
Purushottam will not come here, we are here to sign on his behalf.
Please don't mistake me. l should have personally come here.
But l was very busy with work at the harbour.
There were some problems with the vessels so l had to settle it first.
l told them once they cross Bay of Bengal, it'll go on it's own.
lsn't it?
where is Purushottam? - He's in Vizag.
My men will sign the attendance for him.
Give it to me.- Take it sir. Keep this for your expenses.
Take it away. lt's 9.30 am now.
l want Purushottam here in 3 hours. - How is it possible?
There's a flight at 10.45 am from Rajahmundry to Vizag.
Catch it and get down in Rajahmundry at 11.45 am,
he must sign here before 12.30 pm, if he fails,
l'll create a record of non-compliance, l'll get an arrest warrant for him,
and show him hell in Vizag from here.
lf you tell me any tales of pilot or driver refusing to take flight or car,
l'll take you to task, get going.
who's the S.l? - He went out.
Ask him to come.
what shall we do now?
He's the S.l.
who is he? - He is Purushottam.
Get his signature and ask him to leave.
why did you allow him to sit here?
He wanted to meet you.
How dare you? Do you know who l am?
Do you know my range? - who are you?
You are a murderer. l read your case file.
You threatened a man until he committed suicide.
what's the proof you are Purushottam? Show me your lD.
ls that all your influence here? - what's the problem?
who are they?
Nothing. lt's a normal case. You all go out.
You are saying nothing, but they've come with knives.
They are threatening you also.
You should not interfere in this. Please leave.
we won't come in, but we won't keep quiet if there's any problem.
what's happening here? They are complimenting each other.
No one except the accused should be here.
Accused? l can destroy you and this station right now.
l can hack and bury you here.
Break all the vehicles.
Stop it!
Stop it l say! what's all this?
No one should leave this place alive after going against you.
Yes...yes... - Be quiet! Listen to me!
Are you threatening me with your men? l'll kill you....
who is that?
They are very angry, it's better to leave now.
Balu and Albert, get down from the vehicle.
You can arrest us for destroying this vehicle.
But l'll kill him with this weapon.
Listen to me, don't create trouble.
lf you threaten sir, we'll cut you to pieces.
Did you hear them? Did you see them?
Understood it?
All this for raising your voice on me,
what would happen if l raise my voice on you?
Don't show your level and throw challenges at me?
Did you think just an Sl sitting in some weak building,
you can play with him as you like?
l'm a local, everyone here is my relative.
Just a strand on my hair is ruffled, your head will roll down.
Sign silently and leave the place.
You must come and leave without raising any dust for next 14 days. Go!
Please don't get angry... Please tell him...
we didn't expect people will gang up here.
Tell him, please get into the car.
why did they leave this one?
l found...he got transferred to native place,
Palakollu MLA Paparaju helped him.
what is he to the MLA? - Just recommendation.
l'll teach him a lesson,
l'll see that the mark on my thumb sticks to his uniform.
Keep coming here often.
Keep the 4 acre coconut farm safely.
Coconut farm?
Forget it, festival is going on in temple,
get down on the way and offer prayers.
will you come here every year, right?
Okay... - Keep coming.
Mallikarjun, you hardly stay here. - l'm very busy now.
You must attend my daughter's wedding next month.
Definitely. what's the groom doing?
Native of Ramachandrapuram, he's Sl in Ambajipet.
why chose a police groom - why?
Only useless people will become a police.
what are you talking?
Only honest and smart people will become police.
You have the wrong impression of the police force.
You better watch our words. l'll get mad on you.
l did not refer to anyone. -why say it publicly?
which cop is honest? - My son is also a cop.
Only wrong doers will hate the police.
Are you doing some illegal business in Vizag?
Do you know what l do in Vizag?
They're destroying our dream.
You too have daughters.
One of your daughters will definitely marry a cop.
A good man will only see good things.
Only a bad man will see things badly.
lt all depends on how one sees it.
You said you'll create havoc and stop my wedding.
will you stop it?
Are you that brave? - l will stop it.
You can't do it. - Yes l can. .
Divya, tell him about me
lf my marriage stops, so will yours.
lf the bride her self creates havoc, her marriage won't take place.
He has fallen for you. He said you are the bride.
Hey tiger! You are my wife.
No matter what happens, l will only marry you.
l don't know what to do. Fetch me on the way back.
who is he?- The son of the guy you fought with earlier.
lf you're a real man, don't step on my land.
l only stepped on your land l did not touch you.
why are you going against a woman?
what is the problem? - lt's a small problem.
why are you shouting on a man?
lt's a small problem. - You both have a small problem?
l'll send you both to prison for a year. - No...
will you both compromise? - Yes, we will.
what are you thinking? - l'll deal this case like Narasimham.
How?- Just watch. - Shake hands.
Hug each other.
They are over doing it right? - Yes.
lf everyone can be like them then we can easily combine the rivers.
l'll talk to the government. - Okay sir.
He's eloping with another man's wife.
Have you all eaten?
why everyone's dull? what's this letter?
You've been promoted as lnspector.
lt has been 4 days since you received the letter.
why didn't you inform us?
You don't want us to know or decided to leave without informing us.
why are you talking like this?
l didn't want to accept this promotion.
You don't want this promotion?
lt's Vizag, l don't like to go there. - why?
How to leave you all and be there alone?
Father will be proud if you get promoted.
lt's a mistake to raise him within us.
l was very proud when you spoke to the villagers the other day.
This post and affection made it possible.
lt's okay if you don't like....... - Father.
l will go to Vizag.
Hello, tiger speaking, what is the lion doing?
lt's roaming around.
Take a flight and come have dinner with me.
Okay, give me your address.
Horlicks or bournvita? - Horlicks.
You want black tea or black label ? - what?
l meant black tea or black coffee ?
Come out to the balcony. - why?
There's an earthquake in Vizag, must not stay inside.
Come out quickly.
There's no earthquake here. - Look down.
Can you feel the earthquake now?
How come you are here in uniform and jeep?
A police jeep is here. - where?
lf you'd told me, this scene wouldn't be there.
You be ready, l'll come in the afternoon.
l don't know anything, father.
You too have daughters.
One of your daughters will definitely marry a cop.
That man has planned something.
That's okay...
what is happening here? who are you talking to?
Don't forget you are the daughter of lndia Cycle's owner.
Don't spoil the family's reputation.
Erase the policeman's number first.
Move aside.
Divya said he's from our village.
what is the family doing? - They own a provision store.
we only have to give the list and we'll get all the groceries.
lf we lose anything, we don't have to go to the police station
Son-in-law himself will find it. - Don't get excited.
l'm coming.
Are you going to erase his number?
l will erase.- what? - Dad's number.
Don't use the same section all the time my men will get caught then.
He is the L&O.
Sir, that's is your room. - Come.
There are 12 areas under our control but only Ellammathota is critical.
Hey head constable, how are you?
where is lnspector Murthy?
lt's a new lnspector. - Get out!
why are you fierce all the time?
He'll torture others by being honest.
Greetings brother...
what are you looking at? Are you shocked?
That's why l brought you here.
Your department promoted you but l got you posted to Seethammadhara.
You tortured me by making me come to your district and god forsaken village.
what can you do now? This is my place and area.
lf l sneeze, it'll create cyclones in Kothavalasa,
lf l hit in Gandhinagar, Gajuwaka will shiver.
This is my kingdom.
You were so arrogant because you are a cop l'll strip your uniform.
My men will keep causing you problems.
They'll make you sleepless.
You will regret being in this job and also for going against Purushottam.
Come on boys!
Arrest us! Put us in lock up!
who are you guys? - we are Purushottam's gang.
we want to have criminal records.
l only can arrest you if you've done anything wrong? Get out from here.
ln that case, l will create it now.
How dare you touch a police guy? Come on whack me!
Our boss told us that you will whack us.
l can come out from lock up within one hour.
Sir, Assistant commissioner in the line.
Our sir is in the line now.
You have arrested Purushottam's men, right ?
Let them go. - l haven't arrest them yet.
No. You can't.
Let's go.
Tomorrow at 8 am. - Okay, sir.
who's that?
who has thrown stone at his house? - lt's me.
l would have spot his head. He is the one stopped me.
He will run in one day then.
Call from Gandhinagar about a murder. - Murder?
we got call that there is murder here. what happened?
who called us?
Greeting, sir. He is the one, sir.
Everyday he is killing goats and chickens.
That's the reason my boys called the police. Arrest them?
where did this elephant come from?
lt came to our village... and drank water...
who made it drink water? - who else? Boss Purushottam.
l want to meet up you immediately.
where are you?
So? - l want to resign my job.
You are a man always fight for justice.... so you can't simply resign.
lf l go for justice l have to shoot everyone.
Shoot them!
That's the reason government gave you gun, right?
l have to kill about 100 people.
You can kill 1000 people.
You're not going to kill good people, right?
will your village people will respect you?
will your parents be happy?
Or can you sleeping peacefully?
You police not even scared of terrorist.
why are you scared of these gangsters?
we are not scared of them. we are avoiding them.
You may say avoid but people will think you are scared.
l'm from a respectable family, grew up in good country,
worked with honest people, but here, it's dirty drain.
we will get back the effect.
who will be bringing justice if you simply ignore them?
what will be my answer if my father asks are you going to marry a coward?
That day you look so dared and fight for justice.
where's your pride now?
You gave gun and chased a goon for taunting you,
where's your braveness now?
A wife might hope for a problem less husband..
But not the lover.
l can't take if you lose.
Hey look there! - The police is here.
Yes, it's him. Let make fun of him.
what happen, girl? Did he misbehave with you?
Did he bring you here after having you or is he planning to have you here?
l think he's angry.
Are you brainless to hit with bike?
He hit and escaping...stop...
The bike is here. - Just run over it.
Take out weapons.
The biker ran away ready. Boss will be looking for us. Let's go.
who's that?
lsn't it you who wanted me to arrest that day in station?
l just arrested you guys as you wish.
My arrest will be either in sky or in deep underground.
Do you know what will happen if our boss knows this?
Call and let him know now how you guys are hanging here.
Let us go... - Shall l?
Let them go.
l need to settle this. - wait. Don't tense up.
This is just a small matter. - what do you mean by small matter?
He had arrested my boys.
l will go directly. - wait. l will settle it.
He may kill him in anger. Let me go and settle it first.
who? - Sent by Kavya madam.
Let the lion's hunt continue...
lnspector, l heard you are in anger.
l came here to calm you down.
ls there any personal problem between us?
why should we fight each other?
Let by gones be by gones.
My boss decide to let you go freely in this city.
So? - Let my boys out.
The case has been filed. - Just tear it off.
lt's a government record. Tearing it off is against the rule.
Just tear it off. we will print more books for you.
Now you're our man.
why did you tear the FlR?
He is joking.
why did you tear the FlR?
How dare you to touch me even after knowing about my brother?
Are you Rama's brother Lakshmana or Dharmaraju's brother Arjuna?
Your brother is state goon and you're a street goon.
The way you entered this police station is wrong.
You should not sit here without permission.
Tearing off government paper is grave mistake.
we really need to teach a lesson for you guys.
You'll not reform until l give you the stick of your life.
Purushottam is useless hair to me.
Seize this vehicle for brewing spurious liquor.
Call the photographer.
what do you think of yourself?
why are you filing cases against them?
You tore the FlR and filed a case on Vaikuntam.
Let them go!
Sign a formal letter. l will let them go.
Should l sign it?
This is not village to brew illegal liquor.
ls spurious brewed in village only?
Don't underestimate the villages. They can brew at any place.
How can so many cans be here if the are not brewing in city?
Did you brew it yourself in station to keep stock here?
Do you know with whom you're talking to? Yes l know.
You wanted me to release the criminals before l arrested them,
are you an Assistant Commissioner?
we just need will-power to arrest criminals not position.
You came from such a small place, how dare you talk back to me?
Not matter which place we are from, all the police are same.
You keep the lion on shoulders and heads, my lion is in my heart.
You're an AC, so you've AC room, l'm not an AC,
l don't have an AC room, that's the only difference between us.
lf l think... - will you suspend me?
will you dismiss me? Go ahead.
lf l've Rs.5000, l'll start a vegetable shop,
if l've Rs.50000, l'll start a grocery shop,
if l've Rs.500000, l'll start a departmental store,
l don't need to beg with any one or stand humbly for orders,
get out!
This is one of the police station under my control.
This is one of station under your control,
but this is one and only station under my control,
if anyone put hurdles in discharging my duty,
l'll rip them apart.
where is he?
Are you surprised? Didn't expect me here, right?
You didn't expect l'll hit back.
You didn't expect l'll hit back single handedly.
l've come to your place. what will you do?
Come on do something.
Are you great if you arrest few goons?
l can unleash 1000 goons in a second.
Can l do my part then? Shall l get my men here?
Ten trains come here everyday,
shall l get 100 people a train here?
Shall we settle it between us right now here?
l'm ready. Come bastard!
Every man here has the support of his caste or his faction,
good men never flaunt the power,
only scoundrels like you flaunt it. You're just an ordinary lnspector,
what the heck can you do to me?
l can get you dismissed in 10 minutes.
Come on do it, l too want for that only.
lf you get me dismissed from job, it means you're scared of me, 1049 01:17:50,300--> 01:17:52,600 if you get scared, it means l've won,
you would've seen lion in films, TV, or in cages,
Have you seen it walking majestically in forest?
Have you seen it hunting ferociously?
One punch is 1.5 ton weight. You want to try it?
l can shred a mountain to dust with my hands.
lt'll never beg so easily or salute anyone.
You would've seen only three lions in the badge,
nobody would've seen the fourth lion behind.
lf you wish to see, none of you will live.
l'm in Krishna Nagar, l'll call you later.
You say Krishna nagar though in Kothavalasa.
How dare he insults me in my own home?
l don't think he's small time real estate business man.
My wife will also not care about me.
lf he has a state wide network, it means he's doing something big.
l thought he's nothing but he's something.
Tomorrow he'll become great thing.
what happened to the old man's suicide case?
we've a hearing this week.
Let the charge against me be dropped,
l'll kill that bastard inside the police station.
l don't mind spending all my wealth.
Check the vehicle.
Tell me Kavya.
Holiday, we are going to beach house with family.
Father, there's traffic jam in Jagadamba centre.
why so many police men are here?
l think some useless guy might be visiting.
A criminal has escaped. we are checking all the cars.
Please show me your license and RC book. Open the boot.
where are you? - Turn right and look straight.
why did you bring all here?
Sorry sir, l didn't bring my license.
Sir, he has RC book but no license.
l know them, leave them.
You want license, right? l'll show it to you.
why is you father insisting to show license?
He's always like that. - Give that phone to me.
My mother wants to speak to you.
Mother... - Please forgive me.
Though very near l'm not able to speak to you directly.
No problem, infact l wanted to come to you.
But sir is angry on me - Forget about him.
lf your parents come here, please do come home with them.
who are you talking to on phone? - Our relatives only.
l'm standing in sun and you're sitting in AC comforts.
lf you want you too can sit inside.
How much time will you take? - My license.
Okay, let them go.
l don't want anyone's mercy.
Like a talking parrot, she called me...
Like lightning, her eyes struck me...
Like a thunder, it chased me...
Like a boon of love, it changed my life...
In the long nights...
In the dreams...
I melted slowly in your love, my dear...
New little wishes...
wave of new poetry...
Myriad of feelings and thoughts are hitting thinking about you...
He drenched me like cool rain...
He drowned me like a cyclone....
I've opened up my heart...
Filling it with you...
I forgot myself in your love, my dear...
Hitting like a tidal wave...
Flow like a gushing river...
Drowning with floods like a river in spate...
It's all in the magic of your love only...
She has possessed me like a smiling devil....
Like celestial Menaka, she enchanted me...
Have you seen my father? He made sure to show the license.
Actually he doesn't really need to show his license?
why? - lt expired three months ago.
who's on the line? - what happened?
The inspector, right? He wants to know the time we leave.
He wants to know everything, right?
He wants you to come tomorrow morning to RTO office.
He wants you bring your license and three passport size photos.
why? - Your license expired three months ago.
lf you drive with expired license,
you've to go to jail for 6 months and pay fine of Rs.5000.
He said l'd arrested if it was someone else left him because he's your father.
why are you laughing? Move.
ls father good man or bad man? who knows?
lt must be this house, stop here.
what brings you here suddenly?
New Sl has suspended me for two months.
l can't stay there, get me posted here only.
l'll stay with you only. - why did he suspend you?
lt's long tale, sir.
A smuggling lorry is coming from Kakinada,you must catch it.
He can't escape from Jamadagni, sir.
Don't leave him, very serious matter.
How is it? - How are we going to catch him sir?
l got information that you're smuggling, so l stopped you lorry.
l'll never allow my lorry be used to carry illegal goods
But still.... - Search it sir.
Lorry is empty, sir.
The new Sl is giving wrong information and insulting us.
Can we suspect Sikhs who are very honest people?
You can go. - No problem.
Can you take my TVS to petrol bunk and fill it.
l'll fill the tank, sir.
where is the lorry?
No illegal goods in that lorry, we searched it thoroughly.
He has stolen the lorry itself.
Take the vehicle.
Something down is ringing.
Your phone sir. - My phone?
You silly police, l got TVS 50 free for stealing a lorry.
ls the RC book in the bike? How can l sell it in Punjab, you fool?
Give me your address, l'll send the RC book.
Am l foolish like you to give my address?- Then?
Note my Email lD. - Email?
He's coming.
You said from a village but he's smart.
Please come, they are my friends.
You told me to come in black, why all are in black dress?
This is our dress code,
we come in the same colour dress to a party and enjoy together.
what is this? - My gift. Read what's on it.
Party is here in a Benz car.
Did you invite them in the last minute? - why?
They have come with loose hair.
we always leave it loose.
ls this what you call loose hair?
Back in village, possessed women are like this.
You're covering beautiful face and call it loose hair.
This is beautiful and good.
l've reached.
Kavya, your father...
l've brought it.
Brother, Narasimham is in the restaurant above.
what are you saying?
Follow the Benz car.
Narasimha entered? Get the girl. - Brother?
when Narasimha entered this, l must settle it between us once for all.
l'll give him a run for his money.
who are you? Leave me...
Hey cycle seller! ls it any tyre and tube business?
l told you to get money but you brought police.
Police? Trust me, l didn't inform police.
Rs.45 lakhs you asked is just a week's income to me,
ask me Rs.4 crores, l'll pay. But please don't harm my daughter.
Be online.
l don't think he called the police.
ln a small confusion my men have kidnapped your daughter.
l told you l'll pay the ransom.
Don't worry, nothing will happen to your daughter.
Now it's 1 pm, exactly at 2 pm go to Blue D hotel in Bhimli,
pay and take your daughter. - Okay.
Nothing will happen, please hold on.
Brother...- Anyone near you? - Nobody, brother.
Keep an eye on him.
Throw your phone there only,
leave the place without turning back.
what are you saying? - Just throw the phone l say.
He threw it.
Go immediately and pick it up.
Check which numbers he has called.
Last call was made an hour ago, brother.
He entered just like that, you got tensed.
He should've come, l would've shown him hell.
Go, over take him. Go fast.
where are you going?
l'm going home from office. - Your home is not in this area.
Am l lying then? l don't need to lie to you.
You're doing something wrong.
l suspected your activities and followed you.
l'm a respected man in this society,
why are you stopping my car suddenly and inquiring me?
what happened? - Something is wrong, l must know it.
lf not l've to take you to station.
l'm telling you l haven't done anything wrong.
But you are insisting on it. - Your father is doing something wrong.
l'm asking him, but he's hiding it
what's in the boot? Tell me. - Personal things...
You're doing something illegal, that's why you're nervous.
Don't know why you're following me? - Please talk to him respectfully.
why are you talking to him like that? l'll not take it easy.
Tell your father to open the boot. Tell him to open it.
There's nothing in the boot.- There's something illegal or a dead body in it.
will you tell me or shall l take you to the station?
Please talk to him respectfully. - will you tell me or not? l'll tell you.
My younger daughter Divya has been kidnapped.- Father!
They are making me go mad around the city...
l think they would do as they say, nothing to worry till then, you go.
l'll take care of it. - l don't want police help.
l don't want them to harm my daughter.
Nothing will happen, l'll take action after your daughter is safe.
You go now.
Someone may be watching you. Sit in, give me your phone.
Speak with loud speaker on.
Kavya, you go home. You don't worry.
Come immediately to Bhimli check post.
Nobody got down from it, may it's the car.
Mallikarjun's car.
Narasimham, Divya must be safe. - Be brave.
Get the bag.
we've taken it, go.
Auto is going away. - Money isn't important, the criminal is.
Get in quickly, start the car. - Father!
Car is leaving.
Shall we get them?
Let the girl get into the car. - Father!
They used a stolen mobile. Cell owner is here.
when did you lose your mobile?
Missed it in hotel yesterday while having dinner.
why didn't you deactivate it? - l called it and someone talked to me.
He promised to return today if l tell him my address.
You can go.
A year ago a boy was kidnapped from Krishna nagar,the only clue was cell phone,
when we inquired,
l'm in Chodavaram, travelling from Seethammadhara on beach road,
return it while coming there, statement has been recorded then, sir.
l think both incidents are connected.
Please come sir. what brings you at this hour sir?
Think well and answer me.
You said why are you saying Krishna Nagar though in Kothavalasa.
why are you saying Krishna Nagar though in Kothavalasa?
we went to Purushottam's house that day,
Shekar was speaking on phone.
All of you please go out. - Please come out.
Don't you've sense?
Can't you tell you're Purushottam's man?
l'm also his man.
Had you told me, l wouldn't have shot at you.
Now l'm getting stick from him.
l didn't know that you were also his man.
l never saw you with him. - l'm from Anakapalli,
l come in here occasionally for kidnaps and give the collection.
Don't tell anything.
who is Purushottam? l don't know who is he?
l blurted out something in the medicine effect.
Okay, you take rest.
Purushottam kidnapped Divya.
ls the bastard into this ransom business?
l'm sure he would've kidnapped many people.
There's no official complaint on him.
First we must get the victims to complain.- How?
Are you saying the truth?
Those two have given statement about kidnapping 15 people till now.
They've got as ransom between Rs.45 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs.
lf the victims lodge a complaint, we'll return their ransom money.
l'm sure they wouldn't have told the truth,
this is a game played by Narasimham.
we invited the trouble ourselves.
Media and press say we are sick department.
what am l to tell CM and Home Minister?
This is just a strategy to know the number of victims.
we thought 15 victims, but 40 victims are here.
Look at them sir.
l'm sure they wouldn't be people with black money or family pride.
who is that Narasimham? How dare he gives interviews to press? 1313 01:34:52,300--> 01:34:53,600 l must meet him immediately.
You needn't... - Don't tell me anything.
where were you all these days?
l was waiting for an officer like you.
You've come from a small village and rocked the city.
Beat anyone who dares to break law,
arrest anyone, how high connections he may have, l'm there with you,
l'm appointing you the special officer to head Anti-kidnapping squad.
l'm promoting you as Assistant Commissioner.
He's with fiery sun like eyes...
An epitome of honest...
He's God death...
He's a warrior against the evil...
His every action will send shivers down the spine of criminals...
I think he's coming with arrest warrant.
You got scared seeing this paper that it's arrest warrant.
This is my promotion order.
You asked what can I do as an ordinary SI?
I'm now Assistant Commissioner of Police.
My gun's magazine had 12 bullets then,
now three magazines, 36 bullets,
I thought you were a small time extortionist in Bhimli road,
you're kidnapping children
and encashing their tears and affection.
Are you a human?
I've kidnapped 55 people not 40.
who will give you witness?
Do if you can do anything else shut your gob.
I'll go, I'll finish your network,
I'll put an end to your extortion and kidnapping business,
I'll make you run from this state with your tail between your legs.
Decide yourself what should I use warrant or bullet.
All basic five elements are his slaves...
You're joining today.
You got an SI posted in Seethammadhara as Inspector,
I've promoted him as Assistant Commissioner.
You said he's your relative, how is he related to you?
He's my brother-in-law.
He's a bull in the china of goons...
The lion will hunt down the wrong doers...
Bravery is his soul...
Courage is his body...
He's epitome of fearlessness...
Can't say anything till investigation is over
He's truth...
He's a weapon...
He's handsome...
He's a man of action...
Don't get scared of Purushottam and pay him money.
If he threatens you, I'll take care of him.
His name can melt mountains...
what's your profession?
Auto driver, sir.
How are you connected with weapons?
I know you all are henchmen of Purushottam's men.
Stop working for him. I'm waiting with shooting orders.
If I see any nickname of weapons with your name,
you'll have to paste your death anniversary posters next year.Be careful!
Narasimha has entered the restaurant.
why is your hello so dull?
Sorry for being harsh on you.
Thanks for helping my family taking high risk.
lnfact l must thank you. You motivated me that day,
special officer post, appeared on TV and newspapers,
that's why people say listen to wife's words.- wife?
Come on boys, he's still in restaurant.
Okay brother.
Are there people who don't belong here?
Yes....why are they here? - To kill us.
Don't show fear, play act you're fine,
talk to me with smile, let me see it.
l'm scared.
So many goons are here.
Hey, catch hold of her.
ls your restaurant insured? - Yes sir.
Got you!
A restaurant was here! - Vacated it just now.
where am l to my bill then?
People who came and ate paid the bill,
no need to pay those who go to loo after eating.
Sir, Gaja who terrorized Mumbai has come to our area.
He has given up the life of violence, sir.
l'm sure he's here to start again. l'll arrest him.
Get a snap when he attempts to beat me after l irritate him.
That will be our evidence.
Greetings sir.
Love is God.
Cool! Haste is waste.
Sir, doesn't like playing carom, let's play some other game.
Sir, doesn't like lemon too, so let's play with brinjal.
This is not brinjal, this is brinjal bomb.
l simply brought a gun and a bomb from Mumbai.
You tested my patience and got a bomb under you.
lf you take your leg, you'll be blown into pieces. Let's go.
Love is God.
He's leaving my back will burst. - l'll investigate.
lt's just a Bangalore BT brinjal. He is just playing with you. Let's go.
l expected it, it's a BT brinjal...
l'm finished.
Mother! when did you all come? - Uncle has come.
Uncle...- How are you son? - l'm fine, mother.
How do you find my address? - Jamadagni showed us.
where is father?
Everyone's only knows about your promotion.
Only l know the risk involved in it.
why not just get a transfer? - what? Are you saying this?
Do you want me to return fearing these gangsters?
what are you doing Lion...
what are you doing here, Kavya?
He told me you'll be here. l came to meet you.
who told you we are coming here? - Your son told me.
He himself doesn't know about it. How could he tell you?
we forced you to go to Vizag.
l said it just like that not from my heart.
My heart is little calm now.
Never forget your duty under any circumstances.
Don't come to village till the festival begins.
l've some work in Commissioner's office...
when did she come?
l'll go, mother.- Okay. - Brother-in-law, bye.
Stop...she's sitting there, why are you ignoring her?
l think l've seen her somewhere...
lsn't she Parandamaiah's grand daughter?
why is she here? - She has failed, came to inform you.
will you please come out?
l think our dream is going to come true.
Tiger says lion called it. Lion now says why is tiger here?
l'm confused. who should l trust now?
Come to station, l'll give a punch, you'll know it.
l said something and he's saying something else.
Sign here.
Kavya madam came
why did you bring them here now?
l went to his house, they insisted on coming with me.
l didn't know how to avoid it,
l swear on you, l'll marry only if father agrees.
Please tell father to talk to them. - Grocery stores!- Please mother.
why are they here?
would l give my daughter in marriage if they come and ask?
Don't know why they are here... - what are you saying?
Come Mallikarjun. Are you fine?
we came today morning only, your daughter came there unexpectedly.
That's why we are here.
l'm extremely sorry for the incident in the temple.
You come once in a year to village, he was very sad for arguing with you.
Grocer's mood, l blabbered something in haste.
l'm at peace after seeing you.
Are you searching any proposals for your elder daughter?
Anyway you'll go for some wealthy family.
lt's not enough if groom is good and from a good family,
find if he has character, and about his good and bad habits,
we are seeing on TV the rich play boys acts.
we'll take leave now.
l'm also searching bride for my son.
Tell me if you've any proposal of my range.
l'll take leave now.
Manikyam, drop them at home.
Don't they know about your matter?
Don't know, father.
what happened? - l made a mistake.
l came to know my mistake after hearing his words straight from heart.
Kavya, Narasimham will be your husband.
why are you crying now?
Love bell has rung...
we are tied together...
You're my wish...
My eyes see you only, I swear on you...
You look at me stealthily and trap me...
Enter into my dreams...
You came like chill breeze and pinched my heart...
beauty, you're gorgeous like Godavari...
Beautiful like celestial damsel... cool like window AC...
Your hip is thin like pin... Your body is delicious sweet...
How am I to put a dot my forehead? If you always appear in the mirror...
You've charmed me and I'm behaving strangely...
People are laughing at me for it...
May I drown your life in kisses...
Make the world revolve around us...
Can I take you as my feast when I'm hungry....
May I enjoy the feast in my arms...
My hero, I'm your partner...
Your sharp eyes are pricking my heart....
It wants me give myself to you...
I wanted to trim my moustache...
I thought of kisses and cut my nose...
I bought many saris to wear beautifully for you...
I was a macho man, you made me an ordinary man...
I was a talkative girl...
You made me go silent in your love...
when we unite, the world stops to look at us...
Moonlight felt jealous on seeing your shining body...
I'll become moon for your dashing waist....
Please sit down.
Tell me. - My name is Sumathi.
l'm living as tenant in Tagarapuvalasa area.
Goons in my area are troubling me since to 2 months.
why didn't you lodge a complaint immediately?
l'm living here alone.
lf l complain to police, l fear they will attack me.
Today also few drunk goons are standing near my home.
l came here without locking the door also in fear.
why did you come here?
why didn't you go to your area police station?
l heard you're honest, that's why l came to you.
See how good family girls like me are facing trouble.
Officers like you must protect me.
Please come to my home sir. - Your native place?- Kavali sir.
which area in Kavali?
Next to Viswodaya school in Janathapet.
which office are you working?
Your house address?
Don't worry,nothing will happen to you.l'll come with you.
Ravi, l'll handle her case personally,
lf l get call from Commissioner's office...
She's a fraud, we'll take two minutes to reach there,
get her details from Kavali and Microtek Solutions.
l can arrest here but many others may be behind her.
They mustn't escape. So l'm going with her.
ls any programmer by name Sumathi working for you?
No one by that name sir.
Nobody here lives by that name.
They are on the way.
we are ready, brother.
Tell me, Murthy.
Address and profession are fake.
Look there, Narasimham.
There's a girl with him.
Take a u-turn.
He's going away breaking the signal.
l'm PC Shankaraiah. - How are you, Narayana?
There's no Sumathi living in that address.
Door is locked.
Okay, tell them l'll come for the festival.
Morning 5 or 6 people entered the house who came in a car.
You've to go straight to my house.
Tell me, if you're so smart, can't police outsmart you?
The body spray you've used, the tobacco marks on your teeth,
the tales you were telling me didn't have any connection.
where were you taking me?
Till now she had sent six messages.
You're not connected to this,
you were just hired to take me, who sent you?
Tell me...tell me... where were you taking him?
will you do it bravely? - l'll do sir.
Bring him there at any cost. - Okay sir.
Once he comes there, our men will shoot him.
He'll die today.
STF has left sir.
Tell them to take positions behind the house.
Tell them to wait for my firing orders.
Narasimham has arrived.
Stop few meters away from the home.
Hide in the canal near by.
She's not the girl we sent. Come out and fire.
Don't know how many are inside?
How many are there?
Just one! - How far he is?
You're going in full speed, what's the matter?
To meet the man who finds missing people.
what have you missed this time?
A vessel is missing, want to lodge a complaint.- Vessel?
Tell me... - why have you changed so much?
You went in the jeep with a girl and ignored me totally.
l saw you, you got a jerk, took a u-turn and followed me.
l jumped the signal, you stayed back.
You're want only avoiding me.
You were good boy in village but freaking out here.
News has appeared in the evening edition.
Give and tell her to read it.
A big action scene happened with wanted group,
but you're reacting unwantedly without knowing about it.
l'll cut short.
Tiger, l was going out on a case, you followed me.
lf you'd followed me till end, who will protect you?
That's why l jumped the signal to stop you.
l don't suspect you. My friend Sarika misguided me.
First cut her friendship. Now, you stay away from me.
why? what happens if l touch you? My father has agree for our marriage.
Your father has agreed but Commissioner will not.
How would he know?
There's a camera here, it's live show there.
ls it okay to you?- l'm going. - Just for joke.
Shall we go for a tea? why so much effect for that?
You went to complain about missing vessel,
was it bronze or copper, can you describe it?
Lot of dents were there.
Manohar has regained consciousness.
He has agreed to turn approver and give a statement.
we both are going at 10 pm, don't leak out this to anyone.
He's on the verge of death, sir.
Death statement is also helpful.
lt seems Manohar is giving a statement.
All these days he worked without fearing for life,
he was like my brother.
He was like your brother, but l'm your brother.
l'm there for you.
lf you get tensed, l can't watch it silently.
l'll take care of him.
How many times will you kill a dead man?
He died 12 hours ago, you wastrel.
After three bullets hit him, he died while the fourth was still travelling.
Only few help wastrels like you in the hospital.
Others will help the police.
You used a lady to trap me, l tapped you with a body.
Got caught like a silly rabbit.
You came to kill him, right?
Kill him.- No. Kill him. - Leave me...don't harm me...
l'm telling you to kill him.
won't you kill?
Hack Damodar with the sword.
Good, you just cut the skin only.
l used to go to settlements before joining police.Yes sir.
Your brother.
Leave my brother.
lf you want l'll ask him to surrender.
Do you want me to arrest him and feed him like pig.
lt's for people who commit crimes in anger or in emotions.
Listen to me.
will you accept for 55 kidnappings and surrender?
ls it joke to you? - You will not, will you?
Then , why did you interfere now to advice me?
Vaikuntam came to take dead Damodaram to wipe out evidence,
he hacked police officer who tried to stop him,
officers had to no choice but to shoot him like mad dog.
Don't kill him, he has kids.
There are many people who have wives and kids...
what happened to him?
who are you?
why is she entering the home?
Open the door.
Closed the car shed door.
Open it.
Goons are after me. - where are you now?
Get me a petrol can.
l'm inside a car shed. - Pour inside!
They are pouring petrol. - Don't cry.
l'm confused. - ls there a car inside the shed?
There is.- Switch on the light. - Pour it quickly.
Stick a paper if you find it there.
Blow it, it'll catch fire.
Throw it on the petrol.
Break open the shutter. She mustn't go alive from here.
They are breaking open the shutter. - Don't get scared.
Go left...
what happened? - Open your eyes, Kavya.
Call the ambulance.
A bullet wound on right side.
She was wearing seat belt which saved her from injuring face.
Let anything happen, finish them once for all.
l'm with you.
where are you, Ravi?
l found the phone, so l picked it up.
where did you find it?
ln Daba Gardens...no... in Gajuwaka.
No...in Seethammadhara.
will you find all the areas? will you finish my empire?
Are you a sniffer dog?
Ravi, who helped you is dead on road, take his body.
How did it happen?
l'll kill everyone associated with you.
You'll not have time to cry also.
You'll get a body every day.
why did he do like this, sir? - Go home and stay with mother.
Tell father not to go to shop till l instruct him.
l'll arrange protection to them.
All constables please leave. Take away the criminals too.
what's happening, Narasimha?
what were you doing as Chief of Anti-Kidnapping force?
we stopped them from kidnappings. - who did you stop?
we've stopped the criminal who kidnapped 55 people.
Do you know who is the criminal? - l know sir.
why did you keep quiet even after that?
How do you know?
without respecting this uniform, this position,
he said he had kidnapped 55 people, and challenged to take action.
why didn't you arrest him then? - He won't get into the act,
if l suspect and arrest him,
some local goon for few hundreds will take the blame.
He has been escaping under this guise only.
lt has everything on this case. Purushottam is involved in it.
But no evidence. - what are you planning to do?
Encounter sir.
what are you saying?
He stopped this profession in the torture l gave him,
before he comes out of this fear, let's kill him sir.
Behave like a police man.
l'll not do it cowardly. l'll shoot him to death on the road.
l'll personally face the case. So many parents would be happy.
lt makes me sad to think.
l'm ashamed thinking l can't arrest though we know the criminal.
No use in getting emotional. Get ready the evidence.
How can l get evidence with such people around here?
Give me your cell phone sir.
why are you asking his phone? - You wanted evidence, right?
lt has the evidence.
Look sir, this phone was switched off 20 seconds earlier only,
Purushottam has been listening to our discussion for half an hour.
He called me little while ago, l forgot to switch it off.
Look at this detailed billing for 3 months,
he has been talking to Purushottam 20 to 30 times every day,
if he opens his mouth, we'll get a solution to the problem.
All of you please leave.
The file on you, your cell phone,
take everything and leave, there's no complaint on you,
no commission on you,
if you're insulted, it means insulting the entire department,
did you get this job easily? You worked hard for it, right?
You too would've joined to achieve something, right?
But today without uniform, inside the custody cell...
Sitting here like a criminal.
lf people know you work for Purushottam,
and if TV and press hound you for it,
would your wife and children be happy for it?
would you keep quiet if Purushottam kidnaps your daughter?
won't you gun him down on road?
There's no history of people living well earning through bad means.
l know how to deal Purushottam. You can go.
Please forgive me.
l've two daughters,
l got avarice for them, l helped him in kidnaps,
give me the gun, l'll shoot him myself.- No sir.
Just tell one lie.
Purushottam kidnapped my daughter.
what are you saying?
He threatened to kill if he doesn't pay Rs.45 lakhs, sir.
Till now he got 4 calls.
l didn't kidnap her. - Did you kidnap the others?
Yes, l kidnapped 55 people,
l donated large funds to party from it,
printed the posters and arranged crowds for meetings,
are you all doing only good things?
Nobody is doing any crime? - How dare you talk to me like this?
with the hope that you will save me from this mess at any cost.
Be online.
Purushottam is in the line,
arrest him in 24 hours and present him before me.
Use any team for it. l'll talk to the CM.
what are you saying?
l'm not running party for fund raisers and criminal like you.
Listen to me. - Hang the phone.
Are you acting brave because she survived?
Trying to lynch me by joining hands with the Minister.
watch out!
l'll kidnap Home Minister's daughter by tomorrow 10 am.
l'll put state into turmoil.
Everything is under control.
Tightened the security in all check posts.
He can't leave the city.
Sir's family in our protection.
Do you think everything is under control,
l'll definitely kidnap her at 10.
Do you think l can't kidnap her if she's before you?
My men are there only.
He's a mad man, give protection to all Ministers' homes.
Time has come to show you my power.
l've kidnapped the girl.
You're in AP Home Minister Ramachandram's house.
l've kidnapped Karnataka Home Minister's daughter.
l kidnapped the girl who was studying in Vizag.
How was my punch?
Listen carefully, l must go to Yanam,
l mustn't face any obstacles,
vehicles with siren must pilot me out,
a boat must be ready for me there,
the girl will be with me till l board the ship to Hong Kong.
lf anything happens to her, Karnataka state will be on fire.
l must go safely if you want her to be alive. Got it?
we are trying our best. Go with him without blocking his way.
Narasimham is following our vehicle.
l know you're following me.
Turn back.
we are following Purushottam.
what happened?
Unable to follow him on road,
so, we'll fly to Yanam in a helicopter,
there's a speed breaker near the old bridge,
we'll deflate his car tyre there,
we'll shoot him when he tries to change the car,
he won't have time to take counter action,
what about the girl?
He won't release the girl once he boards the boat.
we'll take the risk but save the girl's life.
Sent Commandos to Gollaprolu.
what if he doesn't get down from the vehicle?
Just a minute.
Kavya wants to speak with you.
l'm fine, be brave.
They say wife must follow husband words,
l was wrong in not following you.
what are you saying?
l followed all your instructions.
You said left but l turned right.
That's why l got shot. - Don't think, take rest. Okay?
what did you ask now?
what if there's no vehicle? - No sir, what if he doesn't get down?
Did you ask what if he doesn't get down?
But l felt what if he's not in the vehicle...
why should he be in the vehicle?
Has anyone seen him in the vehicle?- Nobody has seen him sir.
Call his personal number.
Says not reachable in Oriya language.
lf he's going to Yanam, why would the message come in Oriya?
Ask the where abouts of this number immediately.
Purushottam's number is travelling near Berhampur in Orissa.
lt was in Gorantla 30 minutes earlier.
Left Vizag two hours earlier.
why is he going to Berhampur?
No way on road, it's under surveillance.
Talk to him and tap the voice.
we are not following as you said, the girl is more important.
You're now a wounded lion,
why are you roaring? Cut the phone call.
You're now a wounded lion,
why are you roaring? Cut the phone call.
l think it's train sound. - He's travelling in a train.
He can't board in Vizag,
Visaka express was stopped in Vijayanagaram by pulling the chain,
train is travelling 5 minutes late. - l'm sure it was him.
Alert the Orissa police. Tell them to board at Berhampur.
Do you want them to stop the train and arrest them?
No, it's better if they travel without any disturbance.
Send the girl and Purushottam's photo to Orissa police.You follow it.
Get in quickly.
we are following this train only. - lf possible land near it.
Look sir.
Greetings sir.
Karnataka is on fire.
when shall we attack them sir?
He's under our surveillance,
let's start after knowing his destination.
How far is Baluka? - About 15 kms.
Get down...
Did you pull the chain?
They are his men.
Greetings Purushottam brother.
Nobody is in the village.
lf we go now, coast guard will stop us.
lf we go undercover of darkness, we can easily board Hong Kong ship.
what's next to the village? - Sea.
Be brave.
Purushottam is making the same plan he did in Kakinada.
You stay here, we'll enter the village. - They are too many.
Atleast two must be here to save the girl.
No signal also.
lf there's any problem to the girl, l'll shoot the three tube lights there.
You must be there next moment.
Don't know how many of us will return,
but anyone going back must go with that girl.
Stay out of sight from the villagers.
who is that? 1881 02:15:47,900--> 02:15:49,300 Catch him. Catch him.
No sir...no... - You'll never reform.
who is that?
Are you here? where are you?
where are you?
Have you come here sniffing my smell?
Are you counting the bullets?
l'll not count, there's one more left.
Don't turn me into a beast.
Look, you go back.
You go back, l'll leave her.
l must escape. You go back, l'll leave her.
why are you repeating the same thing in fear?
ls she my niece?
Do you think l had come for her? l came here to kill you.
You needn't shoot her, l'll shoot her.
Don't worry. l didn't have any other way, l had to shoot to save you.
what happened sir?
l shot on her hand, stop the passing train.
Take her to the hospital. She must be fine.
l'll take care of him. Shoot anyone who stops you.
Puri express will come now sir.
l've both arrest warrant and shooting order,
what is your choice? l told you to decide it that day itself.
Tell me what's your choice?
You boasted about shattering and shivering Vizag.
where did you get hit? where are the tremors?
Are Andhra police fools if you travel in train by misleading us to Yanam?
The moment you were on run, l've won over you.
l would've left you to your fate. l came after you to save the girl.
By now she'd be in hospital.
Neither l'm arresting you nor shooting you.
l'm leaving you here. Leaving you in this condition.
what will you achieve?
Can you dare step into Andhra Pradesh again?
Dare step in!
97000 constables, 30000 Sl's, 2500 lnspectors,
750 DSP's, 350 ADSP's, 200 lPS officers,
if anyone of them sees, you're dead.
seven crores Andhra people, if anyone sees, you'll be lynched.
You boasted that Vizag is your kingdom.
You can't step there.
You can't enter there alive.
l expected this. You'll never reform, won't you?
You'll never reform, won't you?
l thought you'll repent and l'd take you to jail.
You're in the same place where you started it.
lf you're in jail, you'll spoil the jail also,
if left you'll spoil the people facing the noose,
l mustn't leave you alive,
must break if it's thorn,
what started in Andhra, l'll finish it in Orissa.
Greetings, my job here is over. l'm resigning my job.
Please don't misunderstand me.
My wish is to run a departmental store in my place.
l liked the idea of going to Rajahmundry in car.
But l didn't like the idea of resigning the job without telling me.
what to do? l had to do few things without telling you.
watch out, you'll wear uniform in 3 months from now.
Let me see it.
Looks like a familiar car.
Just a minute, l'll be back.
You've resigned according to our plan.
But CM has appointed you as Deputy Commissioner of Kakinada.
This plan...
lntelligence reports say about weapon being smuggled from Kakinada port.
But no information in police records or coastal guard reports,
stay as grocer for few months, keep an eye on the city and coast,
the moment you get full details and think the city is under your control,
take charge then.
Only three people know it.
You can tell your wife if feel like.
No sir, l'm not telling my wife too.
l'll get entire network under my control and take charge.