Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Sorenson videophone booths

Uploaded by GallaudetVideo on 06.01.2009

One, two, three. Yeah!
Gallaudet is a wonderful university
and Sorenson is proud to partner with Gallaudet.
I'd like to thank the Gallaudet students,
Gallaudet interpreting, Gallaudet leadership
for its support, and the Sorenson Communication building
including, now, these booths.
This should support students' communication requirements now,
and in the future.
So, I love this place because of the history,
because of the personal history in this building.
It's changed in how it looks
but, it doesn't matter, my heart is still here.
With Sorenson Communications,
we've hired many, many deaf students
who graduated from Gallaudet.
Dr. Davila wanted me to briefly speak
about Sorenson's partnership
and that it's been a wonderful and positive experience for us,
and it's given us many great benefits.
We've used students as interns,
and you've provided technology for us.
It's just been a wonderful partnership for us
and we look forward to many more years
of this partnership continuing.