Oneness &Trinity Doctrinal Debate 02, Audio 600%

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the fullest revelation of truth is in the new testament but to get us there
the concepts and firms have to be to formal and for us
in got get that to the people of God
stop the old testament the juice when we come to the new testament
we cannot read it from the point of view of force injury greek philosophy
take those definitions and then we see father son and holy ghost
to follow one God or got here to find it in terms of philosophy rather
we need to start from the old testament as far as our theological education
understand who the one God he is
and what it means to talk about father
in holy spirit and so warm ended when we have a clear understanding of those elementary
did we come to the greater revelation the uterus but we'll be in a position
to receive it
I see it after forty three
i'll just quickly give you some examples that show you that emphasis on one got
in the strongest possible language
not only the sense of unity of composite attributes
but a sense of absolute single this alone this numero one is just like
but you know one person
I may have any attribute you can speak about bought and sold spirit mind will
but of one person
will relate of April eight different ways have
different ways of self revelation different relationships
different titles
but in essence all those
point back to the one and the same be
and the terminology of isaiah
is an example isaiah forty three ten and eleven
isaiah forty three ten the last part the for me there was no call for me to after me
%uh it even I in the lord and beside me there is those leader
I am the lord lord is in large and small capital signify in the original
it was actually the work young waiver to hold on
not just that jimmie wreaked by the lord and master
but the personally with the God of the old testament
he said I'm the only savior
there's no other say here beside me isaiah forty four six that's the accord to King of
Israel his reading of the war opposed
I am the first time the last
beside me there is no got
if you want to think about six symbolically or usual think it literally is the same but
if you're expecting one got sitting beside another cop
or one person sitting up another person
Joe what God says that's not going to happen I and alone not
there's no undecided
for say here you not need to be afraid of not I told me from that time declared at the
resume of witnesses
is there a God decide the unique their he is no got I knew not any
isaiah forty four twenty four does say that the lord our redeemer he that for me from
the womb
I am the lord that make up all things that stretches forth that happens alone that spread
of abroad beeper
by myself
when he created he did all alone
and he did it all by himself
no one helped him no one can sit with him
he did it by himself isaiah forty five five
I'm the orders known else there's no got beside me
I've heard of the bill without has not know me
isaiah forty six five two million like me make me equal and compare me that we may be
so there's nobody that scott sequel no one took what was the
does not remember the former things evolve from God there's no Nelson got in there is
not like me if you find someone who's exactly like God in every way
you failed got
because there's no one is exactly like God and yet at different being or persons other
than got
well I could go on and on but I think you see the point number one there's one got in
the most absolutely
since you can't think of one got numerically one
by myself no Nelson beside you don't like me
and so I will not share my glory with another
also when we come to the intestine replied that jesus is the revelation up that one got
jojo buses are in the only speaker let me %uh
Reid also
in isaiah forty five twenty one for twenty three
tell you bring them year gate let them take else together to produce mentioned time we're
told that some have not either worker is no got bills
the sudden he just got a missing readers and decide the
looking to me and he saved all be in severe for I am God and there is no one else
I've supported by myself the word about is Barack Obama often write a system of return
the time to meet every knee shall bow every time shops where
that is a proper see
so hopeless that one day every these that about to be every tones of it
this way or contested the
that prophecy
is fulfilled inflicting student to eleven
which says at the name of jesus
literally at the mention of the name of jesus every knee shall bow
every two weeks to confess
the jesus christ is lord
to the glory of God the father we do not deny the father but we confess him
when we recognise of jesus see is we're giving glory to the one true God
the father because the one true God has manifested itself
in the name of the person that jesus christ
it's all
what we understand he is
jesus is the fulfillment not to hold a set of reprisal about to meet
in the new testament is that that's the beetle film it
is that just whole lot of people will test the revealed in a flash
jealous is on the only say to you if you want to be say you have to look to the
how can we say jesus is my savior
only if we recognize he's the to hold of the old testament manifest in the flight
police say to hell with the old testament
Joe what cannot be devoted to sell divide we're not saying one part of the job of
%uh what aspect of trouble we're saying just hold up
the one that says hero who has ruled the lord to hold up cards
about that and more
is warner boards want to hold up
there's only one
now if you ask him that
if that's true what is the bible speak of father son and holy ghost let me say at the
outset weeks certainly do acknowledge the father son and holy ghost
but we do not believe they represent different persons
as a simple human analogy
I'm a father but was silent
and I my husband I have different relationships and different ways of making myself no
but I'm one person in my name is David byrne or
that's mentality
of health
and the our father he's our father in creation
%uh he came in flesh as the son of God as art redeemer
and yet he feels our hearts today as the holy spirit
but it got action he can't do all those things simultaneously and yet the one God
not have separate months or
distinct minds or singers of consciousness
there's only one center of consciousness
in God
we talk about persons will
tried to find it's not a script for work you still got to buy whatever speaks about as
person's world as three persons or is it ready
and so I'm not just a guess
%uh the warlords because they're not in the bible but the concepts behind the words or
not in their either
I find it counterproductive to use
those words that don't relate to concepts
but if you're talking about person's if you mean a role
if you mean a manifestation I can say thought was manifest in the flesh first term of the
three sixteen
the manifestation of the spirit first victims without that's the line it but if you mean
persons in the sense of centers of consciousness there's one center of conscience
speaking to another set of cuts is one surprises thinking one thing in another set of consciousness
think another thing
go to heaven there's one body sitting on this role in the other body sitting on death row
are one body of mister goldman
one one invisible spirit that's not
invested in that body that you see
then that's where I have a problem
thinking you could have one guy
when you have these different bodies or difference in our subconscious of whatever
so for going to speak of got enough moral sense that person's we have to define what
that means
but got is our father
in a sense of parental relationship
the war father is a term of relationship before my children were born I was not a father
when they were born
I suddenly became a father I did not change my nature but personally I didn't split into
two not in the coming year per person
but entered in your relationship
and I'm just pointing out
when we say our father God our father was the you've got in relationship
to humanity
do you want to be thirty to six weeks of God as the father of the nation of Israel
now I've got to do that
God is the father of all creation
and so on in a unique way God is the father of the baby jesus because Joseph did not cause
the conception
the one that causes conception by definition is the father
in the spirit of God supernatural calls
a fortune to concede some got was literally the father of the baby jesus
that's all relationship to humanity
God is the father of born-again believers that's relationship
the bottle speaks of God is the holy spirit not a different person
God is the only holding one over fifty times the bible speaks of God is the holy koran
never wholly to holding three holy trinity anything like that
always holding one
that is the spirit don't want to be what four there's only one spirit of God that these
ads four
and so we say the holy spirit that is not a different person from God
that is got in his spiritual nature
and that little speaks of God and secure action
Jim this is one one
in the beginning God created heaven your first two in Europe is out for my boy darkness was
upon the face of the and the spirit of God move
on the face of the waters
first there's this peer got action
when we think about our relationship we play our father
we think of God and secure to work in excerpts of the holy spirit is moving here
we don't say the fathers wouldn't here because that implies
we're looking for some person is
we say the spirit is here we know we're talking visible how would presence
of God
the sun is got manifest in the flesh the bible never says the total silence
only two begotten son
it never says got the sun
always son of guy
one thirty five tells us what it sees this is the sort of got the angel told
that talk about that the holy ghost of overshadowed you here for also that holy thing which of
the border the shall be called the son of a
the airport
because not his
causing the conception
that's what the song is called the some wonderful was at the time was come
relations for for got sick forty a son a daughter