How to make a coiled ring from a metal bangle

Uploaded by ikologee on 02.10.2012

In this video I show you how to make a coiled ring from a metal bangle.
For this ring you will need: one metal bangle, small glass seed beads (I used blue, size 11/0), 2 silver glass seed beads size 6/0 and 26 gauge wire.
You will also need a small tube of some sort around which to shape the ring - I used a color marker.
The bangle I use for this has a pattern etched in it.
So you want to cut the bangle so that its open and place the marker in the center then use your thumbs to press the bangle around the marker.
The goal is to make a coil with the metal bangle.
So continue to wrap the coil around the tube by pressing each arm of the bangle with your thumbs.
Until fully coiled.
Make a loop on both ends.
With your pliers, firmly twist the loops outwards - so they lay flat.
Like this...
and this.
So here is a basic coiled ring - why stop here - when we could very easily embellish it. There are many ways to decorate this basic coil. However, I decided on...
small blue seed beads - which I strung on 26 gauge wire.
To attach the beads begin by wrapping the wire around 3 or 4 times just under one of the loops.
Then use your fingers to shape a coil with the strung beads that follow exactly the coil of the ring just made.
Again, attach the other end of the beaded coil to the metal coil ring by wrapping 3 or 4 times just below the loop.
This will give you a beautiful coiled ring with blue beading.
At this point you can add two larger silver seed beads in the loops at the ends of the ring - or you can leave the loops empty.
I chose to add silver beads - I love this ring - its flashy and attractive.
This is what the ring looks like at the back.