O menino Marcus Vinícius de 11 anos foi arrastado pela enxurrada durante 4 km em Teresópolis

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Reporter Sonia Bridi followed the work of volunteers
in the early days of the tragedy.
Come a scene of destruction,
but also a lot of solidarity
And he knew the boy Marcus Vinicius, 11 years old,
who lived an amazing story.
Swept away by four miles,
he was saved by a volunteer.
The first night after the tragedy,
The gym was small for so many.
It is the solidarity that avoids chaos.
There comes a truck, and there are so many hands to unload
he comes and goes away in three minutes.
In the stands, the donations go hand in hand
being organized and distributed.
Where someone has suffered,
There is a comfort being offered.
Volunteer Alexandre Silva has not stopped since dawn.
Once we left the neighborhood where your house has fallen,
went from victim to volunteer.
It's no good I stand here with arms crossed.
Gotta do something to help.
I feel the pain that my mother is feeling,
because I do not like to cry in front of her,
because it will show more sorrow for her.
Had a dream that led to water.
The water took the house, tillage and
half of the family farmer's Edmar Gregorio da Rosa
My wife died,
a boy and my granddaughter. Just everything, everything.
Down more than 500 feet of earth on top of us.
You have my 4 year old daughter who was
and 20 who need a lot to me.
Moreover, we need each other.
In the gym, they share the space, pain and hope.
Another truck arrives, but does not offer grants.
The chest, leaving 70 people
taken by someone who thought to offer help.
We follow the way back and met the brigade of volunteers
formed by professionals from all areas,
trained for emergencies.
It is dawn, dawn and hope
to follow them on dangerous ground.
The roads are blocked by the earth
or were taken by her.
Halfway up, we found residents have no running water.
Não beba água da cisterna, porque está tudo contaminado.
We advance the mire.
The boys say they want to leave,
but want to help out the bodies of neighbors
they rescued them.
The place is right in the path of a home that threatens to collapse.
The terrain seems liquid.
The feet sink in the mud for no macular again the victim of the mud.
It takes a huge effort.
The boys go down with their bodies.
And we went in search of survivors.
In one house, three women,
the wall fell, the house in danger, but they resist.
No one will come get you, will not come firefighter
will not see anyone but us who are here.
In one room, is a woman of 88 years
what other shelter after her house collapsed.
The old woman is injured and in shock.
They improvise a stretcher with a bed.
Protect the fragile woman from the cold and rain and going up.
Two hundred yards up the hill
to a safe house and you've opened the door for four families homeless.
I live on this street above. You are all doomed
I can not afford to leave with the children.
How do we get out?
Adults can take, right?
You're listening to who is speaking to grandma?
Go with God. Good Luck. Goodbye to you.
On top of the hill, the people are isolated.
Only volunteers arrived here,
and we are just 20 minutes from downtown Teresopolis.
Without guidance, they do not know what to do.
At school, has no room for so many.
The food is little food, and medicines are lacking.
The difficult decision that has to be taken in this community now is:
it is taking a train all the people
and passing through unstable areas that can still slip
or does everyone here waiting?
There is a risk of more landslides in the region.
Rain tight, and the path where we came from is too dangerous.
Many families decide to go, take the children,
a few objects and begin the journey up
to try and down the other side of the hill.
We also decided to try this route,
when a woman approaches.
She makes a request Sonia Bridi: we did not.
My daughter is desperately thinking that I died.
The reporter says he will tell her daughter when they get to the other side.
At several points, went down the hill,
crossed the road and continued its course of destruction.
Everything here seems by a thread, everything is out of place and ready to collapse.
Look at what the danger is that here.
The crack in the asphalt
The floor is opening up all along the road.
I realize that there is cell phone signal and I am fulfilling a promise made at the top.
Roberta asked her mother to call advising that she is fine.
The nervousness and relief can be felt across the line.
She asked only to reassure you.
Later, a woman suffers the same anguish.
At the roadside, she hoped she would go down the hill with her granddaughters.
Where are they?
In the Church.
Upstairs in the Church.
We just came from there. Everybody is right there, see?
It is as if the mountains were falling apart,
The geography has changed in minutes
remembering that resembles nothing more than normal.
Until reality appears raw.
Is this all the time.
Are bodies and bodies and more bodies moving all the time
and all the hills that agent is visiting.
These came from Campo Grande.
A bleak view.
The valley floor,
came the avalanche that devastated the community of more than a thousand people.
The guard Paulo Henrique Vieira ran away from home when the water rose.
I just heard people screaming. It was raining hard, the river rising.
Home that had a lot of straight here.
It was neat house. This was the home side here above and below.
There on a hill, many relatives lived.
Have found that my aunt down there,
My cousin's wife.
Her son did not think of 4 years of age.
My cousin up here, also not found.
So it was Campo Grande before the tragedy.
And now this.
Paulo Henrique was at home with his father,
the brother Marcus, 11 years old, and the stepmother.
They left and went to my brother's room to see the River.
The river was still going down.
Suddenly the water broke into the house and threw the three out.
The woman died.
The father was found alive a few yards from home.
And the brother was rescued two hours after
for the volunteer brigade Cleiton Pimentel and his team.
He was lie down, huddled, shivering a lot, losing much blood,
with a deep cut on his head, but he was lucid and talking.
But he was out of sight.
He said: I can not see why I came banging his head on rocks.
I asked where you live?
Campo Grande.
But you came from there!
The surprise is why:
The boy was snatched from inside the house by the water,
loaded with the turmoil in the wreckage,
as the river was opening new course.
The water velocity at the time of the tragedy may have reached 100 km per hour.
He was being thrown against the rocks,
before finally stopping just four kilometers from his house.
He was found on a pile of rubble,
among many bodies.
Perhaps in 10 to 20 minutes, he'd be dead,
because he was losing blood very, very sore.
It was an awesome thing, a miracle because he was lucid, talking.
Two days later,
Marcus Vinicius had surgery to repair part of the skin tissue,
pulled out while he was dragged through the water.
The boy's grandmother waiting in the room.
Thank you for everything you did for my grandson!
My grandson is a miracle!
Still sedated, Marcus acknowledged Cleiton.
There are no rest days, helping strangers,
the volunteer was touched to see the miracle that just helped to complete.
Boy, thank you.
It is a feeling of satisfaction of saving a life,
and often powerless to see this disaster, this tragedy.
The tragedy is waiting outside.
The volunteers are gone.
Marcus suffers from pain, and his grandmother gives affection.
Her daughter, mother of the child being buried at the same time,
and she was in the hospital to support life.
Grandma loves you.