RE: Thank You, Internet

Uploaded by f0nz0man on 01.01.2013

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her about the bloody gloves world dot com I mean he's got a great following that
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voted for a lot of times web site
you know the that plus woman that she needed to get to that choice five
million votes
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I know you're talking to doctor cole I I have it tonight
I mean this is a town that was for him
so obviously the Carolina
the crew of the iran-iraq at some setbacks lucrative today
all that aside not about me it's that he's in
he did great state are and I hope to get back so I'm looking for to all the problems we're
going to take to get there
I mean I cannot wait for any event you know what I think you can keep looking
and that's the key
you know you need your chair
he got the news to you
you could still see the world
the program
and let's see
thank you found out