Jean Genet, SLUŽKY (Les Bonnes) - Prague 2011

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Lay out my clothes.
The white spangled dress. The fan. The emeralds.
All Madam's jewels?
Put them out. I want to choose.
And of course my patent leather shoes.
The ones you've had your eyes on for years.
For your wedding, no doubt.
Admit he seduced you! He knocked you up! Admit it!
I told you, Pavla, to avoid spitting.
Let the spit sleep in you, my child, let it stagnate!
May the lost wayfarer drown in it.
You are hideous, beauty.
Lean forward and look at yourself in my shoes.
Do you think I find it pleasant to know
that my foot is shrouded by the veils of your saliva?
By the mists of your swamps?
I wish Madam to be lovely.
I will.
You hate me, don't you?
You crush me under your attentions, your humbleness,
under gladioli and resedas.
The place is needlessly cluttered up. There are too many flowers. It's deadly.
I will be lovely. Lovelier than you will ever be.
With a face and a body like that, you will never seduce Mario.
That young man despises us, and if he made you a baby...
I've never...
Be quiet, idiot!
My dress!
The red dress. Madam shall wear the red dress.
I said the white dress, the spangled one.
I'm sorry. This evening Madam shall wear the scarlet velvet dress.
Oh? Why?
It is impossible to forget Madame's bosom under the velvet folds.
When Madam sighs, and tells Monsieur of my devotion!
But black clothes would suit better your widowhood.
Pavla is here, more dazzling then ever! Radiant!
Madam thought she was protected by her barricade of flowers,
saved by some special destiny.
But she didn't count with the maids' rebellion.
It's rising, Madam.
It will burst and deflate your adventure.
This Monsieur was just a cheap thief, and you...
Be quiet!
Quiet! What a joke! Madam is quiet indeed!
Her face is distraught.
Would you like a mirror?
I am beautifuller!
Danger is my halo, and you are only darkness...
Infernal darkness!
I know. I know the tirade by heart.
I'd rather go to heaven with you than leave my hatred behind.
Laugh a bit, laugh and pray quickly, my dear!
Hands off, show me your little delicate neck.
I'll operate quickly and silently.
Yes, I'll go back to the kitchen, but I'll finish my work first.
Let's hurry. Madam will be back soon.
Help me.
It's already over, and you couldn't go to the end.
It's always the same. It's your fault. You're never ready soon enough.
I can't finish you off.
We use all the time in preliminaries. You see...
Watch at the window.
I wanted to set you free. I couldn't bear it anymore.
It made me suffocate to see you suffocating,
turning red and green, rotting away in that woman's sweetness and bitterness.
You're right, blame me for it. I loved you too much.
You would have been the first one to denounce me if I had killed her.
You would have been the one to give me away to the police.
What are you afraid of? This is about me.
Nina, my little sister. This is wrong. She will be back soon.
I didn't kill anyone. I was a coward, you understand.
I did the best I could, but she turned over in her sleep.
She was breathing softly. She swelled out the sheets:
it was Madam.
Be quiet.
Not yet. You wanted to know. Wait, I'll tell you more.
You'll see what your sister's made of. What stuff she's made of.
What a maid is composed of : I wanted to strangle her...
Think of heaven.
Think of what comes after.
Nothing comes after.
I'm fed up with kneeling in pews.
In church, I'd have had the red velvet of abbesses or the stone of the penitents,
but my bearing at least would have been noble.
Look, just look at how she suffers, how beautifully she suffers.
Grief transfigures her, beautifies her.
She stood up to the police when she learned that her lover was a thief.
She exulted.
Now she's a magnificent forlorn woman,
supported under each arm by two devoted servants.
Did you see her?
Her grief sparkling with the glint and satin of her dresses, of the chandeliers!
Pavla, the beauty of my crime would have made up for the poverty of my grief.
Afterwards, I would have set the place on fire.
Everything will speak, Pavla. Everything will accuse us.
The curtains marked by your shoulders, the mirror by my face,
the light, that was used to our follies, the light will confess everything.
Because of your clumsiness, we are finished.
We are finished because you didn't have the strength to...
Kill her.
I can still find the strength I need.
Where? You are not as excessive as me. You don't live above the tree-tops.
A milkman passing through your mind gets you into a fluster.
That's because I didn't see her face.
Because I was suddenly so close to her, to her sleep.
I'd have had to lift the sheet swelled by her bosom to find her throat.
And the sheets were warm. The night dark.
Those things should be done in broad daylight.
You are incapable of such a terrible deed. But I can succeed.
I am capable of anything, you know.
The Rohypnol.
Yes. Let's talk calmy. I'm strong. You tried to dominate me...
But I...
I beg your pardon. I know what I'm saying.
I am Pavla. And I am ready. I am fed up with this.
Fed up with being the spider,
the umbrella-case, the shabby god-less nun without a family!
I am fed up with having a stove for an altar.
I am that stuck-up putrid girl. To you, too.
Pavla... Madam's not returning. We're nervous. I can't stand it either.
I can't stand how we are alike,
I hate my hands, my black stockings, my hair.
I'm not reproaching you for anything, my little sister.
Your strolls were helpful...
Oh stop it!
I want to help you.
I want to comfort you, but I know I disgust you.
I repel you. And I know that because you disgust me.
Love in servitude is not love.
It's excessive love.
But I'm fed up with this terrifying mirror
throwing my image back at me like a bad smell.
You are my bad smell.
Well, I'm ready. I shall have my crown.
Then I can stroll about the apartment.
That's not reason enough to kill her.
Really? That's not enough? Why, please? For what other reason?
Where and when could we find a better excuse? That's not enough?
Come along, you'll advise me. The Rohypnol...
Yes, the Rophynol...
The Rohypnol! Don't make such a face.
You must be joyful and sing. Let's sing!
Sing, like when you'll go begging in the courts and the embassies.
Otherwise, the tragedy
will make us fly out the window.
Murder... is something ineffably hilarious!
We'll carry her off to the woods and cut her to bits!
We'll carry her off to the woods and cut her to bits!
No, no, no, don't thank me.
It's such a pleasure to make people around happy.
That's right. I'm all of a dither, I'll look into that tomorrow.
I put a little powder on...
That's not powder, that's make-up,
it's "Rose Ashes", an old rouge I stopped using.
But you're right. You're still young, make yourself attractive. Tidy up.
You're lucky to be given dresses.
When I want some myself, I have to buy them.
These honours...
and this negligence.
You cover the furniture with roses, but you don't clean the dust.
Isn't Madam satisfied with our work?
But I am, Pavla. Very satisfied.
At last.
Madam is dead.
Laid out on the linoleum...