CES 2013 - GoPro Hero 3

Uploaded by lesliedb on 09.01.2013

uh... his company known for our action sports are hates the action sports
cameras accountable cameras are everything can't take anymore
do anything web like many of them
as the world's most personal camera
so we've just launched GoPro Hero three
line of action camera
and we're really really excited
the cameras come in three range
as we have a a white and base model
a silver and then the black edition
i can tell you about our flag edison camera
i would verify guys that were really excited about it
ziploc innocent camera
if you're familiar with the hero two
zero three lights cameras is much slimmer
took about twenty five percent slim grants now got wifi built-in
they will get back to that
black additions to support any
resolution fifteen frames
we're talking this dunning image quality
not to drop it down two point seventy a thirty frames per second
fourteen forty eight forty eight riverside and
seventy eighty eight sixty frames per second
and seven twenty eight
at a massage and one hundred twenty frames per second
to really get talking silky smooth
a in places that other cameras just can't go
typically people are you seeing kyle pros at our anti-war proof housing
with a waterproof one hundred ninety seven
third grade they make the camera next the bullet proof right
somebody you don't need all that productive taxon
we're really excited about our frame at fault the frame
so the frame
allows greater access to just about everything
and so the house he had to work with all the existing dobro mounts somewhere in
the testing out
sought right in there
and it's super easy
the cameras more explodes
like i said it is a great opted to use the camera
we don't need
rough and tough
gibber now huh it's got a faster image processor
of laws uh...
uh... huh nice akattak glass
and a twelve megapixel image sensor
all that allows you to some really great things
like that with all of us a list of options
but you can now also do
a photo burst mode of
thirty-five those in a second
so you can take thirty twelve megapixel photos in a single second
you can also do picture in video
severe sitting there taken some great great awesome
video content anyone snap a photo
it's like this
we'll take a photo in your video you can also set it so that it'll take
photos every five seconds within your video
really suck
versatile optimistic after as much content as you want
one you want it
because it's wifi enabled
it's going to turn it on right here
without got wifi built into every camera model of the few options for thing i can
tell you about
since our white fire about
this remote to control this camera full functionality a scammer
from six hundred feet away
you can link this remote with up to fifty cameras at a time
that's exactly it was all over
this is a great way to control ball
at once
lucky to be really have
with what you're shooting
ads so you're not looking through three thousand different but i was looking
through the photos you want
to allow you to be a visit with your battery life if you don't need to leave
the camera it's got a standby mode with the wifi still on
and and allow you to be more efficient with your time and place when you're
reviewing the foot if you take it
the other options
mister control with our with arts mark device
so it got enjoy
we're coming out with our economy
phony eight
is allowing it to
preview what you're shooting
full camera functionality again some resolution settings exposure settings
anything you can control on the camera
you cannot control from smart device
in the last answer is we now have our
l_c_d_ talk so we've always had a l_c_d_ backpack that plugs into the back of the
emphasis on for a
touch feature to that
so we can go through it
now just navigating the camera
much easier so any talk about the user experience
the speed at which you can change something
i can go in
and i wanna go today tomorrow the problem i wanted to enter the resolution
backward air
i can see
why why should have a hundred frames per second
no problem
so i can go through and change things in an instant one thing to mention is the
improve the body on on-the-go prev
to not only has the image quality been improved dramatically
but the audio distance
leaps and bounds better
we've now got dual mind stereo mike's undergo drug euro three black addition
and we've got sound engineers just really tackle every
element of the flu
sound quality in the camera so significantly improve
much better wind noise protection it's great
now the other thing is art
advisement singers are smart device
uh... dot pratap
we can go through
connects through a peer to peer
uh... wifi network that you create
in connection control
and you'll see we've got our preview
included to make a bigger
might go through
and i can adjust all the settings addressing about a gulp throws you can
put it anywhere
well now you can see what you're doing from wherever you mounted