Wall to Wall: Ride for Remembrance 2012

Uploaded by TheNSWPolice on 15.09.2012

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming, this is a great day for us,
we're joined by the premier, who's going to see us off and certainly,
commissioners from fire, SES, we've certainly have,
we're fortunate that we're joined by a range to family members of those that
have lost loved ones through the year, this is our third wall-to-wall ride,
today about fifteen hundred
or so people
Friends of police and police will ride
into the Canberra wall of remembrance, where we'll pay our respects to
those that we've lost, Wall-to-wall is all about mates remembering mates and
today it's a great opportunity for us to do just that
Old friendships will be rekindled, there will be new friends made, we'll get a
chance to talk about old war stories but most importantly we'll get a
chance to remember those that have fallen
Right here in New South Wales, we've lost two hundred and fifty one offices over
the last one hundred and fifty years, unfortunately we've lost one this
year, whilst on duty and we've lost many other good friends whilst they've been
off duty
But today's all about getting our chance to remember them
and just to gather together and in respect
There'll be a lot of officers riding here from Sydney, about six hundred
from Sydney
They're coming from all over Australia, the north, the west, certainly the south and a
hundred from Queensland
We have representatives from Western Australia, the commissioner
from Western Australia, leading a group of about fifty cyclists, he set out a
week ago, he'll arrive in Canberra today
This really is the pinnacle
of police calendars around Australia, I think
it's been a wonderful experience, our third ride, I know that
it's going to continue to grow and we're certainly looking forward to a
wonderful day
Look, this ride is another reminder for the community at large, the
risks that police officers across the state and across the nation
undertake every time
they step outside a police station, this is a great opportunity for the community
to remind themselves
of the sacrifice that police make
Today, those police memorials batons
will end up in Canberra,
it would be fantastic if one year,
there were no names in any of those batons, in the one hundred fiftieth year of the New
South Wales police force,
too many police have been lost on the job
What we need to do is ensure that there's massive community support,
a restoration of the respect for the job that police do