棋王 King of Chess (1991) 繁簡英字幕

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Are you okay?
It's not our star's lucky day!
her hair's all wet!
Never mind. As a consolation prize,
she'll get 2 dozen bottles of shampoo of Comeliness.
Which will make her hair soft and shiny again!
The luxury sports car turned into a bucket of water,
But she can get some other chances as she still young.
Jade, Your show's up next. Here comes the end of
Get ready. the Fantastic World,
See you next week, Bye-bye,
Jade, there are always ups and downs in this field,
aren't there? Your Wednesday show..
is not getting a good audience response.
Perhaps you've been overexposed,
We've found a new face to replace you.
Why don't you go on holiday for a while?
We'll see what can be arranged when you get back.
By the way, your contract is running out,
It's up to the company to decide if it should be renewed.
Many factors contribute to bad ratings
By only changing the emcee.
You're making me wholly responsible,
And then who will use me?
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Hey buddy. my coat is caught!
I was about to leave for Hong Kong,
Why'd you need to see me urgently?
I'm sorry. I know you're busy.
But I'm in trouble now.
I need your help.
In Taiwan...
I do have some connections here.
As your good friend.
I'll try to help you, What's wrong?
I'm not getting on well with my boss,
So I gotta find myself some other bridge.
I'm in the advertising business. We sell products.
I don't know much about television,
Products and people are the same.
We need connections to survive.
You are well connected with our top manager,
I hope you can ask them to
Iet me complete the season.
Then even if I have to get a job-hopping in the future,
I can still have my chance.
Will you?
Hey, isn't that your famous star?
You know I sent her away for holiday,
Why did you ask her back?
The order came from above,
You know what?
Some guy from Hong Kong
pulled some strings.
He's helping Jade with new ideas to improve her show,
Perhaps it'll really work.
What about the new girl?
I've promised to support her and even signed the contract,
What shall I do now?
These big companies!!
What's your show?
Whiz Kids World,
Where's the director?
He's busy with another show right now,
This Mr, Ching from Hong Kong.
Mr. Cheung, in charge of information collecting. How do you do?
How do you do, Mr. Ching? Where's the information?
Whiz Kids World, how can we find so many whiz kids?
What an scapegoat!
Maybe I can help you guys out.
Are you from Hong Kong?
Next one is... What kind of whiz kid?
He's the hamburger kid.
he's practicing. Yeah.
How do you choose these whiz kids?
Who knows!
The producer designed the program.
But now he doesn't care about the show,
He must have stepped on a lot of people
to get to his position,
Let's see who gets stepped on this time,
Can the kid play chess?
He's said to be a Chess King.
who never be defeated,
But we don't believe until we see him.
Chess King?
Are you quite interested in Playing chess?
So we really go to find the kid who's good at playing chess?
Yeah, I want to make sure
if he's really a Chess King.
Why are you so interested in him?
Because I once met a Chess King when I was in China Mainland.
I was quite impressed by him.
Impressed? Is this a Taiwan show or not?
How come we do as a Hong Kong man says?
This game is going to finish me!
In 1 967. I went back from Hong Kong to China Mainland,
to meet my cousin,
The situation there was tense,
and stormy.
It was the time of the Cultural Revolution.
Long live the Cultural Revolution!
Long live the Cultural Revolution!
Long live dictatorship of proletariat!
Long live dictatorship of proletariat!
Class struggle to the end!
Class struggle to the end!
World Revolution to the end!
World Revolution to the end!
Revolution is right. Rebellion is justified!
Revolution is right. Rebellion is justified!
Long live the Cultural Revolution!
Long live the Cultural Revolution!
Long live dictatorship of proletariat!
Whose chess piece is this?
Little comrade, it's mine. Give it back to me. please.
Here you are.
Thank you. Bye-bye.
H l, Ling! Hi. Cousin!
Get on the train, Or we'll be criticized if we're late.
Hurry up! Come on.
How far is there! When can I come back?
So crowded! Excuse me. I wanna go to toilet,
Auntie. Iet me tell you.
Chairman Mao says in industry. Iearn from Da Qing and in agriculture. Iearn from Da Zhai.
Whatever, just don't denounce me.
Excuse me, I just can't hold on.
Comrade. hurry up!
So stinky.
It'll get broken if you keep shaking it,
It's you.
You can't get any water from any tap here,
Chariot moves across, Who are you playing against?
Would you like to play against me?
Well, I'm a shitty chess player
That means you can play.
But I don't want to play just next to the toilet,
It's so stinky.
Stinky? That's why it isn't crowded here.
You stepped on shit?
It's deliberate,
Deliberate? So disgusting!
I'm used to it, Red pawn here, Check! Scholar down.
Cousin. the weirdo next to the toilet
wanted to play chess with me,
You're sure to beat him as you're a good chess player,
We're on our way to the labour camp, not on holiday.
You're always thinking of having fun,
It's only a game of chess. No need to worry.
This is not Hong Kong,
Your father asked you to see life here,
I'm responsible for everything
happened to you here!
Is this your book?
Is this your book?
Yes. it's mine, Thank you.
This's part of the Four Olds (old cultures), why it wasn't found when your house was been searched?
It's decadent material. aren't you afraid of being purged?
His parents were literary giants.
They were badly denounced from the beginning of the Cultural Revolution. Say it!
How come you let the party down?
We're bound to control people like you,
You're fighting against
the tide of history!
I'm a student from a Fine Arts lnstitute.
Comrade. you're not satisfied with this nude sketch?
Okay. I'll draw him some clothes.
and turn him into a Red Guard.
he's kinda flexible.
The tide?
I'll draw whatever you like.
Let me check it out.
Look, they even show their dicks.
You don't wanna see them? Okay.
I'll get rid of them.
F rom now on the artists
have to know about the human body when they're fetuses
or they won't have any chances to learn body art.
Behave yourself, or you'll be criticized.
You adults criticize me all the time.
I've got used to it.
Hurry up,,,
That's him... Who?
The one who was criticized just now,
Remember his face,
we gotta stay far away him,
So disgusting. Go!
Can't they shut up?
What's so stinky?
What about a game of chess?
Come on. it'll beguile the wearing hours.
Come on. there's room here,
You'd better stay away from me, I was criticized,
If you don't mind my stench, I won't mind yours.
Do you?
Right. they play big chess, and we play small one,
The game's set up, You go first.
how can we play with the board set sidewards?
Many things don't seem right at first.
But you'll soon get used to it,
Here, you go first.
Cannon takes horse. Don't worry you might manage another move.
Great artist. What's up?
You dare to play against him?
Do you know who he is?
Well, his name is Wong Lifetime. He was the chess champion of 28th Secondary School.
He's never failed in any chess game,
I haven't played with anybody for ages,
Come on. Iet's finish the game,
I've ever heard of him,
he won the lnter School Chess Tournament every year,
What's more,
he was said to crack a unsolved chess game
puzzled people from the Song Dynasty,
What a pity!
he should be a well-known international personage
attending international games,
Iike Zhuang Zedong,
A personage is easily criticized.
Now I can survive, that's enough,
Food is ready! Ling.
Come over quickly.
or there's nothing left for you,
Hurry up! I'm coming!
Go get the food,
OK. I'm going,
Is the child a girl or a boy?
I don't know.
he looks like an overseas Chinese.
His family must be crazy
to send him to China now.
Those who are not young intellectuals go to the next compartment please!
It's the ordinary compartment there.
You are not allowed to sit on the carrier, Come down!
Hurry up!
Peasants are squeezing into our compartment.
We'll have no room to sleep tonight.
Don't offend them,
See the old woman behind you?
She could be our team leader's mother,
Could she?
Well we'll see if she gets off
at the same station as us,
Watch out! You won't get another one if you spill it out!
Be careful! One each!
Don't grab!
The rice is weird,
You can't even buy it by your money.
The meat's off, Take what I brought from home,
Don't let anyone find it out.
Water is being served.
Water is being served. Give me some,
Want some incense, sir? No, thanks.
The 1 8th King? What's it?
Just like lmmortal Wong in Hong Kong.
he'll grant whatever you requested.
Does the whiz kid live here?
Guess a whiz kid's got to live near a god.
Why do they worship a dog?
It's said to be efficacious by worshiping the dog.
Shady types especially believe in it.
They all gather here around midnight.
It'll be very busy here.
It's said that those movie companies
won't start shooting until they get their worship here.
If it's efficacious, they don't need to work at all,
The boy in dark clothes is the wiz kid.
he plays chess here every night
and he never lost a game.
1.2, 3.4,5. you lose!
That's it. someone's wanting me.
he's not playing chess.
Hey kid. do you play chess?
No? But I can play One Piece chess.
Are you kidding? Only idiots play that.
It requires no skills,
What is One Piece chess?
Stone, paper, scissors!
Whoever wins. takes a chess piece, then win.
Very simple.
You call that chess? That should be a guessing game.
Scissors! Stone!
Stone! Paper
Paper! Scissors!
I lose again. Ok, I drink,
Let's swap the game rule,
The winner drinks. OK?
Best of 3 games,
Stone! Scissors!
Paper! Stone!
Scissors! Paper!
Me again!
How come you always win?
What do you think about
Five Piece Chess or Guessing or
One Piece Chess show on TV?
No. just chess.
But he doesn't know how to play it.
he can learn.
If there isn't a real Chess King. we'll invent one,
Are you serious? It's like selling any product.
We use a gimmick. People won't find it out,
You think you can make it?
Then nothing is justice in the world,
Gimmicks. justice. it's all the same!
Hey kid. do you know what a computer is?
You wouldn't understand anyway,
We've programmed the chess moves into this machine,
It'll make one move when you press this.
You gotta remember every move you've pressed, got it?
We're gonna transform you.
The audience will think
you made the moves yourself,
Now we're finding you an opponent,
to make you a TV Chess King,
Do you understand?
OK. you fix it!
Let's get started, OK.
Is Professor Lau in?
We'd like to invite him to join our TV show,
Yes. to play chess.
Has Professor Lau really been the chess champion for 4 years?
Are you kidding? It's not too late to back out.
It's you who wanted him to play with the kid,
Yeah, we need a champion
to make a splash,
It's normal for a kid to lose out to a professor in a chess game.
It's all part of the gimmick.
The show will be hot news.
And the emcee will shine,
Then if you want to leave...
you can negotiate a better deal. can't you?
That one who's speaking Chinese is him,
he owns several computer companies.
It's down to you now to persuade him,
His hair style's awkward. Iike a besom.
Such kind of guy just needs a bit of flattery,
Give him a chance to show off,
then he's anybody's!
Just watch me!
Please help yourself to tea.
Thank you. Thank you,
So cool! You win every time?
These machines are stupid. they never change their moves.
I memorize all the steps
and I win every time,
Long time no see, Professor Lau.
This is Mr,Ching, the principal of Ko Shun Advertising,
Hi. Long time no see!
It's a surprise you still remember me, Professor Lau.
Your program's said to be a great success, Professor Lau!
Professor Lau!
You're one of the successful people,
Successful people need promotion,
We're going to strengthen your public image.
Sorry. I don't agree with you,
I believe
successful people need no publicity. Why?
For example, Ko Shun Advertising moved to Taiwan
and the business is doing well here, Yeah, how can you know that?
I asked my subsidiaries to do business with you,
But if you can't content us.
I won't give you another chance.
Didn't you know I'm the real power behind the scenes?
See. a successful person needs no publicity.
Do you keep on playing golf?
I've been busy with my work recently. no time for it.
Well, you can deal with your time yourself,
You have time sitting here and chatting with me now, haven't you?
Playing golf is really healthy.
Mr. Ching is more eloquent.
Let him explain the purpose
of our visit here, OK?
We'd like to invite you to join our TV show called The Wiz Kid's World,
Wiz kid? I haven't been called that for a long time.
he is the wiz kid,
not you. sorry,
Then what do you want me for?
We'd like you to join our TV show
and play chess with another Chess King.
Chess King? Right,
He's a King of Gobang,
But I play chess.
Hah! I won again.
He' s very smart. Just gimme 2 weeks,
I promise he'll be able to challenge you on the TV show,
Is time enough? Sure!
if I can't make it, I won't accept any of your business.
It's burnt! It's burnt!
What's burnt?
Someone is burnt,
What happened?
The lady served us tea is burnt,
Don't talk nonsense!
It's on fire!
On fire?
It's on fire, Let's leave here right away,
Let's go!
Professor Lau. Iet's make another appointment some day,
Let me see how many moves you can remember,
What's next?
You've made it unplugged,
I'm examining him, I'm sorry!
In Professor Lau's office
how did you know the lady was on fire?
Don't ask irrelevant questions.
Don't interrupt me,
Tell me. how did you know that?
When I concentrated my thought I could see it.
See what?
Who are you calling?
Chow, it's me!
What's up?
Come back to me right now!
The stock market's going crazy.
It could be closed at any minute,
Your shares are soaring,
Do you want to sell?
Sell your ass! I have another plan to make a pile.
Come back now!
Concentrate your thought hard
to see the numbers appearing in the computer,
just like you thought the lady was on fire.
What about the chess moves?
Forget that.
Just tell me the numbers on the computer,
Concentrate on it and think it over.
Forget everything else.
0.0,0.0,0. 1,9.9,7
Are you alright? I'm alright,
What's stock?
How can I explain it to you?
You've really got me this time.
How can I explain it?
It's very simple.
Money nowadays
is passed from here to there.
Iike the lighter. but the total amount keeps the same,
The company names in the newspaper are just like my hands,
Do you think which hand the lighter is at?
No. which hand is there money at? And which is not?
Say it!
Hey, are you crazy?
Let me make it simple.
Pick out the winners and the losers.
on the paper,
Wow, you idiot!
He's exhausted by playing chess...
Now you want him to play the stock market!
He can foresee the future, why don't we get use of his talent?
The fire was just a coincidence.
If he has the sixth sense,
his family would have been benefited first.
We won't be the first. will us?
So much for the jackpot?
Let's go to visit his family.
I've only got grandpa. He's over there, Over there?
He's selling incense.
Which one is he?
The one without teeth,
See? If he has the sixth sense,
his grandpa wouldn't have to sell incense.
You naughty boy, I'll beat you up! Is it he?
You naughty boy, I'll beat you up! Stop beating him!
He's a good boy. Why do you still want to beat him up?
You're so smartly dressed,
You want my vote?
No. we don't,
Why is your grandpa so rude to you?
My parents work abroad
and haven't sent any money back,
It's hard for grandpa to support me,
We're from the TV station,
TV station!
You know TV set...
No way! No way! I just vote for people who pay me,
It's the rule. No vote is free of charge. He's deadly deaf,
No money no talk. You don't need to vote.
We're from the TV station,
I'll show you. What?
People in the TV set can move,
A theatre? Can move,
A striptease!
You bloody kid, how come you watch a striptease show?
Uncle, you've mistaken him, I'll beat you up!
My Latin Cross!
Don't come over to me again,
Or I'll lay into you,
You've disrupted my business!
He can't hear a word the kid says anyways,
Whose Latin Cross is it?
It's mine,
I threw it down here by accident
when I was chasing someone.
Chasing someone? Whom?
The boy's grandpa.
He's deaf, can't catch my words.
There must be a misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding? What's your triad number?
I don't have any number, buddy.
You do? you really don't have any number?
No. I'm TV man.
I believe in 1 8th Maharaja. not Jesus,
Uh. that's OK, Here you are.
Oops. it's dropped,
I'll get it myself. It's OK,
Of course you do it yourself.
I gotta rush to a fight.
Bless me with the luck to win,
Out of the way!
Wait a moment. I have to take back my Latin Cross,
Looking for a cross in a temple?
Are you crazy? You gotta be in bad luck.
If it's efficacious, a little later might not matter.
What's so hurry?
The great revolutionary tutor Marx said that
religion is the opium
by which oppressing class used to hocus us,
Our great Leader and teacher
as well as our helmsman Mao Zedong enlightens us that
Make up our mind!
Make up our mind!
Don't scared of sacrificing!
Don't scared of sacrificing!
Learn and use Mao Zedong Thought flexibly!
Learn and use Mao Zedong Thought flexibly!
Accept re-education from the poor peasants!
Accept re-education from the poor peasants!
Go on with your work!
Cousin. you've dropped something.
Hong Kong boy, are you finding something to eat here?
Somebody saw a snake over there,
We're hunting it.
If you can catch a cat.
we can make a soup of Dragon and Tiger!
Even a mouse is OK. if you can't find a cat.
We can eat everything.
Remove every difficulty and look further,
Make up our mind! Don't scared of sacrificing!
Remove every difficulty to reach success!
Make up our mind! Don't scared of sacrificing!
Remove every difficulty to reach success!
Make up our mind! There comes a man!
Mao. your lover is coming for you, Remove every difficulty to...
Make up our mind! Don't scared of sacrificing!
he's misunderstood that I was Mao.
Are you kidding? I don't know him at all!
Is Shing here?
Chung A Shing, from Fine Arts lnstitute,
Which Shing? You must come to a wrong place.
Go and find him at some other mountain
Go and find him at some other mountain.
Chung A Shing, you're dispatched to such a remote place
that I've passed through several mountains before I reach you.
Why not enjoy your holiday
instead of coming here to play chess with someone?
You're lucky that there's a master-hand among us.
His family is good at playing chess for generations.
It's said that his ancestor is among the Top Four Families in Yuan Dynasty,
So his background is even worse than mine,
You've ever met him on the train.
have l?
That's Ngai something. Ngai Bun.
Catch the ball. Ngai Bun!
What a stupid jerk! How can't you catch the ball?
You're right!
How can't you catch the ball Are you OK?
as you're so tall? I can't play basketball because I've a heart trouble.
I'll get nervous when I play it.
Ngai Bun, somebody wants to play chess with you,
Hi. Brother Shing!
So you're the descendant of the famous family in Yuan Dynasty.
Don't mention about the past,
My name is Ngai Bun,
If it's too difficult for you to catch it.
you can call my code name,
Because I'm so tall,
they always call me
Long-feet Nit.
Long-feet what? Long-feet Nit,
What's your name?
Wong Lifetime, nicknamed Chess Freak,
Wong Lifetime? Wong Lifetime?
Your name is for lifetime, Good. good!
It's said that you've never lost any game,
That's because I've never met a master-hand. Good. good....
After tonight's show, let's play chess.
Good. good!
You have a show every night? come on, have a smoke,
It's not really 'a show'. Don't get hooked
Or you'll always be hungry,
What's it? I really dread hunger.
Where's Shing?
He always goes away when the show is on.
Sir, please give me all the oil allotted to me for this month.
All? There won't be any left.
Are you sure you want to take it all?
You shouldn't be so indulgent in such hard times. should you?
Do you want to scrape it?
See? How hard he's scraping!
His finger is oily,
He's gathered every last drop.
Time for the show. Give me a pen and a piece of paper.
Do we have to take notes?
So that we can still enjoy it later. Here comes the emcee!
Take a smoke first! Thank you,
Enjoy? Yeah,
Good. good!... Have you had your supper?
Sure. or we dare not come here.
Dare we? That's right.
Let's talk about edible bird's nest tonight, What?
What? Edible what?
What did he say? I don't know.
I don't know what I should take down.
In honor of our guest,
I'd like to introduce edible bird nest
in our program tonight, What?
I don't know.
You mean bird's eggs?
Edible bird's nest is salanganes' saliva
after they digest those fingerlings and shrimps,
So we just eat the cooked salanganes?
Of course not. but their saliva,
Can salanganes' saliva be edible?
Sure! What's more. its very expensive.
My father told me that bird's nests
are usually found on the cliffs near the sea.
So they're quite difficult to reach,
You gotta clean then carefully and thoroughly
because there're lots of dirty things inside,
When you cook it together with a pigeon,
that'll be the soup of bird's nest and pigeon.
At least there's a pigeon in it!
I take the pigeon. and you guys. the slobber.
Stop arguing.
Now you can use your imagination.
The smooth and creamy soup
passes through your gullet.
filtering into every one of your cells.
and reaching your brain.
After finishing one or two mouthfuls,
a warm feeling rises from your stomach,
and the fragrance
Iingers in your mouth and body,
Good. good! That's all,
I've just had dinner and I'm hungry again. Purge him! Purge him!
You make us hungry again.
How come you still stay here?
Come help us! Catch it!
What's going on?
Comrades, the girls are catching a mouse.
Go catch the mouse!
Hong Kong boy, a mouse is as good as the edible bird's nest,
Hurry up!,,, Hurry up!
Comrades, we're coming to support you! To support you!
The east wind blows and the drum beats,
who's afraid of whom in the world?
The people don't fear the imperialists,
while the imperialists do fear the people, Nonsense! Where's the mouse?
A just cause enjoys abundant support. while an unjust cause finds little help,
The historical law is irresistible. Irresistible!
The imperialistic America must be conquered,
Wang xueqing!
As half of the sky.
we women should be more active than the male even when we're catching a mouse.
Who does she think she is?
I got it!
Bring it here then.
What is there to be afraid of? You all come over here,
hand it over!
No mouse, but a snake,
So the snake ganged up with the mouse,
What is there to be afraid of?
Is it poisonous?
You're not allowed to be scared.
Come on.
Look, how beautiful the snake lying in the soup is!
Y eah, it'll be more beautiful when it lies in my stomach,
They overcook the rice to make it swell.
We'll be hungry again in two hours,
When the food is cooked. the oil will be
saved for next time,
So the food is always tasteless.
Comrades, why don't we start?
Is he mad?
Let's charge!
The snake meat with vinegar
tastes just like crab meat. doesn't it?
So delicious!
I've never tried any crab meat.
Don't you?
Then you know nothing about Hairy Crab. do you?
In Mid-Autumn Festival.
a cup of wine, along with a Hairy Crab.
Why don't you guys take notes?
We're having snake meat, just forget about the crab.
Don't waste that, we can use it to make soup.
So we can have soup, too,
Here comes the soup!
Great! Great!
So the bone is also can be eaten.
Let me add some shallot in it, Thank god we have this snake,
Otherwise. your talk about bird's nest would have killed me.
Don't mention it any more,
Shing. you can't listen to Tall-feet Nit's program.
or you'll feel hungry.
I can have a sound sleep tonight.
Long live Chairman Mao!
Long live Chairman Mao!
Long live Chairman Mao!
Long live Chairman Mao!
Upheavals on a grand scale, territorial gains. and a conqueror arises,
The world is just like a chess game,
Nobody knows what'll happen next. Heroes rise and fall.
This set of chess is antique. the heirloom from my family,
My father handed it over to me,
It's made of ebony,
and it's of great historic value.
It used to be very expensive. but now...
Wong, you go first.
It's your chess, you first.
As you wish, I'll go first.
You seem to be attacking. but actually you're defending,
You've lost a good chance,
I lost this game,
Did you? This is just a warm-up game.
Best of 3 rounds,
You haven't finished this game. OK.
Search this room!
No one can leave here. We're to search this room.
We suspect there's a counter-revolutionary here,
My Little Red Book written by Chairman Mao disappeared
after you guys came into our room.
It must have been stolen by you when you were searching for the rat,
The one who stole my Little Red Book.
should be the counter-revolutionary.
Who did it? Hand it over!
Hurry up!
I've thrown it away, Why do you get it back?
What's it?
Chairman Mao says. to be frugal is to be glorious,
Whose bourgeois possession is this?
Your father was an official before liberation,
So you're one of the Bad Fives, The chess set must be yours,
He's a counter-revolutionary. Arrest him! Y es!
It's mine,
Yours? What's your classification?
his classification is fantastic.
Three of his generations are exploited classes.
His grandpa is a beggar and his mother, a whore,
Right. We were so poor that I had no trousers until I was ten,
Talking about background. he's awesome.
he decided to devote himself into playing chess
carrying forward the spirit of proletarian revolution
to defeat the chess players of bourgeois
and to overthrow the unsolved chess game left by the feudal ancients.
He got this set of chess
from the feudal people.
So we should learn from him,
Right. that's my classification.
What about yours?
I'm from a poor family.
We're all from a poor family, so what?
We're here for the Little Red Book, not for discussing the classification.
Right! After finding out the book.
we gotta hold a meeting to analyze that
why the book can be lost even though it's so important,
Right! This is a serious problem.
which is related to your position,
We should animadvert it according to the creeds.
Let's go back to search our room again,
Otherwise we'll be animadverted by them,
OK. Iet's go.
It's here.
Stop it! Stop! Give it back to me!
Wong, thanks for saving me,
Thank God you lied to them it was yours,
I do have one set.
It's form my mom.
No characters?
My mom was poor and uneducated,
She could give me nothing,
so she collected some handles of toothbrush and got them smooth,
as chess pieces for me,
Your mom was very fond of you,
She hoped I could stand out.
I think I would disappoint her.
There's going to be an entertainment game here.
You can take part in the chess game
as you're so skillful,
Chess game! Yeah!
If you can win a good place like the third place,
it'll be easier for you to apply to go to a better workplace.
I'll go sign up tomorrow. will you go with me?
OK! Let's go!
As our last generation always hope we're good.
We gotta try our best.
Will our lives be better?
That's great!
Don't lose it,
I got the attendance permit,
What's your name?
My name is Ngai Bun, I'd like to take part in the chess game.
You are so tall, Why play chess?
Play basketball!
His name is Ngai Bun, Let him take part in the basketball team,
I,,,, This is the attendance permit. Don't lost it,
Next! Good. good!
This way!
he passed the ball to me! Thank you!
Thank you.
Thank your teammate.
Get lost!
Why do you hold me?
What's wrong with you? You're more of a hindrance than a help,
I don't know how to play basketball.
Why do you join us then?
I was ordered to,
Are you crazy? I don't know. It's arranged by the superior.
He must have bribe his way into the team.
Likes to show off.
They'll make an example of him.
He'll pay! Tall jerk!
Excuse me!
We're rich! We're rich! What?
Stock markets worldwide are collapsing!
And we're getting rich?
Except the stock the kid recommended has soared like a bird,
Tomorrow will be a better day!
I'll call Jade.
Hey little money bag,,,forget your grandpa, we'll keep you.
Just when I need her,
Even Jade's has the sixth sense,
hello, Jade. hello, Jade.
What? I'll too excited
This is the program director. Can I speak to Jade, please,
Jade? She's not here.
You must be Mr. Ching. who wants to give her a hand.
The sponsors want Jade replaced,
You're an expert. you must understand
we rely on the advertisements.
As you know, the emcee will affect the ratings,
Why don't you change her?
Because we want to give her one more chance.
Give her chance?
But the sponsors won't give us any chance.
We have to churn out something new everyday,
We need new faces & stars
to attract audiences.
hold on, please.
Is that the soft drink company?
Don't let her go. I'll be there soon.
Cheung Bou Shing from China Mainland
can get the bills spring out of the bottle,
Can you do that?
Let's go,
Where are you going with him? To the TV station.
Don't give away his secret.
Got it, I'm going to negotiate for Jade,
Hi. Mr, Ching,
Is the client Winnie Cheung?
Yes. Mr, Ching, please don't offend her,
What's more, I heard you're going to show a chess game.
Didn't we agree on something more exciting? Take a seat.
A chess game isn't prime time entertainment,
Can you find something fresh?
You want something fresh? OK. I'll show you right now.
You'll never seen this before.
Bring me two sets of chesses please,
Wong, turn around later on,
When this Auntie play chess here,
use your head and think out the steps she makes. Got it?
I can let him know the steps you'll make.
So this is your trick to hook Jade?
Let's see what he's trick is.
I can't really stand such kind of game!
Uncle! What's up?
I can't do it with all these people around.
It's quiet here and nobody is watching you now.
If you can't think it out,
Mr. Ching'll be in trouble. Try your best!
Got it,
What's going on? I know nothing about chess.
I'm really annoyed by that ad guy.
Hello, Is Jade Ting in?
This is Ching. it's urgent,
Do you know where she is? We've made an appointment at 1 pm,
But now I'm in the TV station,
If she can't come here,
please tell her we'll meet as planned.
Whoopee! It's so funny!
You're supposed to think out how she'll play the chess.
not to build a pyramid!
Don't you want to help auntie out?
Have you made it? Dragon Lady's complaining.
Why are you crying?
Forget it, I've run out of gimmicks,
Let's go,
It's not my day.
Mr. Ching!
You don't need to be upset for Jade. do you?
You guys are too snobbish!
You used to treat her like a goddess, now dumped her like garbage,
Can you just treat her as a human being?
I can hardly protect myself.
how can I protect her?
Get in please.
You're right, Mr. Ching.
The boy is amazing!
You bloody kid! You scared me to death!
Stop it! My trousers are dropping!
It's already 3 pm. She hasn't shown up yet.
What are you doing?
Why are you away from me?
What are you thinking about?
Uncle, you're losing your temper, aren't you?
Don't worry. I thought you were naughty.
I won't lose my temper again,
Miss Ting.
You play gold so well! Really?
Are you free tonight?
The golf course might shut at night, Keep in touch, OK?
Ching! You've been 2 hours late!
I couldn't make any calls in the golf course!
Golf course? You played golf with that besom?
Nothing better to do?
Do you know what happen to your job?
My job? What about my job?
Have they decided to replace me?
Have they? So you know?
I can imagine it.
They've been weird these days.
I can guess something happened,
So I turn to Professor Lau,
Why not turn to me?
He's not in the advertising business at all!
He's a big advertiser, He could sponsor the show. Sponsor the show? Or buy you?
He's a wolf, and you turn to him,
What the hell do you want?
You get me involved. but now you go to the besom, What did you say?
Anyway. I won't pay attention to your fucking show.
Ching! Ching!
You've already found a buyer for your product,
Don't come crying to me again,
I'll send the boy back home right now.
You go to the besom and fix the chess game yourself!
Damn you besom!
Where's my Latin Cross?
Don't pick up what's been thrown away.
We're not Christians. we don't need it.
It's given by your late father,
If you throw it away. you can't get it back again. then what?
My father left me lots of things,
Besides the Latin Cross, there's a set of ebony chess.
Anyway. when you throw something away, don't regret it, got it?
Ching, Ching!
Did you send the boy back home yesterday?
I couldn't find him from this morning
he's disappeared.
Ngai. open up!
It's midnight now. What's going on?
Bad news! Wong's been arrested.
For what?
After signing up for the chess game.
he went to the public toilet.
As you know he's always so clumsy.
He forgot to take any tissue with him.
so he tore bits off a Big Character Poster.
he was noticed and arrested,
being accused of counter-revolutionary activity,
We gotta help him out,
If we don't. he'll have no future.
Unless we know some officials here.
If some of us knows the Secretary here!
Party Secretary?
But we don't have these sorts of connections.
So what can we do?
Cousin. don't you know anyone?
Hey kid. you know nothing. go to bed.
Just think before you speak.
You're criticizing me again.
Shut up or someone else will really criticize you.
Go to bed. Hurry!
Let's go out first,
Does Long-feet Nit know the our Party Secretary?
his father did.
Did he? Wasn't he purged to death?
Before he was purged.
He knew many governors.
If it were not for Secretary Chun.
Ngai would have been put into the cowshed and watched,
So Chun would be the right person to see.
Would Ngai do it?
You can only use such kind of connection for once or twice,
Surely he'd save it for himself.
Thank you. mom,
After finishing a bowl of wine before I leave.
I feel so courageous now,
A feast is arranged for my friend and l
Long live dictatorship of proletariat!
Long live dictatorship of proletariat!
Class struggle to the end!
Class struggle to the end!
Read Chairman Mao's books!
Follow Chairman Mao's words!
Work according to Chairman Mao's instruction! It's Long-feet Nit!
Be Chairman Mao's good men! How is it?
I found Secretary Chun. He's watching the opera,
I'm to see him.
Let's get in, OK.
Hurry up! Hurry!
I've watch this opera for hundreds of times,
I'll get cancer if I watch it again,
Comrades, great performance!
We serve the people!
To perform propaganda opera well.
is to glorify Chairman Mao.
Long live Chairman Mao!
Long live Chairman Mao!
Good health to Vice-chairman Lam!
Good health to Vice-chairman Lam!
Let's go get changed.
The actors are really glamorous. Hurry up!
You two, hurry up!
Isn't that the tomboy in our team?
She looks so different with make-up.
He has to take part in the game,
Can you ask them to let him out?
Are there any of your father's antiques left?
I wouldn't dare keep any of the ' Four Olds ',
What about the antique chess set?
Remember we played with it a few years ago?
You beat me that time.
I still have it.
My Dad left it to me,
It's very valuable. Keep it well.
I haven't played chess for a long time,
It's very inconvenient for me to keep it.
I'll try and have Wong released,
Bring me the chess set and I'll take care of it for you.
Whiz Kid. where are you?
He's not at Temple 1 8. nor at school,
he's not at home, either.
Could he be kidnapped?
What should I do with my shares?
My God, that's my hard-earned money.
I'll kill myself if the price drops.
I gotta forget about my test questions,
What test questions?
I used to study quite hard,
I thought the whiz kid could predict the test questions.
Then I could sell them. I could help students, as well as make money,
Look what your education's got you! Better than you Babbitt!
Stop fighting! You're as bad as each other!
So he abused us,
Do you think you admen are good men?
You've no ethics when it comes to selling,
Hong Kong people look to Taiwan as an escape,,,
You're afraid of the coming of 1 997.
You Hong Kong guys are so poor!
Stop bickering! The Whiz Kid's disappeared,,,
and you're taking it out on each other!
We need to let off steam,
You know, making a living is full of hassles,
Struggling is just to get by,
Like me, it took me time to adjust to Taiwan.
Now I'll have to move on again,
Oh God. Iet me go.
Give me a break please,
We're not solving anything,
Let's look at the ocean of possibilities
Relax, and try to persuade ourselves,
Take a deep breath,
and say it loud. Where there's a will, there's a way! And....
Where there's a will. there's a way!
Money is not everything.
Is it? What?
I like to say it. so what?
Money is not everything!
Tomorrow will be a better day! Tomorrow will be a better day!
Hey, what's up? Aren't you convinced?
Well, remember the fire in Lau's office?
Do you think Lau believes in the kid's power?
how could he know that?
I told him,
I heard you can predict the future, can't you?
A traffic jam. It's the rush-hour!
Did you predict that you would be here?
Uncle and Auntie are coming,
If you answer my questions.
I'll send you back him right away.
I want you to think hard.
to work out what I will be in the future.
Can't wait any more. Get off!
Get off!
What about my car then? Just leave it here,
Can my opponents beat me?
how powerful will I be?
I want to go home.
Tell me. will my men betray me?
Will Jade be mine?
Will all my dreams come true?
Will my name go down in history?
Tell me. tell me!
What did you see?
Why are you smiling? Say it! Say it!
Professor Lau. Get out! You're not allow to hear it. Say it!
We have an appointment with Professor Lau,
This is Jade Ding, you must have met her before, Nice to meet you,
The show The World of Whiz Kids,
Professor Lau... is over there.
Professor Lau!
Say it! Say it at once!
Professor Lau. the TV people are here. What shall we do with the boy?
Uncle, I'm here. I'm here,
Uncle! It's over there!
It's over there!
Are you crazy? What are you doing here?
Be careful! What are you doing here?
Are you crazy?
You've gone too far.
Are you alright? Are you alright?
Are you OK? He's bleeding,
You bastard! Hey little money bag, take care!
What do you want?
You fucking successful man! You besom!
hope he'll be OK.
It's difficult to be a whiz kid,
It's my fault. I've ruined your business,
Business? I've struggled hard
to package this city,
In the process
I've even sold myself as a package product.
I'm Chinese, I thought Taiwan was my home like Hong Kong.
But I can't adjust to it at all.
Adjust? You have to force yourself.
The boy is alright,
Only minor concussion.
Concussion? Can he be alright with a concussion?
Should I sell my stocks?
Is it serious?
Not so serious. He'll recover after staying here for one night,
Thank you.
Thank you. doctor.
Auntie. I want some water.
I know water is over there.
Don't use your head.
Can I ask him about the stocks now?
he can't use his head.
he knew where the water was,
he'll be OK,
Let him get the water first.
There's some water in the water bottle.
What's going on?
Sleep well, You'll be on TV tomorrow.
Don't worry about memorizing the chess moves, got it?
Whatever, don't give up yourself,
I'm let out so quickly?
Shing. I thought I could not see you again in my life,
Long-feet Nit gave his antique chess set to Secretary Chun.
That's why they let you out,
That's not worthy! Go get back the chess set.
I don't want to go out now. Shing!
I'd rather stay here.
Ask him to get back the chess set, Shing. Go! You can't go back!
Long-feet Nit. you helped me get out,,,
in order that I can take part in the game.
But I won't.
Your father left you that chess set,
You can't do this to your family.
It's your heirloom!
Of course it's heirloom.
otherwise Secretary Chun wouldn't ask for it,
If it wasn't valuable.
You wouldn't have been let out.
Do you think even if you don't take part in the game.
he would give it back to me?
If I go and ask for it now
my crime will be far worse than yours!
You said I shouldn't do this to my family?
You think I don't want it back?
You know how it feels to give away flesh and blood?
You think I enjoyed grovelling and demanding myself?
I despise that sort of behavior!
Why am I so pathetic? Get up.
I just want to go back home, sleep on my own bed,
I miss my family!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't meant to lose my temper.
No matter what, I won't go.
That's my fault. I feel guilty to take part in it,
Ask someone else to. if you insist on it.
Anyway. I won't,
You bastard! What do you mean by feel guilty?
I don't know how to play chess.
but if I did, and Ngai gave me this chance...
I'd give my life for it.
Not everyone is as lucky as you,
You dumb asshole! Step aside, Let me beat him up!
Shing. stop! Let me beat him up! Don't stop me,
What are you doing?
Don't hold me back. I won't take part in the game,
Let me beat him up! Stop it!
Stop it! Let me beat the asshole!
I hate to be forced to. Aren't an asshole?
Stay there! Let me beat him up, Shing. Shing!
I will try myself if I want to take part in it! Come back. don't go away!
The rain stops. I gotta go practicing basketball.
Can't you play basketball because of your heart trouble?
They said I'm the right person for playing basketball.
If I can stay in the team.
I'll get one more piece of meat
at every meal after practicing.
Good. good.
Every moment of our lives is another starting point,
Add colour to your life.
cherish your every chance.
Now's your chance, wealth is at hand.
Waiting for you to become part of T aipei's new elites.
Professor Lau. I got it,
If I don't want to lose. I gotta win,
No. you don't have the chance to choose the result at all.
In the game of life. few are players, most are chessmen.
The whiz kid's gift has gone.
It was all a gimmick anyway,
But I'm not withdrawing from the game.
Alright. I'll be your chessman.
But I want to be on the winning side.
Welcome to join my chess game.
Camera, Stand-by,
When the kid looks at the chess book,,,
zoom in on Professor Lau.
Lau's generous, he's sponsored the whole show.
Here's the book for your reference,
How come they've changed the whiz kid without informing us?
It's strange. Have you ever cheated before in any exams?
You'll get used to it,
Why not wait for us? Ching!
This game's between our young Chess King & Professor Lau,
Who's that kid over there?
It doesn't matter.
Maybe not to you. but it does to our whiz kid.
his friends will make fun of him.
If they do. it must be our fault,
We got him involved. Leave him alone.
He hasn't given up.
So you can't replace him!
Life has to go on without anyone.
I've come to an agreement with Professor Lau
that the boy wins one game and Lau wins two.
It's arranged,
So you and Lau fix everything?
What did you get out of it?
You're sacrificing our whiz kid, Is that fair?
Fair? What's fair?
I sacrifice the whiz kid?
Who can I sacrifice?
I just don't want to be a pawn anymore
and discarded when I lose my value.
Why aren't you ready?
Jade, take your place. Everybody, Stand by, please,
1 0, 9. 8, 7.
6. 5, 4. 3,
Go away! Come here,
Who's the player?
Welcome to Whiz Kids World! Let's welcome the emcee
Miss Jade Ding.
On air.
Good evening, everybody,
It's time for Whiz Kids World again.
There's to have a chess game tonight. Where's my son? Give him back to me.
It's our honour to have Professor Lau.
the reigning chess champion in Taiwan, to join our show,
And ' Whiz Kids World ' very own Chess King,,,
Iittle Wong Shing Fong,
Applause! Applause!
Through the big screen. we can see
the moves made by both Professor Lau and the little Chess King
It's the best of 3 games,
They can only have one minute to think about their moves Do you want to change his moves?
before they make their decision,
OK. Iet's start now.
Get up... where's Wong going so early?
Is he going to take part in the game?
Didn't it finish yesterday? Yes.
You three Chess Kings. take a photo together. please!
Hey kids, make place please.
What's Wong doing?
He's challenging the three Chess Kings,
Sirs. the only prize I can offer is this coat,
Please play a game of chess with me.
Sir, please give me a chance.
to compare our skills.
Wong, are you crazy?
Put on your coat quickly!
Sirs. I beg you to play with him.
Or he'll freeze to death,
Sirs. have a smoke. We're in a hurry to catch the train,
The game is over. Wait till next year.
He's very stubborn,
If you don't promise to,
he'll stand there forever,
I beg you! Do me a favor! What if I do play with him?
When I win his coat, he'll freeze to death anyway.
If he wants to show off,
I can let him have my cup for a photo.
Will that satisfy his vanity?
You've misunderstood him!
He's a genius
but born at the wrong time,
he should have been cultivated and come to front,
But not come down in the world,
Well, anybody can call himself a genius.
Ask him to put his coat on
and I'll play with him casually.
It won't take long, You won't miss the train.
You bastard! I lent you this coat
and now you offer it as a prize now,
Oh yeah. it's yours,
Genius. I'll wait for you at the restaurant.
Hey, why you guys come here?
Everybody get out of here! Get out!
I've already lost,
Who lost? Who?
The 2nd winner lost!
Get ready. please.
Stand still, don't move,
he's lost so soon? Let me have a look.
Don't go away! Are you fooling him?
Lost? Who lost?
The second winner, Who lost?
You. make place, Let me play with him.
he sat down.
Set up the board!
That game didn't count.
Let me play him.
If you lost-you lost!
The train's leaving soon,
Don't worry. it won't take long,
I'll play with them together.
Stop showing off!
How can you play with two at one time?
I can. I'll play blind chess,
Blind chess?
You mean you'll play without looking at the board?
I couldn't do that. I can!
You two can watch the board,
and I won't,
I'm not leaving today. Set up the board.
Young comrade.
Don't be so cocksure!
I'll take you as my student if you wish to,
Have you ever played blind chess against tow people?
heard of it, but I never tried it myself.
Then you don't qualify to teach me.
How conceited you are! You character's reflected in your game,
If you don't change yourself. your game will suffer.
Learn well from the new teachings...
and you could become a great chess player in the future.
With your temper, I wonder about your game.
Bloody guy. you're too arrogant!
I am the chess champion after all,
Dammit, let me teach you a lesson!
hands up those who want to play.
Me, too,
Count me in. Count me in,
Don't push.
Line up!
No need.
I'll play blind chess against all of you,
Are you sure?
You can play blind chess against eight of them?
You're right, the place is too small,
I'm not talking about the place.
Open the door! Open up!
What do you want?
We want to use this place for a chess game.
It's over already. come back next year.
Sir,,, Don't close the door!
Over? It hasn't started,
Long-feet Nit. come over here.
Come here,
Call Secretary Chun and tell him we want to lend this place,
What's your name, Long what?
Damn it, I'm Ngai Bun,
He knows me. Just go call him!
Or there'll be revolutionary action.
Don't rush! We'll start soon.
1. 2, 3. 4,
5. 6, 7. 8
and 9, My master is a senior Chess King,
He's too old to attend. but I will relay his moves.
Let me in! Don't push!
Now. one against nine,
And the ninth player is a hermit.
He's the King of Chess, He's excellent.
he's here?
No. he's playing blind too.
His student will relay the moves.
Can you make it?
Ngai told me that if I win
I can apply to transfer to a better place.
I've caused a scene. If something happens. just leave me alone,
you're the only one with a chance.
You have to win,
If I win, I can have big pieces of meat, big bowl of wine
in which there'll be oil
We can have a nice meal together.
But if I lose.
everything just stays the same.
We all will be with you
and wait for another chance.
I've kept this bun for several days.
You can take it,
We're all ready. Let's see how good you are.
Let's start.
We're all waiting for a chance,
Now you go first,
If you succeed, we'll all be very happy.
The chance is at your hand, don't give up anyway.
Persist to the very end, Be glorious.
Ngai is very upset that he lost his chess set.
My mom gave me this chess set.
Please give it to him for me,
Good luck!
It's too crowded outside. we can't get through. What shall we do?
Open the window up there,
It's sealed,
Force it
Your mom are watching you!
You lost!
Don't worry. Lau'll be more careful.
Professor Lau begins the 2nd game,
If our whiz kid wins this game
he'll become the youngest Chess King ever.
Both contestants are ready.
The second game is about to start.
That move is not in the book,
The kid won't be that lucky this time.
he won't?
Chariot on four up two.
Chariot on seven up two,
horse on seven down six.
Cannon on one across five,
Chariot on eight up four,
Cannon on five across six,
Board nine, Chariot on five up one,
Got it!
The game is over. What? So quickly?
Yes. What shall we do?
It's not ad time yet.
FM. ask Jade to drag it on.
Wong Shing Fong, you caught Professor off guard in the first game.
Follow the book very slowly in the next game
so when the show ends, it'll be a draw.
Got it? Go ahead.
he looks exhausted,
hope he'll be alright.
I hope so too,
Board three. Chariot on five up six.
Board three. Chariot on five up six.
Cannon on seven up seven.
Chariot on eight down three,
Marshal on five across four,
horse on two down four.
Chariot on one across four,
Cannon on nine across five.
Drink some water.
Marshal on four up five.
Horse on eight up seven,
Wong, do you need a break?
Pawn on three up one.
Upheavals on a grand scale
territorial gains.
and a conqueror arises,
The world is a chess game
unpredictable moves,
heroes rise and fall,
horse on seven up eight.
Chariot on four up five.
I've lost,
I lost. too.
You beat me,
You have my respect,
How can I call myself a champion?
I candidly admit my defeat,
he's beaten them all.
he beat 8 players.
The 9th game is not finished.
It's the senior Chess King.
He gained the upper hand.
Make way!
Get up! Get up quickly!
Scholar on four up five. Scholar on four up five.
Scholar on four up five.
The senior Chess King is to check at next move.
Chariot on six across four,
Chariot on six across four,
Chariot on six across four,
The senior Chess King is here!
You must be the young King of Chess,
Good! Good!
I'm old.
I have to retire from the turmoil of life.
I thought I'd never meet any opponent in this lifetime,
Now I meet you.
You seemed to be hard to make your every move.
but you always pursued victory.
We seem to be equal,
but you played against 9 at one time.
Your power
is beyond compare for our generation.
I'm very happy
to find that among our fellows, there's a worthy successor.
In this game, you beat me,
He can't get up by himself.
He can't move his leg for he's sit there for a whole day, Come.
Ngai. massage his legs.
Brother Wong,
you've won the game,
it's a draw,
There's a successor,
Iet's make it a draw, OK. make it a draw.
Wong, I haven't given your chess set to Ngai.
Don't worry.
Iife will be better for me, Mom!
He didn't follow the moves in the book. Did he forget them?
he must be too nervous.
Don't make your moves so quickly,
Don't be fooled by him!
Sir, no smoking here, Look!
You can smoke outside. OK?
You lost!
Wong Shing Fong!
Wong Shing Fong! Are you Ok? Go away!
Are you OK? Are you all right?
Call the ambulance, call the ambulance! He must be all right,
Don't worry. he'll be Ok. We'll arrive in the hospital very soon.
Did you find it?
Whose is it?
I don't know
what our generation is supposed to possess,
This is left by my father,
but I dare not keep it,
Take it away with you when you go back to Hong Kong tomorrow,
You can give it back to me
some day in the future,
It's my cousin's,
I wonder if I'll be able to meet him again,
I wish you'll. It's a pity he can't foresee the future now,
Stop the car!
What's going on?
Don't stand there!
Go away!
Wong Shing Fong!
Wong Shing Fong!
Something's fallen down, somebody is almost hurt.
Wong Shing Fong! Wong Shing Fong!
Is there anybody get hurt?
He might be inside there,
Go in and look for him!
Hey, please help find out the kid inside,
Wong Shing Fong!
Little Chess King, do you know me?
Do you know they're looking for you?
Yes. I know, Because they want to know
about their future,
Right. Only you know about that,
So they're looking for you
Let's go ahead.