101208 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 08.12.2010

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for December
8th of 2010.
Gold is currently trading at 1396.06 Silver is at 29.08
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 48.01 Oil is at 88.23
and the US Dollar is at 80.12
Debt-Hit Irish Publish Harshest Budget In History
As a price for saving Ireland from bankruptcy, the nation must make $4.5 billion in budget
cuts. In addition, taxes on vehicle fuel and cash
deposits would rise from 2 to 4 percent. The minimum wage will be reduced to 7.65 euros
an hour and fees for university students would rise 25%
to about 2,000 euros annually. Needless to say, the changes would hit the
poorest the hardest and this is coming to the U.S.
Swiss Bank Refuses to Release Gold
A client was recently refused access to his physical gold and had to hire attorneys to
get to it according to Jim Rickards. Many believe that gold plays no role in finance,
they will be proven wrong when the fiat dollar almost spontaneously collapses.
In short, get your gold out of banks before other banks begin following suit.
The Unemployed Slaughtered
The press would have you believe that Odrama extended unemployment benefits for everyone;
however, this is not true. The funding, til the end of next year is only
for those within the 13 month unemployment pipeline.
For those, going beyond the 99 weeks, they are sadly screwed.
The Scramble For Physical Metal Intensifies
People increasingly want to own real gold and silver, and not some fancy piece of toilet
paper. Be prepared for an upside explosion in the
price of silver and gold as the scramble for physical metal intensifies.
Schwarzenegger Proposes $9.9B In Cuts
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a fiscal emergency and
is asking lawmakers to meet in a special session to save the state $9.9 billion over the next
two years. Schwarzenegger unveiled a plan that relies
largely on cuts to health care and social services for the poor.
Looks like the outgoing governor wants to try CPR on the states deficit. Good luck!
ObamaCare Waivers Now Up To 222
If the US passes a law that then requires the government to issue over two hundred waivers
in the first few months to avoid disastrous consequences for enforcement,
it must mean there is a problem with it. From PS-ILA with 8 employees to Cigna with
265,000 employees, they are just lining up.
UN Warns of Glacier Meltdown
The glaciers are melting! At least that is the warning from the UN report
released from sunny Cancun Mexico. News Flash: They’ve been shrinking since
the last ice age, but suddenly it’s news.
U.S. Teens Rank 25th on Math Test, Trail in Science, Reading
Fifteen-year-old students in the United States ranked 25th of 34 countries on an international
math test and scored in the middle of the pack in science
and reading, raising concerns that the United States isn’t
prepared to succeed in the global economy. Perhaps the U.S. have the edge on 14 year
old drug cartel hitman like Edgar Jimenez.
Finally, please prepare now for the forthcoming economic, and subsequent social, unrest that
will hit the US. Good Day