Profil: Cágo (Tattoo Artist, Musician)

Uploaded by jesseunderdog on 04.10.2012

I'm Cago, I am a tattoo artist and I play bass in NSOS.
I've also been a drummer in a band called Cookies for a while.
This is my little princess Daisy.
She's got some stuff going on.
As you can see, I like animals
that's why I became a vegetarian, eventually a vegan.
And now I'm shifting somewhere between these two.
We can discuss this further personally during some tattoo session.
I'd like to have it a bit thinner and some shadows in there.
I checked internet for these tattoos.
Most of the tattoos are the same as the original,
I'd like to do it a little bit differently.
It's up to you and your creativity.
We'll do some shadows and lines and we'll follow
the request to keep it black and white only.
Light grey is going to be there and that would be enough I guess.
Sounds great, I like it.
I'm in tattooing business for about 4 years now.
I've been an amateur tattooer for about 12 years.
It was a coincidence that brought me into tattooing.
Mira, NSOS drummer, bought me a tattoo set
so that it would be cheaper than visiting a pro.
...and that's how it began. He already knew I was kinda into it.
I have my own shop in Prerov
but you can also catch me in Prague and soon I'll be available in Otrokovice too.
Most interesting people I have tattooed are people from Czech punk scene
that was a reason why I started doing it in the first place.
Look into the mirror if it's okay.
This is cool.
Nah, it's fine.
Just tell me if you wanna move it left or right or anything...
No, this is perfect.
Everyone's interesting in his own way. I could be a therapist
considering the things people share in this chair.
But apart from pornstars, one day in Prague few British guys came into
the shop while Last Train by Lostprophets was playing on my ipod.
And it turned out it was Lostprophets in person.
The wanted oldschool classics
like skulls, anchors or something like that.
There's never enough anchors you know.
People in the scene have a good taste for tattoos.
They follow this art and they know what looks good.
But amongst 'ordinary' people, if I put it this way, it sucks.
They see a movie like Fast and Furious and suddenly
my inbox is full of Rock's arm tattoo that they need on their shoulders.
Some Aztec insanities...
And this follows for next 6 months.
The band I tattoo the most now
is probably Blink 182.
But it depends, everyone has his own personal favorites
if we don't count Metallica and Iron Maiden logos
done for metal heads, then it differs.
Very individual.
Themes I prefer? This is a tough one.
I stopped dividing it into oldschool, newschool, colorful or black and white.
When there's some meaning for the customer,
I really enjoy the work then, because I know the person will cherish it for a long time.
If it's a part of the person and preferably a positive part, I'm fine.
But I love doing oldschool/newschool and comics.
However someone's mother once came in and she wanted totally crazy tattoo
but she told me her daughter who died drew it.
It was really a strong moment so I changed my point of view about that
and I don't say 'I'm not doing this' anymore but I
want to know more about what's behind the theme.
The meaning is pretty clear here - it's Blink 182 bunny which stands for
almost everything I've been doing for the last ten years.
And I hope it's something I'll still be doing.
The bunny isn't holding a carrot but a broccoli,
which is symbol of Macbeth and its approach to certain areas of life.
- It's made out of broccoli? - Yeah.
It's my favorite food and also a nice vegetable.
And the bunny stands on a dice, which stands for my wife.
My musical career started over 12 years ago, when I was among junkies and vagabonds.
I wanted to run away from that.
My biggest influence was my older brother, who had a band back then.
I was kinda keen on playing an instrument, so I got myself some shitty guitar,
or a paddle I should say.
I started to learn all alone listening to bands like
Hot Water Music, Green Day as it comes to bassguitar.
Drumming - Travis Barker influenced me the most for sure and bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers
with talented musicians.
I met some people here in Prerov who've been playing.
You'd probably know Vinca from RAF.
Now he's with Pimps and...
I can't say it, dammit!
...with bagpipers.
That one's too dark and this is too light.
So either this one or this one over there but that's too glaring to me.
Especially after it's healed.
I'd choose this then, what do you think?
We started a total punk band. I've been changing it a lot.
I've gone through several bands.
To make a long story short,
guys from NSOS needed a bassplayer for a recording so they called me if I'm in.
I agreed and I've never left since then. My that time band was splitting up anyway.
This is how I joined NSOS.
I guess guys were quite amazed by me.
There are big things going to happen in our band.
I spoke to Mira this morning and he said he wants to go all big and famous.
We're going to studio in a short time.
Songs are already written, we're just finishing the lyrics.
So now the record, music videos and gigs are coming.
But we'll see. It'll be much different from what we've
done so I'm wondering what will people say about that
but it's time to move on a bit, I guess.
I didn't want it to be colored on purpose, cause I don't think it would fit to me
but as you said it would be better to have a green element over there.
We've done something different than the original.
I didn't wanted the original one cause that would be boring.
I want something personal in it like the dice or the broccoli
instead of the carrot. It's amazing how the shadows are and those unclosed lines.
The band I played drums for,
I got a taste of what's it like to be famous theses days.
It's like ... I don't wanna be in a fashion band, that's not for me.
We're doing it the way we want in NSOS.
The CD's out when we want it to be out.
It can take another 2 years, if it needs to.
We just make it from our hearts, there's no need to hurry.
I have the shop. Otik has a baby now, Vali has his girlfriend
and Mira has his own brainzz which is enough.