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Gurukant Desai salutes the Shakti family.
''Don't dream.''
''Dreams never come true.''
My father would say.
But l dreamt.
l'll work in Turkey like Ghanshyam Das.
Which fool will give you a job?
Ghanshyam took him to town for an interview - he got the job.
l got my passport too.
Why's this happening behind my back?
The school results are out tomorrow, right?
You checked the results in town?
You've failed?
Trying to cover the shame with a job?
l've a job. How does a pass or fail matter?
l'll skin you. The whole village will laugh that..
..the math teacher's son is a fool. You'll never prosper.
Don't curse. He's going away.
Go to hell. - l can't bear my son failing.
My step son is going abroad.
Fall at my feet, you foolish monkey.
You witch, your stepson is going to ride the moon and go far away.
Look step-mother. l've come from ldhar to lstanbul.
You run away too and come here.
But you'll be scared when you see these huge buildings.
l'm not scared. Know why? There's no school, no father, nor his cane.
l'm so glad to see you..come.
l wear a uniform. lts Red. And a cap too. l look good in it.
l work very hard. l sell petrol cans.
Do you know what they say for namaste here? Salaam Walekum.
You're amazing.
Why are you betting again? You'll lose double of what you win.
Come, this is not for us.
Your luck is incredible.
l'll open it..
You shut his shop. How did you know the red ball was under that glass?
My eyes. Out of the three glasses one was smaller.
l just kept my eyes on that.
This is the spice business. Very big traders come here.
lt's a business for the clever.
The sharper you are, the luckier you are.
From tomorrow there will be a new trader amongst them.. Gurukant Desai
Where's your tie? Take it out.
- Wear it.
There have been some complaints against you..
..but he's very impressed with your work.
You're lucky. He has made you a sales supervisor.
lt took me thirteen years to become a sales supervisor..
..just keep that tie on.
l don't want to wear a tie. Nor do l want this promotion.
l want to return to my village.
When did this foolish idea occur to you, may l ask?
After wearing the tie.
You like my work, so does he, then why should..
..l work for that white man? l'll work for myself.
Take it in writing, you'll never succeed.
My destiny is already written.
l'll always remember you.
You're taking all the fun with you.
Now we'll just slog here.
Baapu, l'm leaving.
The country's become free so why not your daughter?
l've found my partner. Please wish for my happiness.
A bearded man left this letter for you.
l don't have the courage to run away and lead a life.
Please forgive me, Sujata.
Yours, Bhanu Patel.
You're spread like a python on the whole berth.
l have a reservation.
Reservation is only for the night.
Look out. lt's still night.
ln many places in the world it's morning.
Can't think beyond the village.
Throw it when the train stops. lt won't fly back.
Oh god, l can't even cry in peace.
Good, you woke me. My station's come.
Girl - Alone? Boarded at the last Station?
This bogey, row thirty two. She drenched the whole seat crying.
Where did you go and die, all these days stepson?
l was saving myself from your beatings, you witch.
Guru has become an Englishman.
Sit. Sit.
Come Ramlal, look who's come.
Guru? l didn't recognize you.
How would you? - you can't see after your marriage.
Has your wife come? Guru give him some money---
Miser. Give him twenty.
Look how big the school has grown.
Must have received ten twenty lakh canings.
And look at the progress you've made!
lf l'd known earlier, l would have hit.. till you became the Prime Minister.
For me?
How many days have you taken off?
As many as l want. - What do you mean?
Meaning, l've left the job.
But your brother said that they've
promoted you and tripled your salary.
Yes. - but l've worked enough for the white man..
l want to do business.
What do you know about business? When i did business..
..l could hardly put food on the table.
Just because you failed, doesn't mean l won't pass.
Keep it. lt'll help you keep track of the bad time.
Return his money.
lf you setup your home, with his money your wife will run away.
Go do business.
Do you remember how we would run up?
Carrying huge tins, bhajiya in one...
..Kachori in the other!
Bastard, you've been selling something or the other since childhood.
Three paise profit for one bhajia...
..and the bhajiya's weren't even hot.
After climbing all these stairs we should.. least make half a paise profit..
Bapu will never agree.. he is a money lender..
King of misers!
l've fifteen thousand. l need another fifteen.
He won't invest. He's saved it for my sister's wedding.
Dowry? - Yes.
How much?
Twenty five thousand.
l'll marry her.
Marry her to me.
She is elder to us by a year.
One, two years is no big deal.
Don't talk without thinking.
Look, all l know is that
l'm ready to marry her.
Then we'll be business partners.
You will receive a dowry and make me an equal partner?
You'll also be part of the dowry.
How do l tell bapu?
l won't be able to.
l'm marrying, not stealing. - l'll talk to him.
Have you come to talk about marriage? Are you a broker?
We aren't interested .
The last time l saw you.. you were crying yourself hoarse.
l don't even know you. Why would l cry in front of you?
You were crying in front of the whole world on the train..
..reading some bhanu Patel's letter.
Who are you?
Guru, who knows everything.
My leg broke, it still hurts.
Then go to a doctor. What are you here for?
l am here to talk about my marriage.
Don't drag me into this.
Where is Kaka?
Do you recognize me?
You shut down my father's ghee shop - you even took away all the buffaloes.
You're the boy who hit me on my ear..
..with a stick and ran away.
l was eight years old.
You've come to make me deaf in my other ear?
Kantilal - He has no business sense.
Now thanks to me, he is the headmaster You are in Turkey, right?
No, l'm here. l want to do business here with your son Jignesh.
What business?
Many new things are available there.
l'll bring them and sell them here. l'll make good profit.
And what does your father say?
He says l'll be ruined.
Then you will definitely make a profit.
But l've stopped lending money these days.
l've to get my daughter married.
l'll marry her and take good care of her.
l'll become a big man in five years.
My daughter is crazy.
Haven't you heard what those bastard villagers are saying?
Jobless people keep wagging their tongues.
There was a sickly looking youngster, with a red flag and four labourers
She wanted to marry him- have you heard this at least or are you deaf too?
l was on the same train as her that night.
l've seen a bit of the world.
l know right from wrong.
Just give me your blessing and l'll take care of the girl.
l'll take your leave.
You're leaving with your brother in law after marriage?
Where did your wife go?
Don't scream. She's not coming.
Why not? - Let it be.
What catastrophe is keeping her here?
Don't know. Maybe she doesn't like me.
How can she not like you? The witch is mad.
Not all women are sweet like you. .
Come on, bless me.
l know it'snt your wish - but Can't you bless me?
May god give you sense..
Don't go.
What if l die here all alone?
But you said you didn't want to come.
You could have asked me again.
Look, you're not asking me even now.
But you don't even have any luggage?
Can't you buy me four sarees?
And ticket?
Do l need a ticket to sit on your lap?
Where is the Yarn market? - This way.
Where does all the buying and selling happen? - Upstairs sir.
Why do they shout so much? How will we do business here?
You'll see. When we shout everyone'll shut up.
Mathura Das?
Could be. Why?
l've come from ldhar village in Gujarat.
l want to do yarn business with my own money.
Wherever l go people say that there's a union.
You have to be a member.
Your bid's too high. You'll get it much cheaper in Salem.
Quiet. Don't teach me business. lf you want to trade become a member.
So make me a member.
There's a five year waiting period., Don't waste your time.
You're not letting me do business nor are you making me a member.
Don't chew my head. Arzaan Contractor is the president of the union.
You can become a member only with his letter. You won't become a member.
Are you a fortune teller?
Twenty five thousand like you come here everyday.
You'll never make it. G? away.
l'll stand right next to you and do business.
And l'll wipe out twenty five thousand like you.
What do you want?
Your letter. l want to trade in the cloth market.
Come to the office.
l have. For four months.
l know Bhola's entire family history.. your watchman
Do you play golf?
l play, but not this.
lf this ball goes into that hole you'll get your letter'
l've to put this ball in that hole..
..and you will give me the letter?
Of course.
For sure right, if l do it?
Try it.
What's your name?
You'll give me the letter?
Ok. l'll see.
l've collected money for business with great difficulty.
l'll take care.
ln my village, help is never forgotten.
lt'll happen. lf you don't mind. Yeah?
Thank you sir. You'll see, business will benefit with me.
Let me get the change! What's the hurry?
l've got something.
For me? - Yes.
What have you bought for me?
Don't you like it?
l thought you'll get me lots of saris, jewelery, diamonds, 8-10 big cars.
l have brought it all.
You'll see.
Can you see?
No, but the whole world will see us.
l can see it.. a big house.. a palace
l can see brinjals.. totally burnt. No food tonight.
l see a factory.. very big. Even bigger than Burma Shell.
l see clothes in the wash.. wet..'ll have to go in your underwear tomorrow.
l can see you, fat, nau lakha necklace, fat bangles..
..walking with a swagger.. all five hundred pounds
l'll never be fat.
Ok slim one! Wearing nau lakha necklace..
..fat bangles.. walking with a swagger.
Very very very happy.
With you.
The brother-in-law is here.
lt's all over.
What? - Our business.
But what happened?
Contractor's rejected our application.
Can't be. He gave me his word.
l'm coming from his office. He tore up our application.
So do we go back to the village now?
lf we don't, we'll be out on the streets.
Who are you?
Who are you?
l live here.
l don't live here, okay?
Then why are you staring at my building?
Why? Do l need a letter even to look now?
The building is on the road, the road is the Government's..
..these eyes are mine.. the country is free.
l can stare at whoever, whenever l want. Don't bug me.
Go watch your dog piss.
Very good.. anger early in the morning is very good. Let's walk
What's your name?
You've turned your city into a club..'ve to wear a suit and talk in English
They've turned Bombay into a dog..
Good. Being angry with Bombay is very good.
l am angry with one man.. l want to slap him..
He promised me a letter..
..four months ago and then tore up my application.
He doesn't wake up before ten o'clock, how will you slap him?
Do you know him?
Since he was this little.
Can you do something for me?
l don't believe in giving or taking recommendations.
But you look like a big social communist leader.
You should help the poor.
And if l say no?
That's a problem. l can't hear the word no.
Come to my office tomorrow.
Will you get the letter for me?
l'll make sure your voice is heard.
l own a newspaper Swatantra Samachar.
lf you're speaking the truth then..
l will fight your war..
..but if you've lied l'll slap you.
l've just arrived in Bombay, l haven't learnt to lie yet.
Good, come tomorrow.
Trading's big shot Arzan Contractor.. The country is free but..
..when will the trade markets be free from Arzan Contractor?
Mr. Contractor considers himself the undisputed lord of the union..
..and Mr. Gurukant Desai his enemy. nobody can stop Guru from becoming a businessman.
A very big businessman.
Bigger than anybody.. am l talking too big?
A bit.
Here l am, right beside you.
But you won't last - There are a dime a dozen like you..
There's just one person like me here - only Guru.
l didn't know you had so many complaints against me.
You should have talked to me - not the papers.
lt's difficult to meet you.
Today you're in trouble so you've come here..
..or you go only to the club.
lt seems like this trading association doesn't require me.
l am resigning.
Let him go, someone else will come along.
Quiet. You needn't go sir.
He's decided.
Now even God can't make him change his decision, isn't it?
My decision won't change but times will.
Anything could happen tomorrow.. don't come crying to me.
lf we're going to be that scared, how'll we do business?
Don't worry.. we are the fearless.
What was your name again?
Not 'was', it still is.. and will always be..
Where is that villager Guru?
You opened a new office without calling me?
Meenu, what do we do with him..
wring his neck or break his teeth?
l'll do it.
Which tooth?
This one.
My name is Meenakshi.
Jalkukdi.. Meenu. No. - Yes. - No.
She won't accept defeat.
lt's too small a place for you..
That he doesn't have faith in himself and has to depend on God.
He was right.
No. God and l don't get along.
lf you offer it as a sweet l'll eat it.
You'll get both or neither.
She's smarter than you.
Why don't you treat the prasad as a sweet and..
l'll treat the tilak as just colour.
You've to have your way.
Such a struggle for a tiny sweet!
Who is this villager?
My brother-in-law and partner.
What business?
Cotton. - Polyester.
Very good.. a fight on the very first day.
My brother is sleeping outside.
l am not asking you to wake him.
What will you do now?
What do you think?
You beast.. you brought us here like a big leader.. are you going to
clothe and feed us?
What's that?
Soft, shiny, naughty just like you.
l made a big mistake marrying you.
l can't understand whether you
love your yarn more or me.
Should l tell you?
Das was saying polyester business's dangerous - Let him.
Are you brainless? The whole world is into cotton and you..
When you see the profit..'ll say wow Guru, how intelligent you are!
How much did you invest?
All the money.
Oh God, you'll kill us.
We'll think about that when we get killed.
What happened? - They've shut down the market. - Why?
They say it's gambling.
But the fun of business is predicting which price will rise..
..and fall, where the losses and profits are..
.that shows the acumen of the businessman.
The Government calls that gambling.
Then tell the Government to stop lotteries..
..Mahalaxmi horse races and astrology. All that's gambling too.
You came and ruined everyone.
Not me.
Your friend Contractor has bribed officials to shut it down.
No problem.
Let's do our businesses from here.
What are you doing? You'll go to jail and..
..send everybody else in as well.
This is a Government notice from an l.A.S. officer..
lt's the law now.
lf a law can be made in a day..
..then it can also be changed in a day
K.R. Menon is very strict. We are ruined.
Come.. this way.
Mr. K.R. Menon?
Who are you?
So you stopped the trading? - What are these?
The notice at the trading hall has your signature. Right?
Unni ask him to stop. - Come in
All the goods are yours.
What nonsense. Who are you?
My father in law is a moneylender..
..people who borrowed money from him and..
..couldn't pay back left their belongings in his custody.
lf a ghee shop was shut down then he would keep the buffaloes..
l had a polyester shop and.. shut it down so now all this is yours.
Top quality polyester. Make clothes for the children.
Gurukant Desai.
Menon saab namaste.
l've been looking for you for four days.
You should have left your address.
Mr. Menon, A very big l.A.S. officer.
Look, my record is impeccable..
..if the higher authorities find out about the..
..polyester, l will lose my job.
What can l do about that sir?
Take it all back, neighbours have begun to talk.
But until the market opens l can't take the goods back.
Are you threatening me?
No sir, but the other traders were..
..also going to come to your house to leave their goods..
How can l re-open the market?
l'm an illiterate villager, l don't know much..
But if you locked the market doors..
..then you must have the keys.
And if l say no?
And if l say no?
l don't understand the word 'no'.
And one more thing, should l give your address to the traders?
Good show.
Guruji has come. He has brought gifts for all.
What have you brought for me?
You forgot the jalkukdi?
Close your eyes.
Now open them.
A wedding sari!
You'll marry me?
For seven lifetimes..
Very nice.
l'll show it to everyone.
So Gurubhai?
Why are you calling me Gurubhai?
l'm like your son.
The name suits you.
Come on, get up.
l know you're not even
going to touch this.. look like Gandhiji in this dhoti.
But when you travel abroad..
..and it's very cold you can make a coat like Nehru's and wear it..'ll look very nice.
Are you bribing me throwing Gandhiji and Nehru's names in?
No. l don't know how to shake hands and say thank you in English.
lf you don't like it..
..then break both my neck and teeth. Okay?
This is what l like about you..
..suddenly you speak with honesty and intelligence.
Don't ever let go of this habit.
Whatever happens, l'll never let go of you. l promise.
Finish it in one gulp.
He won't drink, his wife will scream at him.
All wives scold.. if you drink a bit, you'll hear less.
l apologize for being late.
l was doing our trial balance..
..our profits are up by 300% in six months.
And the price of polyester has gone through the roof!
But don't relax, because if we've worked 18 hours till today..
..we will now work 25 hours per day.
Ask why?
Because, the Shakti family will not only trade..
..we will make kela silk. We are opening a factory.
Foreign machines will produce the..
..English named kela silk.. polyester.
Just because you've bought a car doesn't mean..
..that you dream of opening a factory.
Shut up! Unless you dream you'll be stuck to ldhar.. drink..
We've also seen the land. 25 acres right next to your village.
Walk carefully.. don't be in such a hurry..
Who wants to walk? l want to run..
l'm carrying you in my arms, so don't fall.
And the money?
Are you Contractor, that the banks will give you a loan?
To hell with Contractor and banks..
..we will go to the public.. give ten rupees..
..and become the owner.. public issue..
..if the factory earns, so will everyone.
Permission for the public issue will come in one month.
Fantastic! Let's have another one on this!
You didn't ask me.. could've at least taken my opinion.
You wouldn't have let us sell polyester, or anything else.
You were about to pack up and go back to the village.
We are partners..'s not just you.
You just stay behind me.. and watch the world.
lf you stick your nose in, l'll turn you into polyester..
..and sell you to a foreign lady.
Little prince is upset.. no problem.
l'll pacify him and bring him back..
..but empty the bottle. Understood?
Where are you going? - Station.
Come back. Everyone's watching
l can't get along with him.
This is not a silly game that you get upset and leave.
Come back.. should l fall at your feet?
l'm going to the village.
We'll all go together . and put up a huge board-Shakti factory
l don't want any of this.
People will say that you're jealous of him.
Who will say? - Even l will..
You've gone mad and blind.
Your problem is with me..
..speak properly to your sister.
You're senseless. You've forgotten..
..that he's looked after both of us.. understand him.
He only understands money. Do you know why he married you?
He was a true friend. He married a girl who was eloping.
He would have married you even if you were handicapped.
You know why? Tell her..
You are talking like a child.
He married you for dowry.
Tell him not to lie.
Ask him..
Father had promised a big dowry, 25 thousand..
..he wanted to start his business.
Tell him not to lie..
You're just capital.
He's lying, isn't he?
ls this true?
Fight with the whole world, but not with me.
lf you're with me, l can beat the whole world.
Then why are you stuck to my neck? Come on..
To beat the world.
You've come?
On time.
How was the Europe and America tour?
Very successful.. only one difficulty..
..l didn't get to eat her cooking. l starved.
You're being called 'the business king of lndia.'
Do you have Shakti shares?
- Yes.
Then you are lndia's business king too.
People are pointing fingers
at your growth.
You're growing too fast.
This is a race. And l run to win, not for pleasure.
Whatever you own is mine. Now tell me, will you marry me?
No. - Hey Jalkukdi..
You look beautiful, just like a bride.
Really? Actually l knew.
That's why this Parsi uncle's been troubling me.
l told him move on, my husband's coming.
So when are you marrying me?
Leave Didi.. let's get into my car and run away.
Can you cook like her?
l'm talking love and you're talking about your stomach.. do you live with him?
With great difficulty. Where's Nanaji?
America.. he's back in two weeks
Gurubhai! Namaste bhabhi
Someone's been wanting to meet you.
How many months?
How did you know.. l haven't even told the beast.
You glow.. it's a girl, just like me.
Dad. Gurukant Desai.
So you're Gurubhai.
And you're the senior Mr. Contractor.. pleasure.
l've a present for you..
..that's why l wanted you to come to the wedding.
But l brought a present only for your daughter.. not for you.
A blank cheque. Your math is very good.
So fill it up.. with any number .
Everything has a price.
Where you've reached today on your own, is amazing.
But the path ends here.
Don't put it down. You might not get another opportunity.
Who is it? - Bloody old man.
He wants to buy me.
He is putting a price tag on me?
What he made in 150 years l made in 10 years.
ls it the same? - no.
Get all our friends from the press right now.
Call them.. go to their homes.. wake them.
All the newspapers from tomorrow should expose Contractor.
Tell them.. that Contractor's suits..
The word Contractor should become a curse.
This is the Swatantra Samchar.. the lndependent.
This newspaper has driven the British away fearlessly.
lt has fought with ideals and principles.
l was away for a month and you all sold it.
ln a month you've dressed the newspaper in Guru's safari suits.
Who gave you this?
Guru? Remove it.
Throw it in the dustbin.
Editor sir, l hear you've a new car.
Shame on you!
We have to apologize to the country.
Tomorrow's edition will have an apology letter.
The page has already been composed. - Then stop it!
You've made false allegations, so you have to apologize.
And send for Shyam Saxena.
Have you gone deaf? Shyam Saxena.
Ask him and Guru to come.
This ladoo has come specially for you from Junagad.
What's wrong? You look troubled. Can l do something?
You can do anything right?
- Yes.
Nothing is difficult for you.
You just keep throwing your money everywhere.
There are.. are all kinds of people.
And everyone has a price. Right brother?
That's why l carry two kinds of slippers with me.
One made of silver and one of gold.
And which slipper for me?
But you will hit me with a slipper too.
Shyam, What do you think of Gurubhai?
What can l say?
Feel free?.
Gurubhai is the biggest hope of the lndian industry.
A champion businessman.
l am not asking you for an advertisement.
Speak honestly.
He is a disease who should be locked up in jail..
..and the keys thrown away.
Who is this great man who is praising me so much?
And why do you feel this way?
His growth rate is 400%.
But corruption and greed have grown at double that rate thanks to his bribes.
Have you called me to beat me with a stick?
l've not even started.
lf you and l break the law we would be scared.
But he is proud of it.
And he doesn't just break or bend the law..
..he buries it and then builds a beautiful park on it.. that people forget his theft.
lf you want to tell me something just tell me straight.
Shyam, can you strip him in public?
The whole world wears my clothes.
You'll have to strip everyone.
Can you stop this man?
Neither him, this newspaper, you, nor your khadi army.
l'll stop him.
This cloth and weight are a result of a lot of hard work.
You have to work hard too to fight me.
lf you want to fight Gurubhai you have to become Gurubhai.
But there is only one Gurubhai.
You look beautiful.
When you give birth to a child you'll know.
Walking around with a huge tummy..
..vomitting and getting kicked all day!
You want my tummy to become like this too?
l look 3-4 months pregnant.
Boy or girl?
lt's not just one.
There are 25000 people inside.
What are they saying?
Welcome Shakti family!
For the first time a company has held such a meeting in lndia.
You know why? We are so big that..
..we can't fit into smaller places.
My apologies to our brothers from Gujarat..
..who've skipped their afternoon roll in the bed.
A few years ago Shakti Corp. had debts..
..from the bank, government.
Then l came to you and you emptied your vaults.
Today we are free.
We do business with our money.
Our own investment. Our own profit.
When l first came to Bombay.
l had just two shirts and a coat.
But today the whole of lndia..
..wears our clothes!
But l know you aren't happy.
You'll be happy only when we open four more factories.
So what do you say? Shall we open four more?
You want to become lndia's biggest company?
l've grown old. Can't hear you.
How many Shakti shares do you have?
l'm a reporter.
He's a magician.
Write good things about him.
Poverty will disappear if we have ten men like Gurubhai.
Definitely. Read saturday's Swatantra Samachar.
This shouldn't look like lndia.
And make sure the print looks old.
You're faking photos and passing them as truth?
Let your Gurubhai come forward and say it's a lie.
Tear it, so the chalk
powder can be seen.
You've made up the entire story.
lt's written by Gurubhai. l'm just presenting it.
They dumped cartons like this?
Yes. Empty ones. Some with chalk powder.
Sent to fake companies with fake addresses.
Meaning, he showed empty cartons as export..
..and got the polyester import license. 700% profit.
Fantastic! Profits from empty boxes!
But his route was fraudulent.
But even you're lying.
This is the truth. Shakti's
naked truth.
Lies! They've shot it in Bombay..
..and passing it off as Yemen.
l'll stop advertising in nanaji's paper.
Why should they earn from us?
Triple the advertisements.
But Gurubhai..
Print our balance sheets, new profits.. companies. Nanaji should wake up to our growth every morning.
Gurubhai.. - What happened?
What happens usually with your company.
Double profit. Twins!
Send a telegram to my father.
My God! There really are two of them.
Disha. - l only thought of one.
Drishti. Even l had thought of one.
A bonus. By one-get one free.
A pair!
''Shakti's fake strength.''
Gurubhai's new trick.
Shakti new share prices have gone up.
Only the shares are being bought by Gurubhai's men.
You are bent on crucifying him.
Don't you think the more you write the bigger..
..the hero he becomes?
Even l've applied for his new shares.
l've to think of my future. Who else will? You?
What happened?
Go check the power room.
Any news?
Who could be behind this? 3 guesses.
The power failure is
only on our block.
What do you mean?
Go and ensure printing resumes in 15 minutes. - Yes sir.
l think we won't have power till late at night.
l don't care. You?
l don't either.
You know what l want to do?
A cup of ginger tea?
l want to sing.
So sing. lt's your grandfather's press..
l want to dance.
Fast fast then slow then fast, then slow..
l want to live for three days, without pain..
..without multiple sclerosis, medicines, wheelchair.. just three days.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You were going to come to bless them.
l had to come to you.
They'll be like you.
Make them brave and independent.
Get them used to living without the father.
What if l have to send your father to jail?
How long are you going to fight?
Till l win.
Don't you love him at all?
Don't you think of him as your son?
l asked him the same question..
..and got the same answer.. silence.
What is this fight about? Why are both of you like this?
Where's your husband?
He doesn't know l'm here.
Manik Das Gupta here. Don't send your wife to beg.
Why are you hitting the car? Hit me!
l know who sent you! Tell him l'm not scared!
Did you send them?
Who? - You sent them.
What are you talking about?
You know what.
They're after your blood.
Just wanted to scare him. Done with just Rs. 15000.
l don't know what l would've done..
..if it were anyone else who had done this.
He is like a father to me..
..and one never hits their father.
lf someone hurls a stone at us, do we remain quiet?
Don't stay quiet.
Move ahead. Let them write, hurl stones.. about the past. We will talk about tomorrow.
We've come this far together with our hard work.
Four sheets of paper can't bring Shakti down.
We won't rest till we build a plant bigger..
..than Burma Shell. Understood?
Why doesn't it rain the whole year?
Why isn't Bombay cold? Why doesn't it snow?
Will you marry me?
Wouldn't it be fantastic if the whole sea was ice?
Didn't you hear or don't you want to marry me?
l want you to drown and die.
Then how will l marry?
Do you know what this is?
And what is that?
A disease of the central nervous system that has no cure.
You can't live with it.
l can't do anything on my own except for waking up in the morning.
l've had an attack every other month since l was ten.
Nothing is beautiful, everything seems empty.
lf Hamsa is careless, then the bed gets wet..
Can you sleep on a rubber sheet?
When do we marry?
You're making fun of me.
Your Nanaji said the same thing.
l tried explaining but he wouldn't understand.
l'll go very far away in four hundred and nineteen days.. and then?
Then l want every single one of those four hundred and nineteen days.
Marry me..
After six months! The new minister's given us ten minutes!
lf his uncle was still instead of there l would've got a meeting in a minute.
Ten minutes is enough for you.
You can only say no in ten minutes.
l've had it with hearing 'no'.
Just do some magic on this minister.
Or we're in trouble.
Careful. He's an honest man.
You're in the papers everyday.
Your uncle was a very good friend of mine.
His friends need not be mine.
A lot is being written against you..
There's a saying in my village.
When people speak against you..
..then you must be progressing.
l'm interested in the progress of the nation.
Not yours.
Such a big ministry at such a young age. . .
l keep my distance from people like you..
l have seen your petrochemical project file..
l haven't come to talk about the factory..
l've come for your advice.. l've this burden on me.
Your uncle left something with me.
A deposit. l'm a small man sir, l don't know much..
You just tell me what to do with it..
..should l return it to you..
..or have it sent overseas? lt's very heavy.
Anyone would collapse under it.. me, you.. anybody..
Can this land anywhere?
Captain! Land at a good sweet shop.
The minister himself will come for the inaugural function.
l was waiting for you.
l was surprised that a newspaper wanted to write something nice about us.
lt's quite a big factory..
lt took seventeen months and five days to build.
So fast?
Our Gurubhai does everything in a flash.
How long have you known Gurubhai?
From Turkey..
We delivered petrol cans.
And today, l'm the director
of this entire factory.
Where are these machines from?
From Dupont.
Do you know where Dupont is?
ln U.S.A.
No, lt's in America.
What's your output?
Fifty five thousand tonnes.
What are you saying?
Sure? - l'm a director of the company.
But you've government permission.. produce only twenty three thousand tonnes
There's no rule that we can't produce more than that right?
Understand. government language is such..
But you have machinery..
..with the capacity of only twenty three thousand tonnes.
How come the double output?
We used the spare parts lying around.
You have permission for six spinning lines..
..but have set up twelve spinnin? lines
Who are you?
You smuggled in six spinning lines as spare parts..
..without paying import duty.
What a hoodwink!
Who are you?
A reporter, but you are a smuggler.
Easy.. if this photo's printed..
..just think who will be the dog..
Get out!
Two factories running in the place of one..
..without permission..
..without import duty. Cheating the Excise..
..and export departments.
Tell me, what should l write?
Get out of here before l lose control!
Don't miss the papers tomorrow.
One man is working here..
..and all you bastards are attacking him..
And one day, Ghanshyam uncle said that nobody..
..could swim to the other side. Then what did he say?
Take a bet!
And what was the bet? - Jumpa's dance!
And how was the water? - Cold
Very cold.
So Papa kept swimming,.. and what did he see?
A very big fish.
Which fish?
Phone call..
We're escaping from the shark.. one minute..
lt's Rinku, Ganshyambhai's daughter, from ldhar.
Slit his wrists with a vegetable knife.
No one knew for half an hour..
Take her outside.
l've come to slap you.
Slap you so hard that this pain'll feel like nothing.
Kill me. Here, slit my wrists..
..because after you, it'll be my turn.
You've been with me since Turkey.. and then..
..just like that.. you'll go?
lf anything happens to you.. because of my mistake..
..i couldn't bear it Guru.
You're happy now?
When that headmaster went..
l didn't shed a tear.. step mother died, l didn't cry..'s just that you're so ugly..
..that it's making me cry..
Even Jumpa never cried looking at my face..
Jumpa, the belly dancer, Turkey.
We have many battles to fight..
l can't do it without you big brother..
Come in.. the door is open.
You come out, l want to talk to you.
l can't.
What kind of a man are you?
Do you even know what you're doing?
Seasoning.. will you eat? l cook well..
You're insane. Why are you doing this?
For fame, money? To threaten? What for?
Do you know five foreign companies have invested in Shakti Corporation?
So? - All five are bogus companies.
Can you prove it?
Truth is truth even without proof.
Can you prove it or not?
l can. l can also prove..'ve joined hands with ministers to convert..
..non-convertible debentures into shares.
Shakti Corp's reach is in every department of the government.
You come to know of new laws before they come into force..
..and use that to play with the public's money.
Do you have a conscience..
..or have you taken a loan against that too?
What is this?
What is it to you?
You got married?
Should l have asked you?
Where is she?
How come you're here?
How come you're here?
What to do?
You just weren't leaving Didi..
l was forced to get married.
You didn't invite me?
Not even Nanaji.
He kept his favourite reporter and kicked me out..
..he said that l'd become a little too independent.
You couldn't find anyone else in sixty crore people?
But he's a good guy.. have you come to fight with him?
l wanted to say a few things to him
..but you've shut my mouth.
Make sure you love my jalkukdi more than you hate me..
Do you need proof for that as well?
You look very weak.
You've become very fat.
Weak. - Fat.
Nothing is going to change between us.
When you hear my voice.. certain that you're doing something wrong.
The louder your voice, the more l'll grow.
l'll leave.
Gurukant Desai salutes the Shakti family!
You're angry. Good.
l'm very angry too.
You've asked me a lot of questions.. let me ask you a few.
lf someone flings muck at our family, what do we do?
Do we start fighting amongst ourselves?
Can a family survive like that?
You ask me why the papers are writing articles against us.
Because we are commoners, middle class.
The rich hate it that the middle class.. now writing it's own destiny.
What do you say to this?
What has happened to our money?
What's happened? Answer!
Next year our turnover will be hundred crores.
You have stolen and made us thieves too.
Who was that? - You're a smuggler!
You steal! Give us back our money!
We will make bigger profits; l will not sink your money.
You wear fancy suits and drive away in a Mercedes.
We'll be out on the streets!
We want accountability!
Death to Gurubhai!
We didn't have money to white-wash the house.
You said the house looks best the way it is. lt looks like a home.
Were you telling the truth or were you trying to pacify me?
You would forget your wallet.
What happened?
l forgot my wallet.
l would climb two steps
at a time to come to you.
And you would stand right here.
l won't give it.
Your brother is waiting downstairs. He will kill me.
You can't die for me?
lf l die, who will you fight with?
Praise me. - What?
Say something nice.
You shine brighter than polyester.
Don't talk like a laundryman. Always talking about polyester.
You're the most beautiful girl in the locality.
So you look at others?
l don't. Now give it.
Forget it tomorrow as well.
As long as you're with me how can l remember anything?
How do l look to you?
Your face resembles my husband's.
Do l look like a thief?
Neither a thief nor a weakling.
What if my brother comes?
Always arrives at the wrong time.
Where's everybody?
Poor thing.
Mirchi rani!
Me? - Who else?
Ready to fight.
Lies. You used to beat poor old me.
When did l hit you?
Here, like this.
You will lose.
What's happened to you?
Forgotten how to play?
l am going down to get an ambulance.
Are you listening? Just keep breathing.
Ok? Don't be scared?
l'll be right back out.
Gurubhai has had a paralytic stroke.
There was a telex from the P.T. l.
That means he can't move the right side at all.
Can't do any work.
He's younger to me by at least 20-25 years.
An attack at this age?
Maybe because of us?
You, me, Swatantra - everybody is at him.
ln fact another article is coming out tomorrow.
Shall l stop it?
ls it the truth?
Then print it. Why fear the truth?
Which hospital?
Are you going to see him?
No. Why should l?
l won't go there.
Checking to see if he's alive?
He is.
ln two months l'll make him fit enough to fight you.
We want to meet Mr. Gurukant Desai?
You are?
We have summons for him.
For what?
Thapar Commission's final hearing..
..against Shakti Corporation on the 16th of October.
But he's asleep..
l have to give it to him.
But visiting hours are over.. please come later.
We have court orders.
You will have to appear before the Thapar Commission..
.. at ten thirty on the 16th of October, 1980. Sign here.
He's asking if you would like some tea?
Only on the copy.
Gurubhai will see you on the 16th.
Please come fully prepared.
Sir, just a minute..
Gurubhai has a request..
..could you please repeat everything that you just said.. Hindi?
We're villagers.. our English is weak.
Both my language and l are strong.
Which one would you like to test, Shri Desai?
What test? You can take our lives..
..but whatever you do,
just do it in Hindi.
Will you be answering.. or will he?
The answers are his, only the voice is mine.
ls your wife a Shakti employee?
An officer? Or a director?
lf you aren't, what are you doing here? Please leave..
l am the owner of Shakti..
..initial promoter..
..and 50 percent shareholder in the holding company.
Here are the Memorandum and Articles of Association..
..of the holding company and the annual returns.
This means you'll also have to go to jail with him.
We are 50 percent partners.
Wherever we go, we'll go together.
Your company has given all of them land.. and money.. why?
He raises his own share prices.
He has a nexus with the brokers.
We have our own broking company.
He has attempted a hostile takeover of two companies.
lmport duty evasion, 12 crores.. for four factories.
He converts non convertible debentures.
He then turns these debentures into shares..
..and clears all his debts.
These conversions should be disallowed.
Many accusations have come up against you today.
Do you have a response?
This hearing is in private Only today.
Tomorrow the press and the public will be here.
You'd better accept
all the charges today.
lf there is anything you would like to say in your defence.. may do so now.
Only one thing..
Don't touch me.
l drive a taxi from Wadala to Churchgate.
l've Shakti shares. l've got my three daughters married with that.
That's all l wanted to say.
Thank you.
Don't worry.. because l am with you.
Please be silent.
This commission has heard all the arguments against..
..and in defence of Shakti Corporation.
The commission will declare it's report..
..and recommendations.. after lunch.
Gurubhai requests your permission to say something.
He was given an opportunity yesterday..
..but he just said namaste and left.
We were told that your voice is very weak.
l'm a businessman. l spend everything very carefully..
l saved my voice for today.
Beware of what you say. The public is present..
..what you say could go against? you.
Why fear the public..
..l am the public.. may l speak?
Five minutes.
May l stand, or do l need a license for that too?
You say l'm against the law.
Forty years ago another man was against the law.
Today we call him Gandhiji.
ln his time slavery was the law.. he wrote a new law..
..our freedom.
l'm not Bapu.
All l know is business..
..and to work hard, and poverty.
l came to Bombay with two shirts..
..a wife and a brother-in-law.
l wanted to do business.
But the doors to business opened only for the rich.
Doors made by the government..
..opened either to a bribe or a kick.
l did both.
Where l had to kick, l kicked.
Where you wanted me to salute, l saluted..
..and today you ask why this man kicks so much..
..he salutes too much.
What are you angry about?
My growth, or the speed of my growth?
Or that l've surpassed your expectations..
..of an ordinary villager?
You've made allegations against me..
..excise, custom, income tax, this tax.. that tax.
When l started business..
..l didn't even know the meaning of these words.
l fell many times before l learnt.
To save money l walked 20 kms..
..from Pydhonie carrying huge bales of polyester on my head.
l know the value of money.
lf there was money to be made..
..l made it.. not just for myself..
..but for my 30 lakh shareholders as well.
You have 3 minutes left.
l don't know how to play golf and l don't go to horse races..
..but l'm a solid player in my business.
l know how to make the
best quality polyester..
..chemicals.. the cheapest price. ..
ls that my mistake? Should l apologize?
l roamed around carrying cans as a petrol pump assistant..
..just like our country goes to the World Bank begging.
''Give us money - we want to make roads.''
Why can't we change our destiny?
Ours and our country's?
You want me to deliver petrol cans..
..and our country to beg, forever.
Why can't we reach the top?
Why are we called the third world?
We have as much right to be a first world country.. and we can be!
l've lost a lot reaching here..
l lost this hand.
Damn thing hangs uselessly!
And by the time this enquiry ends..
..l don't know what else l will lose.. voice, my mind..
..but there is one thing you can never snatch from me.. courage. l won't lose that. Because my courage.. the common man's courage..
..this country's courage.
All of you want to stop me, don't you?
l'm not alone.. the whole country is moving ahead with me.
And neither you nor your laws..
..have the strength to stop the country.
The doors you want to keep closed, are opening up..
..we have our feet through the doors..
..and our feet are very strong.
Which enquiry can check the progress..
..of this country and stop it? Tell me!
You gave me five minutes.
l've finished in four and a half minutes..
30 seconds profit.
That's business.
lf you want to punish me for that as well..
..go ahead.
Gurukant Desai is not scared of punishment..
Well, he's said a lot.
What do you think? ls he a genius or a thug?
Whatever it is, we can't hang him, can we?
Out of the 29 allegations levelled against..
..Shakti Corporation, 2 are proved.
Shakti Corporation is fined Rs. 63,96,000 lakhs.
Gurukant Desai salutes the Shakti family.
''Don't dream.''
''Dreams never come true.''
My father would say.
But l dreamt. We all dreamt.
Dreamt of becoming the biggest company in lndia.
Has our dream come true?
And, do we stop now?
Or do we dream more?
Shall we become the world's biggest company?
Shall we tell the world that we are coming?