Skyrim Glitch Acc : Obtaining the Elder Scroll in 10 minutes w/ Commentary

Uploaded by MrGoRiLaKiLa on 31.08.2012

okay um...
This is my first sky rim
tutorial for making a hacked skyrim account
and uh...
yeah basically i just mean new countering online
came from
held be entered ever and uh...
yeah i just went straight from there
from getting a headshot golf went straight from there to um...
waiter ron and
might want pick up a couple things and you sell
when you get to the river would
just like patsy river would maybe so something's his jurgen needle billet
builder never knew this
canceling out is going to want to carry one person's first come to
uh... didn't street and use the low flow
you know to steal platters i guess
take some platters
i did talk to the person yet so child stealing from me
but you have this steal some platters and some plants
and that was first tutorial the main focus really is just too skip point
at the time of the main quest
at the end of this
tutorial have uh... elder scroll already sold
now there's basically
getting elder scroll right from the start of the game
this witness to drew is
helping you with the fury have the elder scrolling wanted do mile packed
tutorials winging it make attacks count was like
max no weapons expedient
max level and stuff than you have to do
you have to um...
then you can just get this in if you're a appeal to scroll but if you don't
watch this
and he had just
legacy get some old earlier go travel that uh... winter home wherever take
they cared ch
and uh... it is
olympic sped up hearing this
make your find your way to album
septa missus sicknesses so
posted every out
open up the map you know couple seconds all show you where to go
yet here's some
gasoline is winter cold where you want to them and you have to
just kind of general legal
eat into the distance
from winter cold
think it's a little bit to the rate but it's pretty much three out from low
point of
went to him
was going to be really sped up here
so this is septa missing this is all post silks like this and i'll show you
on the map that's where it is
and compares and went to
straight there
so the just basically have to try and figure out the affair
square inside two minutes
talked to um...
this kolb
and yet in just pretty much keep going to look
basically use want to give you home
quintupled uh...
lexicon thing and uh...
spherion all that
stuff but just give it to you
so you can see strictly talking to him
dear all things and talking to that stuff once you have that stuff just home
sleeve is
police say yes
look at you fall this tutorial e should be able to get that elder scroll right
from the start of the game within like maybe twenty minutes or less it's pretty
signal to the old main course which would normally take you
uh... and uh...
traveled to why you're on
basically just we can take the carey's vote
yeah basically just
go somewhere with the gear didn't
now you have to travel to um...
dawn starts
is yet to have a
to a place
uh... should be
salsa helps you skip
doing black reach so you know if you put reach which takes really long time
so gold roughly around there fyi going mountain so marker for later
and just
over there
again sped up the time
but he had done sir is premature closest place to get to their from and you know
you said margaret head
and mia
then you'll
stand-up reaching this place
through get when it's called
grade there
like work
rate rise semi marker
you on that
uh... coming here and used to have to go into your inventory and drop those
platters i told you take earlier teardrop one of them
can drop a blunder
um... hold it
the action but their acts or anything when your
plane and then
pressing against the gate door and you just sprint
addict he basically just printed the gate door for played in front of your
you pushing through the gate in these come inside you can open up didn't go
down there
elevator in
vineyards here and
the oldest schools three min strewn sloops
prematurity done and for this part
he put it like you were never
we'd offer he will guide you through the whole thing to their generic there and
then uski pressing these bonds into the
can't figure out how the yet
sixty concert doubling up
walk-through of this part
is the will pose a lease keep pressing responsible ones to the left of you
one opening between translate that
press those basically noose won it
trying to complete this puzzle
and it should go away to hadn't
basically just brought in
now close but there is a man
you can see the elders for war
tainted and
in my next to you toria lol
chile what to do
to arm
thought to give it to this up to this guy and you'll be view our lake
gets lakes employed from smells and stuff and basically it
beyond the weirdest working towards you
i'll be in finney 'em book wherever
which allows you to
quickly level up to a local eighty one
all pondered
percent on all skills