Peugeot 2008 - Vidéo du nouveau SUV 2013

Uploaded by argusauto on 06.01.2013

The segment of small estate cars is not doing well.
Compared to 2010 sales dropped by 26%.
So Peugeot chose not to replace the 207 SW.
Instead Peugeot will invest a new market.
Urban sport utility vehicles.
The arrival of a small SUV in the range has been
suggested to the public for almost 1 year.
April 2012
Peugeot reveals the Urban Crossover at the Beijing auto show.
An unexpected concept car that was already very close to the final vehicule.
Without the huge alloy wheels, futurists rear-view mirror and
the final styling is easy to imagine.
A few months later, in September, Peugeot unveils the 2008 concept
at the Paris auto show.
For the event the Peugeot 2008 changes from gray to bright yellow
and includes some details as that little element at the bottom of the headlights.
Today it's official Peugeot presents the final version.
4.16 m long, the 2008 uses the technical basis of 208.
No All Wheel Drive or hybrid version.
However there are engines, like the small three-cylinder
1.2 of 82 horsepower
a power increase to 110 horsepower thanks to the arrival of the turbo
and direct injection within 1 year.
Other engines are known :
1.6 THP 155 petrol and 1.6 HDi 92 and 115 hp diesel
which will ensure the bulk of sales.
Marketed in the spring of 2013, the 2008 is ready to face the
Nissan Juke, Skoda Yeti or Renault Captur expected by year-end.
According to our information, the new 2008 should
display a rate equivalent to the 207 SW.
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