Le Cave Se Rebiffe................................GABIN

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Jacques Bar
film director Gilles Granger
starring Jean Gabin
Carole Martin
as well as Frank Vilyar
Maurice Biro
Antoine Balpetre
Ginette Leclerc
and others
with the participation Francoise Roze
Bernard Blier and
operator Louis PAGE
artist Jacques Colombier
music Francis Lemarka and Michel Legrand
Buy and sell used American cars.
Lowest prices.
I'm away for a couple of hours. Show car and I'll go for.
Do not forget to call the bank: Think about the employees.
We've been sitting without a paycheck. Do not forget!
- Luxury car! Six cylinders? - Hu that you, more!
All in automation.
Okna opened by pressing a button.
Obogrev Salon - button "Varma".
Want to its normal temperature - button "medium"
- I want you to kiss me. - With pleasure.
Let's talk about dinner.
Thou art not mind?
- DISCUSS menu? - Obed canceled.
Togda no need to go to Montfort.
- So, do not go. - Why?
Because I business lunch today.
Hichego not help it, really sorry.
Do not be angry and not annoying.
I do not get annoyed. I explain to you.
By the way, as the mood?
- Since, as I am with you... - I do not about you, about your hubby.
From it will never get anywhere. He will always been so.
All the while silent.
Heveselaya life.
With me you will have another life. Ho do I need certainty.
I also need certainty.
Sometimes I think that all this like a dream.
If I had decided so be it.
Hichego impossible for me there.
Here's what you.
I must tell you, dear master, that this Monsieur Eric,
who wears a cheap and colorful clothes,
simple dude. And in serious cases is not good. Too small.
If I were a psychoanalyst would have added to this the fact that he a complete idiot.
Ha I've seen enough of these.
Teper's me underground house visits.
Remember, what luxury mansion I have had before.
Ha street Chablis.
Hu, okay, all in the past. It was - yes splylo.
In short, your friend, Eric for our cases did not fit.
He will not my friend.
I'm just giving him a debt of your money under 20%. He will our regular customer.
NAMA need more solid.
I know that the debt You can only give a rich,
but not at 20%.
I would love to put your money in the bank Rothschild, but...
Maitre, there is a big difference between Baron Rothschild and a crook Eric.
By the way, you me my money given at 8%, but you do have with them 20.
The difference of 12% - this is my personal warranty.
I have your money in full preservation.
And you have to pay.
And here come your money.
This is Monsieur Eric.
We just talked about you: fear, that will not come.
It is in vain.
Like I said, I will.
And he came.
The main thing is not what you came, and that you have to bring money.
It is another matter.
- How else? - Charles, do not be nervous.
I'm not nervous, I can safely give him a slap in the face.
Tvoe hospitality makes me happy.
We have a business meeting, but not for children matinee. We are adults.
A year ago, you discovered its branch, "General Motors".
I gave you a loan 5000, and I want to get them back.
Thou brought the money, or not?
I have something better.
And you - about five thousand of these wretched.
Ha my case can be put together state. Takoe happens once in a lifetime.
"After a lengthy investigation, conducted by the Department for Combating
crimes in the financial sector, exposed a gang of counterfeiters,
leader whose Miguel Mondares arrested.
After careful examination confiscated equipment
Police do not doubt that counterfeiters
going to print hundreds of millions of units of one of the European currencies. "
- Well, where's my money? - I do not catch.
Mondares wanted to put at more than five hundred million pounds.
Sterling? This is good, a stable currency.
Could not be better.
And the work cool.
Mondares hired for this the world's best engraver.
That has not stopped him get on the bench.
Mondaresu - yes,
but not an engraver.
Engraver in my hands.
That, gentlemen, what I come to you.
How you met him?
While I do not know him.
- I thought... - All empty.
His wife is in my hands. I have six months to meet her.
Rostral very attached to me.
Do you understand?
I gave her, even here.
You'll have it polaskovee, it's not from the street.
- Teper you do not go for girls? - Sometimes I walk. Ho is not one of them.
You forgive me, madam.
Hash friend Erik just managed to I say. You're probably tired of waiting.
My name is Charles Lepikar.
Solange Mido.
I am not bored, admiring your pictures. Obozhayu painting.
It's a fake copy.
With artists such happens. The main thing - would be a talent.
Of course. Otobedaete with us?
- If I will not stop. - We are friends with Eric.
I beg you to the bar. I'll make arrangements.
Georgette, add another cutlery.
- Thou hear me? - Yes, monsieur.
- We have another guest. - Guest?
With which Monsieur Eric. Havernoe, his wife.
No rest from all these visitors.
As they are bothering me.
Madam, in general, Eric has told me what your husband
be able to help in the case, we are willing to finance.
- Speak up, they already know. - I think my husband...
He is much more advantageous to work with us, he's not busy right now.
I totally agree with you. Ho it needs to be persuaded.
Eric said he was cool engraver. He has no equal.
That's right. Features a color engraving.
He will long he could make a career. Ho him everywhere thrown out.
During his nasty character.
In the family, madam, most importantly, a man brought into the house money.
And so it was not a tyrant, and a simpleton.
And he - patsy.
I'm not saying this one.
- It seems the time has come to us at the table. - Exactly.
Coffee you drink it here or in the cabin?
In the cabin. And make sure that Georgette cooked real coffee, not the swill.
Madame Lea, you always cook, but today you have outdone themselves.
- When good quality products... - Thou art right, all this is the case.
By the way, as you champagne? I his Aperne sends out old Camille.
- What is Camille? - And we do it alone.
This is a man of Raymonda's flower shop.
- With a romantic name, I know. - However, it is now in ruins.
What can you do in this situation...
Do not chatter, or stomach ache.
Thou art right.
Although her husband and goof, she herself did. Do not know why she Erik.
- But he knows it. - Right.
After you, ma'am.
Cigar you want?
Cigarettes you English, or American?
- Oriental. - Do not be fooled people down.
- Togda English. - Please.
He will say to me, as with his wife.
Do not pay attention.
He will badly brought up.
- You like it? - Very.
- Hravitsya? Want me to show you a house? - Yes.
You'll see what my bedroom for guests. Everyone is different.
- And you've got a lot of them? - 17.
Hu, that you say about the matter?
Tempting deal.
Ho how much we'll have it?
The question is this.
We can say little Versailles.
How funny, impression that we are not alone.
That's the beauty.
Come, my dear.
- All flash! - And for nature lovers.
Miraculously, as in Switzerland.
Two years ago we were there with her husband.
And this year, if no trouble with Monsieur Mondaresom,
We went to Italy.
If appropriate, you go there on a Cadillac.
If you like exotic - please.
It is very curious.
- Do you think you might be able to persuade him? - Who?
I mean your husband.
Men with you is not easy.
Coffee is served. Let's go drink until they cool down.
Or, you linger with the lady?
This way. Here is closer.
Thou art house, my princess?
Ostav me.
- What happened to you, my princess? - I can not Terpet dirty dishes.
We have no servants, and myself its my own.
Just have time to wash her.
Wow! He will still criticize me.
Not at all.
I say that everything must be done at the time. I do not know where you go.
And where are you reeling?
In any case, not where you are.
I go everywhere looking for work Imagine.
Hu and what did you find her?
Not yet.
In a printing press there is no vacancy the other is cut.
I better shut up.
For six years we are waiting for manna from heaven. Wait until someone will appreciate your talent.
With your character you anyone is not needed.
Mondares was your only chance. But all this collapsed. Collapsed.
That's good.
I do not regret anything.
Mondares in prison.
And though I jobless, ill live but I sleep in my bed.
So go to bed. ONLY without me.
I say stop.
While you are there haggling, I think.
In this case it does not work.
- This is something new. - There is no clarity.
Because we are in this complete ignoramuses.
- Thou printed Pound? - I have no husband and Solange - yes.
My husband, my husband. Thou saw it work? Thou confidence in him?
- No. - There you are.
It would be better to give us.
And then dreaming.
Hu course.
Of course.
No, we did not succeed.
What are you thinking?
There is one person.
If I have extra, I can get.
This can happen if we attract specialist.
- Is there someone in mind? - The best of them.
As pure as glass.
After 30 years of excellent work.
A living legend.
In its terms it is called "godfather-Dad" and take off my hat to him.
He will - the King.
If he is godfather, He must be gargantuan appetite.
- How much did he take you? - Participation of such a person is priceless.
With him will be no problems.
He can be completely trusted, as the British bank.
Hadezhnee not happen.
That means we need as soon as possible contact with it... "Batya-tillage. "
I think so too, but it is not easy to get.
He will in retirement. Now living in the tropics.
Odna trip will fly in a round sum.
Ho, if he agrees, this is trivia.
Minute, twenty-seven.
A must run faster. While it does not matter.
On Sunday, do not catch up.
You know, Charles, hardly anyone in my years of going to that.
This is also a separate craft.
I will give you advice you forget about it and do not even remember.
Another two laps and quickly. Quick!
What is it you are so sunk in false money. What's happening?
And the fact that life in France became unbearable.
I know. The post-war period, I myself survived. Even the prison closed.
I do not know that you may be also affected.
I was told that you have everything in order that thrive in the underground.
Since then much water has flowed under the bridge.
Havernoe, seven years.
Then much has changed, I have covered.
Hichego be done. And from what I was?
17 rooms, the contents of which cost me a pretty penny.
Halogami crushed.
Hado its feet.
Hado, but funds are lacking.
If you need money I can help out. Something that I have.
While not necessary. I'm not for it to you arrived.
Ho mocks the cash, soon all will have to limit myself.
While this is still not reached.
Ho can soon be on the rocks, if you do not throw your stupid idea.
Ha counterfeit money you lose your health.
Thou stolkneshsya with sharks that you never dreamed of.
They have very sharp teeth and they will eat you alive.
Tak bear in mind that this, and remember that this undertaking could cost you your life.
You think?
I'm sure. There is almost no chance.
Help yourself, it is tasty. Takoy fish in France you will not find.
Ocharovatelnaya you servants.
I ask, to look for you.
Not necessary. I have nothing.
Do not despair.
Haydesh another way to get rich.
- Oh, believe me, old man. - Hardly.
Do you know how much I spent operations for 30 years?
- Havernoe, a dozen? - No.
Just five.
Four successful, but stumbled in the fifth.
Do not passed?
Not passed.
Although all the cards were in my hands.
Leon of Saint-Etienne masterfully I worked 100 guldenovuyu bill.
The paper then I brought back from Italy, and paint - from Switzerland.
70 000 I paid for the machine, bought in Leipzig
which was delivered in parts, transit through Italy and Portugal.
- Tak something here. - Hu and well.
And it's not all.
Over the last 8 hours I made two million guilders,
disassembled the machine, destroying the matrix and burnt all the scraps of paper, everything.
And what slipped?
- Tebya drew a client? - No.
- Spotted by cops? - No.
Togda do not know.
June 17, 1945.
Tebe this date nothing said?
Tak's. 17th June 1945 Royal Bank of Hiderlandov
announced the cancellation and retirement Treatment of 100 guldenovyh bills.
Thanks to Queen Wilhelmina, I will never forget her.
According to her grace I then bankrupt at 150 million.
How they qualified?
What right?
As part of the currency of the State All right, we - no.
Between us,
Suppose that I
there is an engraver,
paper, and I'm typing billion banknotes.
All this is hypothetical.
For example, in case we have five.
How come on everyone?
20 years in prison.
Profit shares and the terms plus.
You know, Charles, you do not go into these matters.
Be smarter. Sit in the plane - and forget about it.
Thanks to your mad undertaking, we met and drank together.
Maybe the last time.
At our age, when even God willing witnesses? Who knows?
Once you say so, I confess, I did not come to you for advice,
and for help.
Thou art altogether sdurel. Forgot something?
First of all, I have always worked alone, and you know it.
Secondly, I have enough money hundred years.
Tem more that I live modestly. Trachu little.
- And your horse? - Horses? I'm money on them doing.
So I am not looking for any work.
Do not I need a dollar, or pounds sterling.
- Even the pounds? - Even lbs.
Tell me this is your idea, in what currency?
- Do not want to talk? - Not really.
Not to get hurt.
It is about guilders.
Caracas police notify Paris Police Prefecture, which
Flight 615 to crash you Ferdinand Marichal, nicknamed "the godfather".
Landed flight number 96 "Air France" from Lisbon.
A few minutes later make landing flight, "Air France"
from Montevideo and Caracas.
Parking lot number 4.
You have heard, the commissioner? This is ours.
- ONLY do not pull. - Ho He does not know what we are waiting for him.
For him, it's a surprise.
If it were not for him I would 15 years ago became Commissioner.
Heskolko like him, I took personally.
Tri weeks ago I took Mondaresa.
But the "godfather" - this is a rare specimen.
Would hear you, he is all talk.
Not every one of us given to him to compete.
We even inspire him.
The last time I met him Harvard port.
He will then come buy C├ęzanne.
How beautifully he talked a bather in a blue!
I sat for three days on his tail, when he went to Paris galleries.
After 2 months of the banks
already walked a fake $ 20 bill.
What is there in the blue bather.
Now everything is different.
Flight landed, "Air France" from Montevideo and Caracas.
There he is.
Remy. Thou art to me a grudge?
Heuzheli is that you? I saw that you had not changed.
Thou art too. Thank you for coming. Apart from me you do not meet anyone?
- No. - So, I do not need a car.
I'm going with you, would you mind?
- And you going? - As always, the hotel "Hapoleon. "
And your luggage?
I am just two days.
- All eight suitcases yours? - Yes, monsieur.
There is nothing that we should declare?
No, monsieur.
What is a good way. Ha is a tax and do not mind.
- It was built without you? - Yes.
How many years have you been here?
Havernoe already 15 years.
What you at this time we led?
Reconnect painting?
Hu, If you got a good picture Van Gogh at a reasonable price...
In principle, I do not come for this.
Togda why, if I may ask?
For stallions.
Thou art not know I am now engaged in horse breeding.
Oh, indeed.
Anglo-Arabian horses We do not run there.
More, they can not stand. Trava not the same. Perhaps because of the climate.
I'll try to Anglo-Norman.
They are normally I prefer, and more unpretentious.
What do you say to that?
Teper going to play in the fresh air. It's better than going through the galleries.
And you picked up nerve to remind I do this?
Then I almost flew with your Cezanne.
- The picture was a fake. - Sometimes.
By you is held not to be.
Thank you.
Ha racetrack.
Come on.
The horse is normal, but a little nervous.
Her mother was as if I'm not mistaken.
A nice horse.
This grandfather of all he can.
Teper, then you understand that?
I'm still not crazy. Where is he?
We no longer see it. Come on.
I'll call you about the groom horses.
And you send him for fifteen hundred concern.
Fifteen hundred?
- It's about my reputation. - Got it.
At the same time you will send a check to the hotel.
- Do you have money with them? - Yes, but what?
I want to buy flowers.
Thou art mad! Thou art my baluesh.
What beautiful.
- Hravyatsya? - Very.
ONLY you could come up with it.
Hadolgo come from?
In principle, no. I'll see how things go.
You come for a couple of weeks, and delayed for 20 years. Sometimes.
He does not change: all the jokes.
Live as you want, and be at home.
Thank you.
You admire? Great artists I not yet, but all to come.
Root been good.
If I were at home, like you said, I would have removed from here.
What I was saying. It is better to hang with windows, do you think?
Better in the closet.
O no accounting for tastes. Tvoya villa in the tropics
and French traditions - things are different.
Tebe be here again acclimate.
Now I'll show you your apartments. Come with us!
ONLY put the flowers in the vase and go.
We call it a bedroom of Louis fourteenth, she is gorgeous.
Odna beds cost as much, how much a decent car.
Takuyu except Fontainebleau, anywhere do not see.
You bet.
This bedroom all enthralled. Tak it?
During the motor show on it queues.
Teper you, godfather, the master here.
All our rooms are vacant.
Do not despair, soon will be taken back, but he does not believe. Very sad.
Godfather of rights. After all, you have a specialist though not in this respect.
When they withdraw this ban, will be too late.
Takie institutions include not just.
Is a science!
A real experts in this matter almost gone.
Hichego to be done, the time change.
In the meantime, ask your maid I prepare a bath.
I asked her to make out your stuff, but she did not. Georgette!
- Ida-go! - The upshot was that I was her vent.
And how do you deal with your servants?
I have them working for the grub, and taught French.
You called me?
Here, baby, and prepare me a bath. Tam in the bag is necessary.
Ho, first go to the newspapers.
- For what? - "Hippodrome messenger"?
Buy me, "Industrial progress, " "Hunter", "New York Herald Tribune. "
- What? - "New-York herald Tribune"
I realized now I'll go.
Brought to you 5 kilos of coffee with my plantation.
Thou baluesh us. Flowers, coffee - what is all this?
Then, to clarify the brains your husband.
- Matthias. - What is it?
It seems, on the contrary, they re-opened a brothel.
Thou art just look at this girl.
Debauchery now on the street. Previously, this was not.
- Hello, Eric M. . - Hi, Georgette.
I will report you.
- Eric? - It's me. He will already here?
We came together.
Ho can be seen only a couple of days.
And what is he doing?
He will work.
Hello, "New-York herald Tribune?"
Do you speak French?
Very good. I need the department board.
Mademoiselle, I want to advertise in your newspaper.
Tekst this:
"After a long absence in Europe,
changing Dutch tulips
in beautiful modern prints.
Proposals sent at the newspaper.
Yes. Say that once more please.
Thank you.
Publish this ad during the week.
Account to send a name
Charles Lepikara,
Verdu street, house 14.
Thank you, mademoiselle.
Charles! Leah!
What do you want?
What kind of poison has brought me Your maid? What is it?
I brought you a choice of coffee, and I bring lap, damn you's sake!
Do not yell, I quarrel you another.
Bad coffee - buy another guilty of maid - chase.
This is not charity!
Tender you my friend.
Charles, you said to your friends on my terms?
- Eric Mason. - Very glad to meet you.
So do I. All welcome. Hu What?
I said everything. ONLY...
They are normally see that you are somewhat too far.
Not too much is 50% for one?
Let's agree once and for all.
I'm not used to participate in charity events.
Agree to my demands, or not - as you will.
Ho, if you agree my share is not subject to revision.
This is my principle.
At noon there is a good flight. Its I pack a suitcase for 10 minutes.
Maitre Lucas is not about that.
About the same time, or not, I do not like to haggle.
Tak you agree?
Bravo. However, arguing about money gentlemen do not ceases.
You see, gentlemen, things are going, could not be better.
I take the manufacture and sale of
100 guldenovyh banknotes
to $ 1 billion old francs because now you have a new francs.
You forgive me, but why only $ 1 billion?
Billion, because I have Buyer 1 billion, instead of 2.
I'm not used to walk and offer. I have never traded under the table.
Let's move on to technical issues.
Place for the machine you find?
The safest place - it's here.
We put the machine in the basement.
Place there.
Maybe on the sidewalk?
Thou heard the sound of typographical machine? Takoe hide easily.
After two hours cops come running to you.
Counterfeit money, ladies and gentlemen, printed without the noise.
That's it.
Ho is the place where such a fuss - normal phenomenon. This printing house.
Of course.
Hence, we need to buy printer.
It will cost a lot of money.
Hevazhno. Then sell it to small losses. All of this overhead.
Valid. Togda which one of us, do you think it will? Who?
The young and energetic. You have to take the case.
I've already picked up the 5. 6 versions. There.
Go and see.
Make me a detailed inventory inventory with brand
year of release. Detail.
Cooked itself.
Hadeyus, you'll like.
- Sugars two? - Shout.
Hu well...
Tell me, how much you willing to pay for printing?
What are asked minus ten percent.
We are serious people.
And what will make a simpleton?
What better patsy?
My engraver.
Engraver needed if when we have a printing press.
Hu, as you coffee?
Do not talk about it, and then quarrel.
There is a chamber 13-18 and 18-24 with the Japanese lens is the chassis model.
Yes, but I need a camera 50-60 with a German lens.
I understand you.
That's catalog.
Thank you.
- Good day, monsieur. - Mlle.
Madam, to you the buyer.
I am going.
I see, Monsieur interested Our spring collection.
We weight pretty things: For example, the feathers of an ostrich.
Unfortunately, much has already sold out for chic weddings
but some of the rare gizmos we have left.
Bouquets of violets and nasturtiums in great demand.
Besides us, no one here such does not.
- Until tomorrow, Lucien. - Good-bye, madam.
That's really not expecting anyone.
You see, my dear, I'm back.
I'm glad to see you many years have passed.
Good as before. A guy you immortal.
And what beauty before spinning around you.
- It's been a long time. - Togda went.
Let's walk up to me, there is more comfortable.
Continue to bargain flowers.
Odno ruin.
Sell, I sell,
only do they now no one.
- Do you remember my little fairies? - How could I forget.
They are not much was needed.
Ha lunch - fruit, for dinner - a slice of cheese.
That's it.
Teper they need a car refrigerator, and more.
Teper my violets are on a par with orchids.
Odno ruin.
- As before you drink "Malikas"? - It's an ancient drink.
- During the meeting, Ferdinand. - For you.
Are you all right?
You know, at my age many do not.
Someone told me that you live in America.
In my opinion, this is Fredo's lawyer.
Yes, I fly to the sun his rheumatism.
By the way, what's up with that lawyer.
He was found dead in the Vincennes forest with three bullets in the abdomen.
A jeweler you have not seen?
- What the jeweler? - Francis in the street for Godot.
Died your jeweler. Rather, his last year was killed in Hamburg.
They say that during disassembly.
Want to see my records?
My secular book. I keep everything.
However, only those who have been here and drink, as we are with you.
This did not remember?
It's "skier. "
He probably already 100 years. Long about it had heard nothing.
And no wonder. His fished from the river, with a bullet in his head.
Another demolition.
And his wife, the beautiful Juliet where to go to the monastery?
Hu you.
Mourned for three months, and then married stockbroker.
You see, everything is finished.
Tell me, is not the son, "wool"?
He too was buried a year ago.
Reconnect disassembly?
- Cirrhosis of the liver. - There you are.
How insignificant a human life.
But I came nor to the dead to visit.
Of course.
Togda why?
For the paper.
I know you will say:
"These days, nobody writes, everyone is talking on the phone. "
I need a few packs special paper
90-gram, 44 to 56, or 50 to 65.
Do not know that there are now on sale but if you so need to find out.
At your age you should not bore yourself the legwork.
I want to ask you Mondaresa paper.
Rostral he no longer needed.
Why do you keep it without any benefit to your hangar?
In my hangar steel door.
Any door can be opened.
It would wish.
So, you continue to work Mondaresa.
I have 5 packs of 44 to 56. 200 000 in cash.
For that price, let it alone myself, maybe useful.
- Do not be mad at me. - Togda shut up and listen to me.
Now this paper is useless.
I give you for it 100 000 an old friend.
Thou art really has not changed. Fierce as ever.
Maybe worse.
If you agree, where she with you? In Joinville?
I will send their man.
How do I get it?
A beautiful brunette with a mustache and stupid mug.
Takih complete.
This rare specimen.
If stupidity could be measure, it would be a standard.
Okay, not to bore my old bones, I know the road.
He will not know himself what he wants. I am the eleventh candidate.
They are normally all idiots.
Well, face it.
You are on the property, or simply wrong.
Your name is Robert Mido?
Yes, monsieur.
Do you have that pain in one place? You often change jobs.
You know, monsieur, come to you I forced my wife,
but if you need my explanation or proof of vaccinations, then...
No, no, do not get so nervous, I just wanted to talk to you.
Tem more that your documents in order.
Understand, I'm starting this business, as they say, from scratch.
I need not just an employee,
but rather - the employee.
What do you think can handle?
I think so.
Togda offer you three probationary period.
I agree.
- Take a look at the equipment? - Come on.
Hachinayte, I'll post your colleague and I will.
Sorry, old chap, but the place already busy. Goodbye.
Good car?
Takih in France no more than 15 pieces.
And it's time to throw in a landfill.
Cutting Machine - the same direction.
And this is in order.
Odnako all depends the nature of the work.
The main thing - it's color. Ha is I have a solid customer.
Yes? I Togda you'll be useful. I will say without boasting,
what color I am an authority.
So, I'm with you are very lucky.
Lucky me soon.
Maybe. Half an hour later I must be an area of? ?Pereira.
If you are on the way, I can throw up.
- Do you know where I live? - No.
- It is there where you are going. - So today we have a good day.
I'll make one phone call and go.
Yeah, give it up. It's for you Eric.
So, gentlemen, if you believe your friend Eric, engraver in our hands.
Already. And then - we'll see.
Hu that, are you satisfied? Tronulos?
Your customer threw us a complex job for, but we will overcome.
- What is it? - Do not know what a stock.
- Why are you laughing? - Just like that.
If this decrease
and add a picture here of some historical figure with the figures
it will look like bills.
Wow. That's funny.
Close the window.
Gentlemen, this engraver golden hands.
He will Raphael, a real prodigy.
I can tell you that the beginning is great.
It's time to turn it to our faith.
I feel it in the native human for which I am ready for anything.
Where is this button?
- Reconnect the shirt is not buttoned! - Haden another shirt.
They are normally not all the ironing! Of the three shirts nothing to wear! What to do now?
- Now you sewed a button. - Anyway, I was late!
And the boss appreciates me and the customer wants learn what they think?
But if monsieur will be here, Eric?
- Hu, so what? - Like what?
Thou art like that!
He will think of me bad?
- What are you looking for? - His purse.
- What? - Blue bag, are you deaf?
My God! What is it!
Petrossian caviar is offered.
Let us make Georgette sandwiches.
Speaking of Georgette. Do you know why late your newspaper?
Because she first read it. Yesterday it spotted. Rostral read the article
"Crime has always turns against the perpetrator. "
- Do not be. - Can. Thou art going?
Tear it!
Do not want to do that.
Hado her to explain.
- What is it? - Hash agreement.
What Eric does not know Solange, and that she never in this house was not.
Tak must.
Keeping in the hands of a painter I have has saved him from talkative servants.
From a long tongue of your maid.
Thou art not yet know what he goes on machine. Limousine - that is necessary.
This is it. I'm not sure.
Let me embrace you, dear.
Give me your watch.
Chin Jacques Colo, forehead, Durer, I could not you make a mistake.
What's your name, child?
- Robert Mido. - I'll just call you Robert.
Yes, just Robert, as Raphael, Leonardo.
Wizard of you, my child prodigy.
- What is he got so carried away? - That he puts his voice.
And you, madam Mido, happy wife of the poet.
Your dress - a true masterpiece, Madame.
Just call me Solange.
As you have such ease.
Otmechu that such a lovely couple can be found only in Paris.
I want to acknowledge your punctuality. This is your home?
Rather, shelter, generously I give my friends.
Charles, my friend, our princess dying of thirst, Go to it.
This person irritates me neutralize it, you hear? Heytralizuy.
Whiskey, champagne, port.
- Scotch and soda. - Oreshki, black olives?
- Thank you. - From whiskey so delicious.
- And you, Robert? - I do not care.
I very rarely drink.
- Togda sip of port. - Good.
That's right do not drink.
I knew an engraver, which ruined the wine.
You would have I did not want to.
- You overestimate me. - H, on your nelly!
Note to underestimate the talent - open the way to mediocrity.
For artists.
Your health, monsieur.
This is a very old house wine.
Georgette, port.
You've already seen?
You will not have me a favor, expensive.
Anything you want.
My banker Monsieur Lucas misses alone make a company.
He will banker? I thought he was in business.
Bank for you is not it? You are charming.
- Of course, this is Ben? - Yes.
I once worked with him illustrations. It seemed to me
I caught his manner.
If you like it, There are young Moro.
Sorry, but I prefer Ben,
with his refined technique of engraving.
I see you're the big expert.
I studied for 4 years art prints of Etienne.
You have an academic education?
- Charles. - What?
Did you hear that nightingale sings this? He will fancy themselves are the owner.
Do not take it into his head.
We are like servants. Tomorrow we will be in the hallway, and the next day - on the street.
Tebe does not care. A lot of it allows.
Look how he would not have led us This engraver.
Do not make me laugh.
- Tak you a banker? How interesting. - Champagne?
- I'm Scottish. - From soda?
Of course.
Once you like Piranesi, to evaluate its performance,
you absolutely must go to Florence.
I was going to go.
And repeatedly. Tak's how life, doing that would be desirable.
You know, Robert, on his father's will tell you.
His life should be built so that there was no difficulty.
I told you, serve champagne in narrow glasses.
No, I narrow glasses.
And this?
I'll try to remember.
Hu that, Georgette, drunk? Teper Bring more champagne.
Yes, monsieur.
Hu and the public.
- Music! - What is music?
Tvoy friend asks music.
It reminds me of Bush.
- Excellent. - You are right.
O, how awful!
- You do not like music? - I love, but not this disgrace.
But we do digress, and I'll show you a funny little thing.
Hadeyus, you enjoy it.
- Do you dance? - Unfortunately, no.
- Shall we dance? - With pleasure.
Shall we dance?
This is my little shop.
I'm just an amateur, rather knowledgeable, but an amateur.
With your hands, I had it made!
Hu you, it is not yet known.
- Do you recognize your work? - Yes, of course.
Tak's. Since you are here, I want to ask you to help.
In addition to the text, I would like to add here small ornament
in black or brown.
That's possible.
And right here I would have added Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam.
Brushes Holbein.
You could do this?
I repeat
This can be a good sample.
This is useful for?
Thanks for the ride, otherwise we would have to take a taxi.
At this hour you will not find a taxi.
Until tomorrow.
- Antediluvian his rattletrap. - I see you drunk.
Tebe do not understand.
Otkryvaetsya this door or not?
Okay, okay, let.
Thou shall understand that I met Finally, the big man.
- Great! - Eric is very nice.
I'm not talking about it, I'm on the other.
O Monsieur Ferdinand. Here it is - a figure!
This Week ago you said this about Eric.
- Heuzheli? He will just have you, Eric? - Monsieur Mason, if you want.
- I want to deal with others. - Tishe.
Odno can tell you that Eric M. Mason he not hold a candle.
Come on.
Shut up.
- The home wake. - And I do not care at all!
Hedolgo left for me look at their filthy faces.
They are normally, I will stand standing at attention!
- Concierge. - Concierge? Hu and that. That's it!
Okay, go lie down.
I'll go for tehtalonom. Shout to handle?
And when I could not cope?
No, no old man.
The only way to puncture, do reprint,
to plow and did not know about.
I came to this thought at night.
The idea is excellent.
And it is well in relation to him?
Correct, correct...
And the fact that it takes 50% this, in your opinion, correct?
And while we had to run errands. Tak?
It's true.
Hechego ceremony with him.
Ho with the re-circulation of two gaps.
First, you need to find the paper.
Secondly, you need the consent of the engraver.
This dupe, I accept.
For the paper I am going in an hour, and instead five packs, I'll take ten.
It's easy.
If you do not pay 100 000 and 200.
- What your bank is closed? - No, but...
As you are all simple, 100 thousand - a lot of money.
Billion - too big you will tell me.
Talk to Charles, Let us add it.
Let the shell.
Prischuchim we now this plow and hard.
A beautiful brunette with a mustache and stupid mug.
Takih us a dime a dozen.
This rare specimen.
If stupidity could be measure, it would be a standard.
I wonder how you knew me at once?
They gave me your sketch. Oshibitsya I could not.
Could send me someone to help.
Porters, we are not here.
- Many have given. - Not at all.
I decided to take in twice as many to once again not to come.
I'm not mediate cases.
This is for you, son of cigarettes.
Professor Toshmann again on Saturday begins to lecture on navigation.
What size are your tulips?
- Large, Cherenkov radiation. - To what I want.
Tvoya price?
20% of rental value.
Togda 30.
Offered 40.
Togda I take only 1000 units.
I like it fits.
Here, please.
What number do you want for them?
Tomorrow will tell you.
Otlichno where to deliver?
As always, my home.
Relying on the spot.
Prepare your French franc?
Denominations of 10 thousand?
I would like to exchange more reliable. Dollars. In the hundred-bills.
- Robert, open to us. - What do you want?
He will that sdurel? It's my house!
- We want to see how things are going. - See nothing.
Have you heard? Hu and the audience!
O reprint you say to him?
Said, I offered him 10% and this nitwit demanded 15.
This will be a simpleton us blackmail.
I will not allow it.
He will be in my blood, spit.
Okay, but so far it all we want.
- Who else is there? - It's me.
Hu and the audience, ladies and gentlemen!
That's what saves us from the pangs of conscience, if we do they will be.
By the way, you are not we say how are things with paper?
The old woman put her. Hichego not work.
Ho, I have another option. Roma.
Wait a minute. His cousin working at the paper mill.
Who, a janitor?
Here, masks ready.
One hundred Dutch guilders.
Bravo, son! All in best form.
You can include machine.
Unfortunately, I have not yet received Room Series. They are normally to be tomorrow.
You can start tomorrow, but tomorrow Sunday.
Working on Sunday typography - is suspicious.
Do not forget that these beautiful Pictures can be our ticket
in places not so remote. Do you agree?
So, today is Saturday.
NAMA need to hide our 48 hours masks from prying eyes.
You can put them in a bank vault.
Safes crack. Are you not read the newspapers?
- You can have me. - No.
Thank you for your trust.
In you I have no doubt, but history learns differently.
Adam's ribs with Hachinaya to Hapoleona.
All great things are based on trust, without success.
- Do you have an envelope? - Why do you need?
We entrust this treasure to people who never lose nothing.
Namely, the service, which bears a simple name - e-mail.
I would not think of it.
Tak's. Opustim this envelope up to 4 hours in the mailbox, he quietly
will lie there until Sunday, On Monday morning
the recipient will get it already.
Otlichnaya idea, post!
Are you sure that we are no risk?
In addition to the strike.
Rely on honest people - it the only risk in these escapades.
This is too much!
Already on Sundays from them no rest.
I'm calling the police.
Tak strange! He will himself invited me to for lunch. I am coming, and it's not there.
Why did I just sent my husband in soccer?
He will stay for could.
He has no cases on Sundays.
Eric stubborn man, he just made.
Wait for it here Stay and dine with us.
My wife put on the table once the instrument.
Reconnect me kuharnichat, Georgette Sundays will not work.
- He came. - Good day, Monsieur Ferdinand.
- I am afraid that you'll be late. - Should not have feared.
You know, last time I rode on this when I was 12 years old
First Communion day.
I'm also just a kid on such a drive.
then had to swim at large ships and far between.
Ho these I have not forgotten. Otlichnaya opportunity to look at Paris.
Escaped without any problems?
Lucky: wife went to dinner at his mother.
Do not know if it is. It seemed to me that you are not complaining about Solange?
Let's go get something to eat better.
You have not answered me.
Do not want to spoil your appetite.
Teper's talk about our schedule.
Envelope delivered to you at 8 am.
Ha matrix you need 2 hours?
Preferably two and a half.
All right. Then the installation, adjustment - an hour.
At the very least.
And how much will go to print? According to my calculations 3 hours.
If everything goes smoothly.
I would just in case added another half hour.
Ha cutting two hours enough?
There will be no problems.
I'll try, we'll see.
Hu, and to remove and destroy matrix, wash machine
and burn cropping what you need?
One and a half hours minimum.
I thought that by five o'clock everything is finished.
Now that does not work, you probably know better.
Excuse me, monsieur.
You know what, son,
God gave you a golden arm.
Thou would work honestly. What you did.
Do not you think about other accidents should also think
and provide them with service they need.
Work overtime.
Thank you, monsieur.
- I think you will not regret that you left? - Of course not.
- Look who's there. - Havernoe, Eric.
If it is not him, then after the coffee
We could go for a walk.
- Ride in the Bois de Boulogne. How are you? - I'd rather go to the movies.
My wife, too, the Bois de Boulogne she does not like.
- Charles. - What happened? Thou me scared.
Came Lyapen and Mofen.
Welcome, gentlemen. What wind?
Weather great.
See sly opened? Thou art not keep his word?
- Thou incorrigible. - I do not understand, please explain.
That's why we came.
- The neighbors are complaining to you. - What?
They say you will again become to receive guests.
Day and night.
Even on Sundays.
You know, gentlemen, this is some misunderstanding.
Someone slandered me, I do not accept visitors.
- We are alone with his wife in a family. - And this?
Your eldest daughter?
This is my friend, we that can not be with friends for lunch?
You can, of course.
Turn to her. Documents are not - take away.
And we'll go upstairs.
You just chuff!
Hu, where are your papers?
You got the wrong address, Mr. Inspector.
Ha you complained.
That's my identity.
Besides, nothing you do not?
And what is it you do not like?
Issued by the prefecture of Paris. Are you not read?
Are you all clear. Tupost canceled.
- What? - You are free.
What kind of rudeness! I'm going to complain your superiors.
Where did you leave without finishing dessert?
I have offended.
Thou was right, we made a mistake. Brothel here is no longer smells.
- What are you looking for? - Do not know you were filming.
And what genre do you work? Rural idyll or naked girls?
Greek shepherds, or Spanish nun?
Heuzheli you think this is me can inspire? I am a solid person.
Who do you take me for? Yes I took up photography.
What can I do? Me deprived of work, so I entertain.
And many of you have fun?
- Five hundred and fifty, a smaller one not? - Keep the change.
How handy. Your house is not by chance den?
It is you talking about?
Whether you're there, they would have been more polite.
- Who are they? - Pointing Dogs.
Their house is full.
- Here we go. - Where?
Ha Montmartre.
I'm curious
taking into account that we have spent 100 thousand,
what is your paper?
Ha it can take a look?
Of course, why not?
Paper is fine.
In some places there are patches. Hado check it out.
Heuzheli you do not understand that is a disaster?
O what more paper you say? Without a godfather to us and the paper is not needed.
I do not believe that such a serious man
could abandon the operation and leave.
If so, it must be remember the one trip,
Solange which does not know.
He will come back, see.
Tuda, where they were cops, godfather never return.
Note to you, dear, that we are circulation can do without it.
That's only going to be difficult negotiations.
Maybe find a buyer yourself?
And if you do not find yourself go market trade bills?
I am very glad that all these foolishness has come to an end.
- How stupid? - Tem that you started with tillage.
Photography, Printing and everything else.
Thou art, I think, I do not understand?
Ha I do not expect, I will not wear you send to jail.
For this article, I will have to be three, not counting the plow,
who in France relatives left.
Transmission, lawyers, everything will be on me. That's why I'm very glad.
This is it.
Do not worry about cost.
They were of morality police. They have nothing to fear.
Godfather, I'll explain everything.
Hechego explain I do not want to know.
And where I am, does not concern you. Now, listen to me.
Work tomorrow, as scheduled. Ten-hour working day.
Give up dude.
Yes, sir, to plow.
Tomorrow at noon you uvezesh his "goat" for the city,
and will entertain her until five o'clock, that it does not interfere with us.
When and where to meet, will tell you, Charles.
We meet tomorrow ten to six in the evening,
Trokadero Square, the statue Marshal Foch.
I'll be on time, and wait does not intend to.
If all goes well, gentlemen, tomorrow we will all be rich.
In the meantime, sleep well.
Wait a second.
Suddenly you need? Something urgent, and we do not know where you are.
But I know that's enough.
- Monsieur Robert Mido? - Yes, that's me.
Sign here, please.
O, thank you. Au revoir, monsieur.
Closed registration.
Countess de Forpiner, came yesterday evening. Recommended treatment for sleep.
All right. But here?
This, too, did the night before. M. Marichal, a businessman.
- Hervnoe depletion. - Otlichno.
Mademoiselle, nervous exhaustion the appetite is not affected.
From pureed carrots Your compote I better not be.
We know better what do you need a diet.
During 3000 a day it should not be so!
- Probably. - Togda what's wrong?
- Thou art allowed me to order the caviar? - Today is your day, dear.
Whatever you want: caviar, lobster and everything else. And champagne.
Yes, monsieur.
Even yesterday, we're quarreling. That's what love is.
Of course.
Today I had a dream that we are rich.
And the two of us went across the ocean.
Yes? Good sleep.
But where this businessman?
He will leave.
And things took their own.
Dear master, it's time.
He will say, ten minutes, and the late.
With easy access, could not find a taxi.
Engraver sits between you, put the suitcase in front.
I you are dropped off at Gare d'Austerlitz. Tam I'll take a taxi.
Then I go to my customer.
At 8:00 I will bring you your share.
Teper not you sorry you came?
Come on.
I do not like what he there came up with?
A case where the suitcase?
It can not be! How dare he, this fraer!?
What is it?
Gentlemen, what is going on here?
- I think you've decided to throw me! - Thou art that, sdurel?
It is not yet sdurel, but if you decide I cheat you big no luck.
Otkuda did this is your paper? Otvechayte!
I am honest, godfather, we would make you a surprise.
Here's a surprise.
I wanted to obegorit?
Stocked with paper and persuaded Maltsev,
which struck down with our money. Teper not blame anyone.
He will own us all obegoril.
The Dutch government is me this time, sorry
but from fraera I did not save. And do not complain to anyone.
And you, dude, take me to have him. He does not go far could.
What are you currently allow! What are you looking for?
- Theft. - Tvoy husband dumped with our money.
- Tak mean today? - Yes, today.
I stayed with him all day.
He will pick up their stuff and threw his princess.
This is the only what it can not be reproached.
What I have had a reputation on five continents.
I came here for 7000 kilometers to a fraer
I so cheated! What to do now?
Do not know.
You only need one thing or the go trade this paper,
or wipe up her well-known place. Else you do not know.
Where are you?
Where are you?
No matter where, just not to see your faces.
He will left on my machine.
Tvoya car, your woman, your venture, get here!
Gentlemen, gentlemen, calm down.
Tell me, Eric, it was for paper
for which I put to you 100 000 in cash?
Sort it out yourself here, I wash my hands. That's it.
How much money you have in francs and in another currency?
25 000 old francs and $ 200.
Passenger check-in ends on flight 109, airline "Air France".
You are flying a four- Boeing 707 airliner.
First landing, our plane produce in Lisbon.
Flight time 2 hours speed of 900 kilometers per hour,
altitude of 12 thousand meters.
Please fasten your seat belts all, and not to smoke during the climb.
Sorry, Monsieur Ferdinand, with this legwork I did not get to wear a suit.
Do not worry, there are no costumes.
My tailor you think of something.
Needless to say, that the heroes of this criminal undertaking
next week will be arrested and punished
in accordance with Article 139 Criminal Code.
Ill acquired for future use is not. Jean de La Fontaine.