iPUNKed: 004. iPUNK.cz + Cágo (Tattoo Artist, NSOS), part 1

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Welcome to a special episode of iPUNKed.
It's a fourth one technically.
Today we're here with guests from iPUNK.cz,
people who stand behind iPUNKed.
Here's Vasek Janecek as for PR.
Hi mum, hi granny!
That was lame. This is the boss - Petr Janoch.
And this is Dwarf.
Also Flocek is here with us through Skype...
And today's special guest is Cago the tattoo artist, who will be tattooing Petr Janoch.
We're going to visit him in his shop
to see his work, to talk about music with him
because Cago is, by the way, also an active musician. Vasek, where does he play?
His main act is NSOS.
Přerov! (city of origin)
And my tattoo...
What's that dude?!
That's eighth symbol of a Stargate address?
This is the old iPUNK logo.
...he was bought a tattoo needle
and three weeks late, Cago inked me.
And what you're going to do now when we changed our logo?
Well, it's meant to be my personal tattoo, I don't really expose it.
...so I could tell myself, when I'm all senile: "The fuck is this?"
"Oh right, I used to do such lame shit, when I was young!"
Something like that.
Now we're about to look back at what we've already
achieved in the first three episodes of iPUNKed.
These guys know everything about what's behind the curtain.
I would like to ask you,
what was the most interesting experience? Some backstage stories?
A backstage story... When we were filming the first episode in Ostrava
with Set Your Goals...
...And some people asked us, why we left after finishing the interview
without even seeing them playing.
Why did we actually take all the way down there?
Well we just had to finish the episode in the first place.
But more importantly - after the interview, Set Your Goals jumped straight to stage
and did a sound-check, where they performed 7 or 8 full songs.
So we actually saw them. And on the top of that in a private gig without a crowd.
It was really fun and we were glad we could be there.
The sound-check can be heard during the interview.
It began while we were still doing the interview,
so even our viewers had the chance to enjoy it.
Especially the amazing drum part.
So the rooftop takes were also taken in Henny's backyard?
As you say.
Cool... Oh sorry, you wanted to add something?
Nah. I'm fine...
And your memories from filming iPUNKed so far?
I remember the plastic cup Cone brought to the interview with Sum 41 in Prague,
he had some drink in it, nothing unusual. But he left it there
and Vasek, the weirdo, took it, made a picture of it, tasted its content
and he still has it on his shelf. Crazy. Gross. Ew.
What the fuck is this shit?
I wanna to sell it on ebay.
Like Sum 41 wanted to collect autographs on Grammy awards and sell it.
You stole their idea, basically.
I made it even better, cause there could be an DNA sample
so someone can grow his own Cone at home.
You're so thinking ahead!
Dwarf, some of your interesting stories from shooting of iPUNKed?
Well, Sum 41 in general I guess.
When Steve enters the room, he has some real authority.
And his answers... When he was asked he either talked about something completely different
or he answered in a way no one else would.
My favorite joke? Probably the 'fucking Foo Fighters' one and
what Dave Grohl does with his Grammy awards.
And Flocek, your favorite moment from filming of iPUNKed?
My number one is the trip to Trutnov with Jesse. 'Our gay trip', as we named it...
And the funny part is that the interview was supposed to be a part of a festival
which turned out to be completely unorganized
and in the end we didn't need them at all to arrange our interview with Yellowcard.
Festival managers referred us to people who didn't know anything
so we had to arrange everything on our own anyway.
But those 8 hours on a Sunday evening, the travel took, was totally worth it.
You said you've enjoyed this record more than any other Billy Talent album.
The last record is really sharp
and to me, personally... - Shark, dude?
- very sharK but sharP as well.
I'd say it's more colorful than the previous ones.
And I already have few songs stuck in my head for a few days now.
I have to admit I'm singing the record all day long today.
That's true.
And it's getting really annoying.
Dwarf, am I looking at the right person with NOFX?
Well NOFX has been the same throughout the last 20 years
and their evolution has completely stopped sometimes around 2003.
However their focus on better production moved them from a drunken punk-rock
to a very well produced drunken punk-rock.
New Circa Survive record, August the 28th, Violent Waves.
Violent Waves?
I don't have much to talk about here.
- But Circa Survive are collaborating with Macbeth Footwear. - PR.
So check out their own signature model of Macbeth shoes. [Vašek is showing off his shoes]
Where should we do that? I don't know.
Let me guess... Slap.cz, they have pretty nice selection.
- I've heard about this one before. - They have the best selection.
You've bought something there recently, haven't you?
Yes, I've bought a pair of shoes in Slap.cz.
- Was it good? - Any refunds?
Bunch of assholes in there but overall, it's fine.
You handle customers like crap.
Anything to get these Macbeth.
How about you, Flocek?
About the Circa Survive... As you can see I'm the only one here
who's not wearing anything from Macbeth.
Jesse might seem to have nothing either
but I bet he has Macbeth trunks at least.
So put a little less lame clothes on next time, please.
I'm Cago, I am a tattoo artist and I play bass at NSOS.
I've also been a drummer in a band called Cookies for a while.
This is my little princess Daisy.
She's got some stuff going on.
As you can see, I like animals
that's why I became a vegetarian, eventually a vegan.
And now I'm shifting somewhere between these two.
We can discuss this further personally during some tattoo session.
I'd like to have it a bit thinner and some shadows in there.
I checked internet for these tattoos.
Most of the tattoos are the same as the original,
I'd like to do it a little bit differently.
It's up to you and your creativity.
We'll do some shadows and lines and we'll follow
the request to keep it black and white only.
Light grey is going to be there and that would be enough I guess.
Sounds great, I like it.
I'm in tattooing business for about 4 years now.
I've been an amateur tattooer for about 12 years.
It was a coincidence that brought me into tattooing.
Mira, NSOS drummer, bought me a tattoo set
so that it would be cheaper than visiting a pro.
...and that's how it began. He already knew I was kinda into it.
I have my own shop in Prerov
but you can also catch me in Prague and soon I'll be available in Otrokovice too.
Most interesting people I have tattooed are people from Czech punk scene
that was a reason why I started doing it in the first place.
Look into the mirror if it's okay.
This is cool.
Nah, it's fine.
Just tell me if you wanna move it left or right or anything...
No, this is perfect.
Everyone's interesting in his own way. I could be a therapist
considering the things people share in this chair.
But apart from pornstars, one day in Prague few British guys came into
the shop while Last Train by Lostprophets was playing on my ipod.
And it turned out it was Lostprophets in person.
The wanted oldschool classics
like skulls, anchors or something like that.
There's never enough anchors you know.
People in the scene have a good taste for tattoos.
They follow this art and they know what looks good.
But amongst 'ordinary' people, if I put it this way, it sucks.
They see a movie like Fast and Furious and suddenly
my inbox is full of Rock's arm tattoo that they need on their shoulders.
Some Aztec insanities...
And this follows for next 6 months.
The band I tattoo the most now
is probably Blink 182.
But it depends, everyone has its own personal favorites
if we don't count Metallica and Iron Maiden logos
done for metal heads, then it differs.
Very individual.
Themes I prefer? This is a tough one.
I'm stopped dividing it into oldschool, newschool, colorful or black and white.
When there's some meaning for the customer,
I really enjoy the work then, because I know the person will cherish it for a long time.
If it's a part of the person and preferably a positive part, I'm fine.
But I love doing oldschool/newschool and comics.
However someone's mother once came in and she wanted totally crazy tattoo
but she told me her daughter who died drew it.
It was really a strong moment so I changed my point of view about that
and I don't say 'I'm not doing this' anymore but I
want to know more about what's behind the theme.
The meaning is pretty clear here - it's Blink 182 bunny which stands for
almost everything I've been doing for the last ten years.
And I hope it's something I'll still be doing.
The bunny isn't holding a carrot but a broccoli,
which is symbol of Macbeth and its approach to certain areas of life.
- It's made out of broccoli? - Yeah.
It's my favorite food and also a nice vegetable.
And the bunny stands on a dice, which stands for my wife.
My expectations are pretty high about Anberlin.
Same as it has been with every of their previous records.
I heard them for the first time in 2004, their record Blueprints and...whatever
So when the Vital is out, I have to hear it. [BLUEPRINTS FOR THE BLACK MARKET, YOU POSEUR]
I don't know many people who would hate Anberlin.
They might got a bit softer during their career,
so we'll see what they will be like this time. But
I'm not expecting something extremely different
considering the fact they're about to tour with Smashing Pumpkins.
They probably wouldn't tour with them if they were about to release a hard-core record.
Vasek, you're also a friend with Anberlin frontman?
Tell us something about him as a person!
If you see him doing interview, you could think he's self-contained.
We did an interview with Stephen last year and
I've never met as nice and kind person as he is.
The only thing I regret is that we weren't able to see Anberlin live at Rock For People.
But those 30 minutes we spent with him shooting the
interview was my personal highlight last year.
Sum 41 released a new music video. The first one since 2008 and With Me,
We intentionally didn't mention 'Baby, You Don't Wanna Know'
because that's just a montage of everyday life.
I don't take it as a regular music video as well as 'Screaming Bloody Murder'
because that one haven't even been released.
Has anyone seen it?
Cone saw it and Tom as well, definitely Deryck and Stevo who was a director...
I guess they were stoked about it.
Of course, that's why they haven't released it.
Tom Thacker is talking about it in our interview with him.
'Blood in My Eyes' is pretty unusual music video. [NOBODY ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT'S DWARF DOING]
It is unusual like all their recent activity
I'm applauding them with everything I can because what they do is just fantastic
and the Grammy nomination speaks for itself.
The video is again something completely different.
It's playtime is 7 or 8 minutes, it's recorded on filmstock.
It's not meant to be mainstream.
It's not mainstream at all.
Yeah, Exactly.
Avril Lavigne's engaged to Chad Kroeger.
Where's Filip?
In the reverse show here on the beach we sit on.
Oh, I see.
He's surfing!
- Flocek? - He's practicing for the new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
because it's going out with the stupid board pad again.
What kind of a suspiciously fast bird was that? And where's Flocek hiding?
Did Janoch leave the Cago's shop alive?
Didn't the curious artist ink 'death' into his body?
Or is Janoch the one who's a murderer after he found out there's 'deaf ' on his forehead?
All will be revealed in the second part of iPUNKed 004!