Ramsey, others cut ribbon on new Shelby Campus building

Uploaded by univoflouisville on 28.06.2012

We’re very proud of this building as a first step in a process
of developing the Shelby Campus, uh, but it’s just step one.
Now we’re ready to move on to step two in the look, uh, additional developments.
Our goal at the University of Louisville is to
take this wonderful piece of property that has been underutilized
and to make it a fully performing asset that’s generating a cash flow back
to the University of Louisville to support our teaching and research commission.
If we can do that we will be a winner and if the University of Louisville is a winner
then our community will benefit, and the people of our state will benefit
and we’ll be able to create new jobs and new opportunities,
that help improve the quality of life and economic
opportunity for the people of our community.
(OK, one, two, three)