Monster high- Mariage Draculaura

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Hi everyone !
Today we present you a very special video, you imagine a few years later,
Clawdeen has a fashion company,
Holt has more success than David Guetta, and twin sisters and toralei are in rock band.
But today is very special day !
Clawd and Draculaura they married today
and guests have their best clothes and they will present you...
Abbey has little pink dress with lace in the neckline
Cupid Why is she here? Because it monitors Draculaura and Clawd wedding,
attention is important !
This skirt and top are black white and pink
with flowers
and two ribbons intersect with a pearl heart-shaped.
This little dress 50's whose colors are orange, red and black.
with a rubban in the top and lace in the bottom
there are scratches.
Cleo has a great black and blue dress,
with blue glitter in the bottom
and blue feathers in the top and the bottom.
Operetta has long yellow dress

with yellow glitters and yellow pearls

With a white collar with a red bow.
This dress 80's ( but it's 60's) it is orange and black
lace is the neckline and sleeves.
This blue, black ans white dress

with a rubban on the top

and black roses
with two black rubbans .
Holt ,
with his brown pants,
his blue ans white jacket ans his tee-shirt is gray and yellow

It has a large pea dress with epaulettes with three pink pearls above

ans we have a black lace in the bottom
and svilver rubban.
( I'm sorry but this passage it's very difficult to translate ...)
She has a little pink skirt,
With a lace in the bottom
her top and fushia with lace on top
with little hat with a feather orange and purple beads shaped flowers on it.

her sister,
it has a tulle skirt.
With yellow rubban
and a khaki jacket with a small black ribbon and a silver in the ribbon down.

it has an orange and brown feather dress
and lace is the top of the dress.

this little blue sequined dress with black and green.
and gold pearls
Deuce is the witness of Clawd
He has a black pants and silver belt and black jacket
Clawdeen is witness of Draculaura, has a beautiful black dress
and the top is that of purple beads shaped flowers
and there are some flowers on the black skirt.
and the two married
with his funny black hat,
with black pants,

With black jacket
With white rose ans blue feather
white silk tie.
and striped jacket khaki.
Has great and beautiful white dress
And silver rubban in the top with tree white pearls
and the veil of the bride with white ruban

Thank you for watching
I present you Mr and Mrs Wolf
( music)
Long live the newlyweds !!!!

I hope that this video has over you.
Thank you for all the nice comments it's been fun.
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bye !!