Waterbed (The Dive of Your Dreams) [Brazil Prank]

Uploaded by EdsonMarquesOfficial on 02.12.2012

This is the new line of the water beds "Throw" (The Dive of Your Dreams)
Looking for beds? (Yeah) This is the right place
You guys have heard about the waterbed? Did you? but this is the better
This sale is only today First sit, just sit
This is the new collection (The Dive of Your Dreams)
(Really?) Yeah Beds of the line "Throw"
(Throw?) Yeah, Throw
Go, lay down both 1-2-3 go
(Aaaaah-aaaaah-aaaaah) Amazing
(Aaaaah) Amazing (Your wh*re, your sh*t)
Calm down (Are you crazy?)
Calm down, lady (Why did you do....? Are you crazy?)
Dive and feel the soft Look! it's wonderful
Aaaah, your b*tch Your son of a wh*re
Calm-calm down Calm down lady
Calm down, lady I'm working, I'm at lunch
Your idot, you brought me here on this sh*t What are you thinking?
I'm all wet (Calm down lady) What'll i talk to my boss?
I don't live close of here I wanna speak to the manager, for God sake
He's having lunch (Call police, catch my telephone)
The police are on holiday (Holiday, my ass)
Feel, feel the bed, throw, you'll love it After you tell me what you think
(Let's see) Go-go-go-go
What is this? Look what you did to my daughter, look here
But she fell too? (Help her, go) I help her, of course
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid (Look what you did, go-go, catch her)
Where's the f*ck manager? Where's he?
Calm down, I'll get a towel (Look at this)
First I gotta take her, did you like? (No, I didn't, look she's crying)
Don't cry, don't cry, calm-calm down (She's crying) Calm-calm down
Throw, real For you feel the energy of this bed
It's the dive of your dreams You'll love it, c'mom
But for real, you gotta feel your body Throw, throw, go yeahh
Son of a wh*re Are you kidding with me, aren't you?
Damn it (Boy, I told you that was a waterbed)
You do this with me, it's not funny (But it's water, this is water)
Water, my ass Look what you did with me
It's waterbed, the water is clean Where's the manager? (Calm down)
Feel free, go, don't be afraid Sit, you can sit,
Sit, put your ass And now throw yourself
Lay down and relax Lay-lay down
It's wonderfull, isn't it? Wonderfull
You... (What?) Get me out of here (I'll help you)
Calm down (Stupid) Didn't you like? (No, I didn't)
Look! I'm gonna help you, wait I'm gonna try, wait
Wait, come here Now come, come
(Son of a wh*re) People, she's drowning
She got stuck People
Wait, calm down I told you the dive of you dreams
(Get me out of here, idiot) I'm gonna try (Get me outta here)
I'll have to call the crane (I'm gonna catch you) Calm
When I get outta here I'm gonna hit you, your idiot
Son of a wh*re (You're nervous)
Son of a wh*re (I need to take you out)
Son of a wh*re I'm gonna kill you
People she's stuck