WHS Theatrical Dance Setup Tutorial

Uploaded by WHSTheatricalDance on 26.03.2012

welcome to theatrical dance
in this class you will be responsible for four things
we will refer to them as
the four C's
before we begin
you will first need your supplies
locate the giant red
dance bag, by the wall
in the WHS dance studio
click on it to bring up the menu
collect all three items from the dance bag
step one: rez the level one dance pack onto the ground
step two: right-click and open it
step three: select copy to inventory
step four: repeat steps one through three, this time instead, with the level two
dance pack
once all contents have been copied
on the boxes you rezzed. delete them.
In the level two dance pack,
you will see an object titled
Fleursoft Dance HUD
Rez that HUD onto the ground
and drag all of your dances into contents of this HUD
once all dances have been transferred
pick up your HUD, by right click and take
find it in your inventory, and wear it.
at the top of your HUD there are numbers one through ten
right after ten, there is an I and an A
Menus one through ten are for the purpose of carrying sequences. by default, there'll be
nothing listed there until you load a sequence
A is your administration menu where you can manage your HUD in several
ways like loading sequence notecards, customizing the size and look of your
HUD, managing dancer groups,
etc. I is your inventory menu. this is your most important menu
it is where you will find all of your dances. click I to activate the
click on any dance to play that dance, and click the stop button below to stop
we will not cover the Fleursoft HUD in complete detail in this tutorial however
you can visit www.fleursoft.com for a more, in-depth overview
of the HUD's capabilities and features
now that you can perform the basic functions of your HUD, we shall move
the video following this tutorial will be titled: The Four C's: C #1
It will cover the first task you will need to complete in order to be successful in
this course.