Xiuzhong Presents Robin Hood

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Yo, yo yo, check it out
Prince John and the Sheriff They was runnin' the show
Raisin' the taxes/'cause they needed the dough
A reign of terror took over the land
They were shakin' down the people
just to beat the band
- I said "Hey!" - Hey!
- I said "Hey!" - Hey!
- I said-- - Hey nonny nonny
and a "Ho Ho Ho!"
The people were unhappy Morale was low
They had no place to turn to There was nowhere to go
They needed a hero but no on could be found
Because Robin Hood was out of town
- I said "Hey!" - Hey!
- I said "Hey!" - Hey!
- I said - Hey nonny nonny
and a "Ho Ho Ho!"
He was put into the slammer by his Arab foe
And in a little while he would be no mo'
- I said "Hey!" - Hey!
- I said "Hey!" - Hey!
- I said - Hey nonny nonny
Hey nonny nonny Hey nonny nonny
and a "Woe Woe Woe!"
Check it out!
Good afternoon, folks.
Now, you’ve probably heard
a lot of stories about England.
Some romantic. Some exciting.
Some sad.
But this story is better than all the rest,
because this story is true.
A long time ago, in England, there was a great king.
We called him King Richard, the Lionhearted.
But King Richard joined the Crusades, and he and
England’s best men left to fight in faraway lands,
leaving the country in the hands of his greedy brother, Prince John.
Money money money! Beautiful money!
Listen to that sound, Henry! Listen to it! Listen!
Yes, Your Majesty, it is beautiful!
- No! It's mine! Don't touch it!
But it is not enough! Sheriff, raise the taxes!
More! I want more! Raise the taxes!
Well, you heard the Prince.
So he sent men, men like the evil Sheriff of Nottingham,
a man with no heart and no soul,
to tax the people of England.
Go there!
Girl, money!
Few nobility had the kindness or courage
to help the poor.
Maid Marian, cousin to King Richard
and native of Nottingham,
her lady-in-waiting, Lady Annabell,
and the good Friar Tuck were some of these few.
But even with their help, it wasn’t enough.
In towns like Nottingham, common people
had to become criminals, just to stay alive.
Some ran away to Sherwood Forest,
under the leadership of a man called Little John.
- No! Come on! - Look!
Let's go!
After them!
The poor were getting poorer,
Prince John and his men were getting richer,
and nobody was doing anything to stop it.
When Robin of Locksley returned home
after fighting in the Crusades,
England was badly in need of a hero.
Help! Please help! They’re going to kill me!
You're not playing by the rules, boy.
Yeah, people who don’t pay their taxes
don't get to ask for help.
You, stranger! If you know what’s good for you,
hand over the boy.
I am curious, what fearsome creature is this that it takes
four men to attack it? Are you a devil?
Let me see... Ah ha! A small child.
A truly dangerous animal.
I grow dangerously tired of your wit...Get the boy!
The man who touches that boy dies.
Well, stranger, remove your hood and tell us your name
before we kill you. Or, if you like,
we can make one up for you.
“Robin” is all you need to know.
Robin? Robin what? Robin of what?
Robin of the hood, apparently.
Kill him!
Help me Robin!
Robin of Locksley!
You were supposed to be dead in the crusades!
On your knees!
Please, Robin! No!
Now get off my land. And tell the Sheriff what happens
when he picks on those too small to fight back.
Oh, we’ll leave, and we will tell the Sheriff—but this isn’t
your land any more, boy. In fact, I think you’ll find
you won’t recognize anything.
Thank you sir. But, sir, he wasn’t lying.
Things are not the same here in Nottingham.
Tell me.
So the boy told Robin all about what had been
happening in Nottingham. How the poor were getting poorer
and poorer and being taxed until they had nothing left.
How Robin’s own home of Locksley Castle had been
taken by the Sheriff and Prince John. They talked
and talked, and soon they were walking through Sherwood Forest.
Stop! All who enter Sherwood Forest must pay the tax.
Tax? I will pay no tax. This is my family’s land.
Then you must be Robin of Locksley.
You can call me Robin…Hood. Robin Hood. Who are you?
They call me Little John.
Pleasure to meet you. Now, let me pass.
Sorry. Locksley or not, pay the tax or I'm afraid
I'm going to have to hurt you.
Oh? You and what army?
Oh. You will have to fight me for it.
I'd love to.
Wait, Uncle!
This man is your uncle?
Be careful, Uncle John. He fights like a devil.
He beat four of the Sheriff’s men.
Really? Let's see it then.
- Come on Little John! - Yeah! Come on!
- Come on! - You can do it!
- Come on John! - You can do it! Yeah!
Let's do it together! Join us! All together: "come on!"
- Come on! Get him! - Yeah! You can do it!
Look! Prince John!
Do you yield?
- Yes. - Good.
Well, I'll be. I'm sorry about the tax thing, Robin.
It's the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John.
They’ve taken our homes and everything we own.
We've nothing left.
I know. Listen!
The Sheriff and Prince John have taken from us
everything we own. They’d even take our lives
if they thought it would get them another gold coin.
But what have you done to stop him? Nothing.
We can't do nothing anymore. Now, we are going to start
- taking from him. - Yeah!
And how in the world are we gonna do that?
- We are going to tax him! - Yeah!
Robin Hood and Little John Walkin' through the forest
Laughin' back and forth At what the other has to say
Reminiscin', This and that Havin' such a good time
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally Golly, what a day
Never ever thinkin' there was danger in the water
They were drinkin', they just guzzled it down
Never dreamin' that a schemin' sheriff and his posse
Was a-watchin' them and gatherin' around
Robin Hood and Little John Runnin' through the forest
Jumpin' fences, dodgin' trees And tryin' to get away
Contemplatin' nothin' But escape and finally makin' it
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally Golly, what a day
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally Golly, what a day
Robin! We've got visitors!
Great! Men, you all know what to do.
Let's give them a proper welcome.
Places, everyone!
Come along, you brutes.
Let's not keep Prince John waiting any longer.
Like I want to spend any longer in this death trap.
Why couldn't we go around Sherwood Forest?
Be quiet! You all know as well as I do that the Prince John
wants this money as soon as possible.
But these woods are haunted!
It's true! My father once saw a ghost in here.
Rubbish! Those are just stories told to children.
Welcome, gentlemen!
Oh, it's just a peasant. Step aside, man, or be forced aside.
You are using my road, through my land. You must pay my tax.
Excuse me, but just who do you think you are,
demanding a tax from the tax collector?
Call me Robin Hood.
Robin Hood!
Shut up! Robin Hood or not, he is only one man.
Suffer the consequences? Hah! Who will make us pay, hm?
You and what army?
Well then, where were we?
Ah, you were about to pay the tax.
First, I'll take the keys, please.
There. We’ve paid your “tax”. Now let us go.
Well, not so fast, Sheriff. Now I'm going to tax you as hard as
you tax the people of Nottingham. Give me your clothes.
Excuse me?
I said, ‘give me your clothes.’ Or, I can take your life. Your choice.
Well, then, may I at least have some privacy?
Now, tell this to Prince John: You will stop taxing my people.
Until you do, no forest will be safe for you or your men.
Robin Hood and his Merry Men will protect the people.
- This way! - No, this way!
Well, as you can imagine,
the Sheriff had never been so embarrassed in his whole life.
I have never been so embarrassed in my whole life!
So he decided to offer a reward for the capture of Robin Hood.
Robin Hood? Has anyone seen Robin Hood?
100 kuai for information leading to the capture of Robin Hood!
- Robin Hood? - Have you seen Robin Hood?
100 kuai for information leading to the capture of Robin Hood!
Robin Hood? Anyone seen Robin Hood?
100 kuai for information leading to the capture of Robin Hood!
But that didn’t work out like he had hoped.
Boooo!! Booo!
200 kuai!
As you can see. Even with a price on his head,
Robin continued robbing the rich to feed the poor,
and a good thing he did! In his anger, the Sheriff
raised the taxes again. The poor peasants were starving,
Uh-oh. Here he comes, the Sheriff of Nottingham himself.
Well, well, well, look at that. Friar Tuck, out doing good.
Well, good morning, Friar Tuck.
Shh! For you, Owen, from Robin Hood.
Oh, thank heaven for Robin Hood!
It’s the Sheriff! Hurry. Hide it, quick!
Ready or not, here I come!
Greetings from your friendly neighborhood tax collector.
Oh, take it easy on me Sheriff. My leg is broken, you know,
so I—I’m way behind in my work, Sheriff.
I know, but Prince John says taxes should hurt.
Oh, please, Sheriff! Can’t you see he’s injured?
Come on, Owen, come sit down and rest.
Let me help you with that leg.
- Ow! Ow! - There we are!
- There we are! - Ow!
Oh! Money!
It hurts, doesn’t it?
Now see here you evil, cold-hearted—
Now, now, now. Save your complaints for someone who cares.
Good day, gentlemen.
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Simon!
Happy Birthday to you!
Well, well, well. That is a very pretty box.
It’s...it’s my birthday present...sir.
Is it? Well, why don’t you open it then?
- Wow! One whole kuai! - Why thank you.
Have you no heart? We worked hard to save that much for him!
Oh now, now, don’t be sad. Prince John wishes you
a happy birthday too. Now, if your Mother really loved you,
she’d tell us how to find Robin Hood.
Then you could have lots of money.
Money for the poor. Money for the poor.
Well, well, well. So far, it’s been a good day.
Keep an eye out for Robin Hood, kid,
and you might earn your present back! Goodbye!
What a dirty trick! You poor old man. Do come in.
Come in and rest.
Thank you, ma’am. Thank you. Now tell me, did my old ears hear
someone singing a birthday song?
Yes sir. But the Sheriff took my birthday present.
There, there. Be strong. Don’t let it get you down.
Wow! Robin Hood!
Happy Birthday, Simon. You’re, how old now? Ten?
Eleven. That means you’re almost grown.
And you’re old enough for this.
- Here. - Wow!
Practice with that, and you’ll soon be as good as I am.
Hmm...but there’s something missing...I know! There!
Oh, thank you! I’m going to try it out!
Simon told us you saved his life, and now you even saved
his birthday. How can we ever thank you?
- I wish I could do more. Here. - Oh, thanks!
And don't lose hope.
One day there’ll be happiness again in Nottingham. You will see.
Hold right there Sheriff! I’m Robin Hood!
Now gimme all your money and take off all your clothes! Ha!
Uh oh...Oh! Not there! Not the Sheriff’s castle!
Oh, what am I going to do?
I should go and get it, that’s what I’m going to do!
But the Sheriff’ll kill me!
And if Sheriff doesn’t kill me, Prince John will!
But I have to get it! Robin Hood gave it to me.
- Okay, okay, I’m going to do this. - Oh Annie, that's a good shot!
- Uh-oh! - Now it's your turn to serve, Marian!
Are you ready, Lady Annabell?
Ha ha! As your lady in waiting, I am waiting!
Oh, Annie, that was a good shot!
Not bad yourself.
- Where is it? - It must be here somewhere…
Oh, Annie, you look so silly. Oh look, there it is, behind you.
Well, hello. Where did you come from?
Please, please don’t tell the Sheriff. He’ll cut off my head!
Don’t be afraid. You’ve done nothing wrong.
Oh my, Lady Annabell, who does this young archer remind you of?
Oh my! The infamous Robin Hood!
That’s right. Only Robin Hood wears a hat like that.
I heard say you and Robin Hood are sweethearts.
Well…um…, you see, that was a long time ago, before he left
to fight in the crusades. He’s probably forgotten all about me.
Oh, not Robin Hood. If he knew you were here,
he’d attack the castle, fight the guards,
rescue you and take you to Sherwood Forest!
Now just a moment there, young man.
You’ve forgotten the Sheriff and Prince John.
- Prince John doesn’t scare me.\ - Ha ha ha!
I, Prince John, challenge you to a duel! Take that!
- And that! And that! And this! - Come on, Robin!
- Death to tyrants! - Oh!
- Ow! Ow! Ow! - Oh, save me, my hero! Save me!
Oh! Oh! Mercy, mercy! He got me! He got me! I’m dying!
Did I hurt you?
Nononono, this is the part where you take your lady
off to Sherwood Forest.
Come on, fair lady, let’s go! Sherwood Forest is this way!
Oh Robin! You saved me! You’re so brave and impetuous.
Now I will give you a kiss.
Yuck! Oh, my arrow!
Thank you lady, it was very nice to meet you,
but I have to go home now. So...oh, my bow! So, bye!
Ah, young love. Such a grand thing.
Oh Annie, do you think he knows I still love him?
Of course. Someday soon your uncle King Richard will have
an outlaw for an in-law.
Oh Annie, but when? When?
Patience, my dear, patience.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
But we’ve not seen each other in so long.
What if he has forgotten all about me?
Poppycock. Who could forget a beautiful girl like you?
Now let’s go inside.
Lady Annabell was right, of course. Robin could never
have forgotten the lovely Marian. But with the well-being
of the people of Nottingham resting in his hands,
he didn’t have the time to daydream.
Hey, lover boy. How's that grub comin'? Man, I'm starved. Rob?
- Robin? Hey ROBIN? - Hey! What? What did you say?
Aw, forget it. His mind's not on food. He’s thinkin' about
somebody with long eyelashes, and smellin' that sweet perfume.
Hey, whoa! That’s not perfume! It's boiling over!
You're burnin' the chow!
Sorry, boys. Guess I was thinking about Marian again.
I can't help it. I love her.
Look, why don't you stop moonin' and mopin' around?
- Just—Just marry the girl. - Yeah! Marry her!
Marry her? You don't just walk up to a girl,
hand her flowers and say: "Hey, remember me?
We were kids together. Will you marry me?” No.
Anyway, we have more important things to worry about.
- Yeah, like food! - Yeah! Food!
Like Prince John. It's time we teach him a lesson.
The Prince? Stealing from the Sheriff is one thing.
Stealing from the Prince…
That's some serious business, Robin
Listen. The Sheriff might be evil, but he is just a pawn.
All the money is going to Prince John. I think it’s time
he make a generous donation, don’t you agree?
- Yeah! - Taxes! Taxes! Beautiful, Lovely taxes! Ha ha!
Oh ho! Speak of the devil. Hear that boys?
- That’s the royal coach! - Places, everyone!
- You! Stop dawdling, hide! - But Robin, I was hoping...
Sorry, Arthur, but not even Prince John will believe
that ugly mug belongs to a woman. Go!
Taxes! Taxes! Money money money money! Beautiful money!
- Lovely taxes! - Sire, you have a real talent
for getting money from those peasants.
Yes! Robbing the poor to feed the rich.
An excellent idea, if I do say so myself.
Yes Sire! an excellent idea. And from such a regal,
dignified, sincere, noble person as yourself—
Don't overdo it, Henry.
- Yoo hoo! Fortune tellers! - Know your future! Lucky charms!
Come and see what your life will be!
Fortune tellers! How cool! Stop the coach!
- Sire, Sire, they may be bandits. - Don't be silly! Female bandits?
What next? Rubbish! You may kiss the royal hands.
- Oh, how kind! And generous. - Sire, Sire, did you see what they—
Shhh! Henry stop that! Be quiet!
Okay, okay, okay, please take a seat.
Take a seat. Now close your eyes and concentrate.
Close your eyes. Tight shut. No looking. Close your eyes.
Yoo hoo! From the mists of time, come here, spirits!
- Come here, we're waiting! - Okay, here we go!
Oh, Sire, look! Look!
- Amazing! Floating spirits! - Oh naughty, naughty!
You mustn't touch.
- Oh! He hit the royal hand! - He hit the royal hand!
- Shhh! - Shhh!
You’ll break the spell. Oh, Sire, look! A face appears!
- A crown is on his noble head… - Oh my, a crown! How exciting!
- His face is handsome! - Oh, handsome, yes!
- Regal! - Regal, regal!
- Majestic! - Majestic!
- Lovable! - Lovable! Yes!
- Cuddly! - Cuddly! That's me, clearly!
Oh...uh...I see your famous name will go down...down...
- ....down...in history, of course! - I knew it! You hear that?
You hear that Henry? Don't forget it Henry! Henry?
No! Henry! Guards! Go after them! No no no!
I knew it, I knew it! I just knew this would happen.
I told you, but you wouldn’t listen.
I'll kill you! It's your fault! I'll kill you!
How dare that scoundrel steal from me! Me! The insolence!
The insolence! How dare he fool you, then rob you blind,
and make you look sooooooooooooo ridiculous!
- He must be stopped! - Stopped!
- Crushed! - Crushed!
- Annihilated! - Annihilated?
- ANNIHILATED! - Annihilated! ...but how, Sire?
- Raise the taxes! - Raise the taxes, excellent plan.
Oh, hello, Sheriff. And what news do you bring?
Forgive me, Your Highness, for overhearing, but it won't do
any good, no matter how much you raise them.
Ha! And how might you know?
Because Sire, of the poor. He gives them what he takes.
And so they love him!
Wait a minute: Robin Hood steals money from me,
forcing me to hurt the people, and they love him for it?
Yes, Your Highness.
That's it then! No more mercy for prisoners or tax evaders.
Full beheadings! And cancel Christmas!
If I may, Your Highness, I have a better idea.
You, Sheriff, have an idea? Did you think this up all by yourself?
- My dear sniveling sycophant... - How dare you!
Please continue, my good Sheriff.
I know two things about this Robin Hood.
He believes himself to be the best archer in the land.
And the second?
He is in love, with Maid Marian.
Go on.
I say we hold an archery tournament.
Oh, what fun!
Where the prize is a kiss from his love, Maid Marian.
Oh, I see! Robin Hood won't be able to resist!
Now, hold on just one minute. How will we know
who Robin Hood is? He will obviously come disguised,
and as we've already discovered, his disguises are…convincing.
Well, that's quite obvious. Robin Hood will be the one
who gets second place.
- Second? Who'll be first? - Why, me, of course.
Oh, Sheriff, you flatter yourself.
But I must admit, this plan might work.
Excellent. Henry, take notes! Tell everyone that next week
Nottingham will have an archery tournament.
The winner will win a kiss from Maid Marian herself!
The plan has merit!
Sire, just, um, how do we, secure, this prize?
- Persuade her. - As you wish, Your Highness.
Oh, and Sheriff, one more thing.
Yes, Your Highness?
- Double the taxes. - As you wish, Your Highness.
Man, oh, man. Prince John sure made good on his threat,
and his helpless subjects paid dearly for his humiliation
believe me. Taxes, taxes, taxes. Why, he taxed the heart
and soul out of the poor people of Nottingham.
I don't think anyone is coming to church today.
You're right, Sam, but we must do what we can
to keep their hopes alive.
Yes, those poor people. Look, our poor box
- is like our church—empty. - Friar, we've saved this.
It's not much, but please take it for the poor.
Your last kuai? Aw, little sister, no one can give
more than that. Bless you both.
Oh, we were just saving it for a rainy day.
Well, it's rainin' now. Things can't get worse.
Good day, Friar. It looks like I dropped by just in time.
- What does that bully want? - Father, shh.
Hmm. Well, what have we got here?
Now, just a minute, Sheriff! Th-Th-That's the poor box!
I will take it for poor Prince John. Every little bit helps.
Oooh, you put that back!
You thievin' scoundrel! Collectin' taxes for that
arrogant, greedy, ruthless, no-good Prince John?
Friar, you're very preachy, and if you aren’t careful,
you will preach your neck right into a hangman's noose.
Get out of my church! Out! Out! Out! You want taxes?
I'll give you taxes!
Friar, you are under arrest for high treason to the crown.
Guards, take him away.
- Oh no! - Good day.
- Oh no... - Oh, there, there, honey.
Robin Hood won’t let anything happen to him.
Boy, that Sheriff really doesn't seem to have a heart.
- He's as evil as a snake, he's— - Hey! You there!
- What's your name? - My name?
- My name is Alan-a-Dale.
A-Dale, A-Dale, AH! Here you are. A-Dale, Alan.
It seems you haven’t paid, why, any taxes at all in over
two years. The penalty for tax evasion is immediate imprisonment
Now, wait just a minute. I'm quite an important person;
you're making a big mistake! I'm needed! The show must go on!
Oh, hello. Well, it seems that I'm in charge right now.
That is, unless there are any objections?
- I object! - Guards!
Any other objections? No? Good. Robin Hood!
I know you’re out there!
And I’m going to find you and make you pay!
Hey Robin! Robin? Hey lover-boy!
Leave off, will you? I’m not thinking of Marian this time.
No? Well, that’s too bad, because....Ta da!
Tomorrow, Prince John will hold an archery tournament.
All are invited. And the winner will receive a kiss
from Maid Marian herself!
Kiss to the winner! How cool! Come on, Johnny!
What are we waiting for?
Sorry you got your hopes up, lover boy, but this is the most
obvious trap ever. Prince John knows you can't resist
a challenge, and he knows that you love Maid Marian.
A kiss from Maid Marian!
Snap out of it! You can't go! It's a trap! Robin, listen.
As good as you are, even you can't take on Prince John
and all his men. And you can't ask the Merry Men
to risk their lives just so you can get a quick smooch!
No, you're right, I can't.
Help! Robin Hood! Little John!
Marian! What are you doing here? Come sit down.
Well, what happened?
I had to come tell you, as soon as I heard.
The Sheriff was collecting taxes, and took from
the Church's collection box.
It's the Friar! They've captured the friar, called him a traitor,
- and sentenced him to death! - Okay, just calm down
and let the lady tell her story.
Marian, Lady Annabell, do you know when
he is going to be executed?
Tomorrow, immediately after the archery contest.
Don't you see? Now, I have to compete in the archery contest.
Robin, no! It’s a trap! You know it’s a trap!
- Marian, I have to. - You'll be killed.
It's the only way we can draw enough attention away from
the Friar that we can free him.
Hmmm, I don't know, Robin...
Listen, at the moment I reveal myself, the Sheriff, Prince John,
and every guard will be focused on me.
At that moment, you can free the Friar!
And then?
Then...well....then we just have to fight our way out.
But Marian, you should go back before you are missed.
It is dangerous for you to be here.
Okay, boy. I told her the same. But would she listen? No!
She likes you, boy!
We’ll go. But Robin…be careful.
I couldn’t stand it if anything happened to you.
- I will, I promise. - Goodbye
- Goodbye - ‘We will just have to fight
- our way out’?! Hah! Simple? - She likes me...
ROBIN! What you're talking about is suicide!
Well, do you have a better way to free the Friar?
- No, but... - Then stop arguing.
Tomorrow is a jailbreak. Everyone get ready.
- Robin, this is crazy! - So crazy it might just work!
Open the gates and seize the day
Don't be afraid and don't delay
Nothing can break us No one can make us
Give our rights away Arise and seize the day
Now is the time to seize the day
Now is the time to seize the day
Send out the call and join the fray
Send out the call and join the fray
Wrongs will be righted If we're united
Let us seize the day
Friends of the friendless, seize the day
Friends of the friendless seize the day
Raise up the torch and light the way
Raise up the torch and light the way
Proud and defiant We'll slay the giant
Let us seize the day
Neighbor to neighbor Father to son
One for all and all for one
Open the gates and seize the day
Don't be afraid and don't delay
Nothing can break us No one can make us
Give our rights away
Neighbor to neighbor Father to son
One for all and all for one
- Oh, this will be a good day! - Boooo
Yes, Sire! Your plan to capture Robin Hood in public is genius!
That insolent thief! But today I will have revenge! Revenge!
- Yes, revenge! - Shh! Henry, not so loud!
Oh Annie, I’m so worried! What if they recognize him?
Shhh now dear, he’s a clever young man,
I’m sure he’ll figure things out.
- Robin, you look ridiculous. - Stop worrying!
This disguise would fool my mother.
Anyway, the boys are ready to release the Friar as soon
as you give the signal. Be careful, and good luck!
Luck! Ha! Who needs luck when you have skill?
- It's nice to meet you Sheriff - Yes, it is.
The Archery Tournament is about to begin! Archers,
take your places! First Archer, get ready...
Not bad, not bad!
Second Archer!
Oooh, that looked like it hurt! Carry on, carry on!
Sheriff, sir, whenever you are ready.
- Yes. - Booooo!
- A bull’s eye! Good show! - Yaaaay.
Last archer!
There he is! That old man is Robin Hood!
- Are you sure? - Aim!
He looks like Confucius! Well, we will see.
Like the Sheriff said, the one who gets second place
- must be Robin Hood! - Fire!
The old man gets first place! And that means…Guards!
Arrest that man! Congratulations, Robin Hood!
Even disguised as the Sheriff, we have found you!
Are you crazy? I am the Sheriff of Nottingham!
- Yes, and I am Robin Hood! - Robin Hood!
- I told you Sire! - Arrest him at once!
Everyone drop your weapons or the girl dies!
- Marian!
Seize him! Seize him!
Robin Hood, you have been caught. I sentence you
to sudden, instant, and even immediate death.
Oh no! Oh, please. Please spare his life.
Please, have mercy.
Dear emotional lady, why should I?
- Because I love him. - Ah, young love.
Unfortunately, traitors to the Crown must die!
Oh? But who is the real traitor to the crown, little brother?
It’s King Richard, back from the Crusades!
- King Richard! - No! It can't be!
- I'm in trouble. - John, you are no longer worthy
- to wear the Crown of England. - Have mercy on me, brother
It wasn’t my fault! I got some bad advice from the Sheriff.
- Noooooo! - Guards, take him and his
- and his friends away. Let them spend some time - Shut up!
living like they have forced the people of England to live.
Robin of Locksley, also known as Robin Hood.
News of your great acts have reached me even in Jerusalem.
England owes you and your men a great debt of gratitude.
From today, your rights and lands will be returned,
and you will rule Sherwood and Nottingham in my name.
Kneel, Robin of Loxley. And arise, Sir Robin of Loxley.
- Thank you, Sire. - I'm not done yet.
A hero like you should have a royal bride.
Marian, cousin dear, do you mind?
Not at all, Your Highness. In fact, I insist.
Is there anyone here who can perform a marriage?
Friar Tuck! We need you!
Everybody! We've got a Royal Wedding!
Here I am, here I am! A wedding, you say? Oh!
- Robin and Marion! Wonderful, wonderful! Are you ready? - Yes
- Okay then. Robin, do you? - I do
- Marian, do you? - I do
I now pronounce you husband and wife!
It seems like only yesterday You were just a child at play
Now you're all grown up inside of me
Oh, how fast those moments flee
Once we watched a lazy world go by
Now the days seem to fly
Life is brief, but when it's gone Love goes on and on
So there you have it, folks. The story of Robin Hood,
hero of England, savior of Nottingham.
And they all lived happily ever after.
Stage Crew: Nina, Diana, June, Eno, Felix
Student Producers: Caitlin, Cherry, Donne
Chorus Girls: Shirley Van, Kickey, Coco, Ivy, Kate
Chorus Boys: Joy, Star
Owen, Pastor, Pastor's Wife: Vera Cheng, Sindy, Emma
Father, Child, Mother Willow, Gloria, Kim
Guard Captain and Guards Neville, Gerald, Joe, Vickey
Merry Men Cole, Lois, May
Alan-a-Dale and Friar Tuck Vera Yu and Kobe
Maid Marian and Lady Annabell Aloe and Annabell
Sir Henry and Prince John David and Magic
Sheriff and Little John Ivan and Betty West
King Richard and Robin Hood Mr. He and Robbie
We'll always be together We'll always be together