Mega Mystery Band - Athens

Uploaded by megamysteryband on 24.03.2011

Take your picture, man! Come on!
Come on, let's go!
Hi, we're the MMB
I am Nick.
I am Demetris
My name is Antony.
Yeah, it's been three years we are together, you know.
MMB for life, man!
We created the group, now we know we've got a hit.
You heard it, right?
It's gonna kick.
And you'll be able to stop working at the restaurant then.
I'm so glad because it's going very well and I will stop working at the restaurant
We are very good at what we do.
He says that he's got the opportunity to do something big with the group.
Don't worry we're gonna stop doing weddings and stuff like that, you know.
It's gonna be great.
"On a train", the new hit.
We've got a free concert in a few days with 80,000 people
We know it's gonna change our lives. -Yeah.
We're gonna hit the big stadium.
Three years together man and now, look at us.
MMB revolution man.
You see that? It's over.
Take my mask, no more masks.
Did you hear it? "On a train"?
We're famous now, it's easy.