Jonathan Tiernan-Locke Interview - How Was JTL's 2012?

Uploaded by globalcyclingnetwork on 15.01.2013

Obviously you had a massively successful season, but are you able to pick just one moment which
stands out for you over the course of the year? For me personally the start of the year
at Haut Var just because it was uh, you know the Tour of the Mediterranean had some shortened
stages because of the weather and people have said well Haut Var was around the 200k mark
and I was properly marked down like attacked you know every one was following me so to
be able to win despite that was a real confidence boost and you know I love the parcours and
yeh that's just a great memory for me. It must have been a big change for you, you
know your name was written all over the road and you must have known a lot of the crowds
there. Yer I did and you know to have the leaders jersey that day uhm you know got it
the day before, that was amazing, you know just up over dartmoor, the roads that I've
trained on the last few years, yer that was great, that's something I won't forget either.
I came up to you on the last day and said you now well done and make sure you appreciate
it, did you take it all in on that last day, I mean it was only a short stage round to
Guildford but? I did a bit yer I mean it got a bit, you know the racing started near the
end but no it was really nice riding through, when we came through Guildford 100k's to go
and it was like the crowds were 4 or 5 deep, something like that and just a wall of sound
and that was, that was pretty incredible yeh sort of, I could, appreciate it then.
Did your heart skip a beat when those attacks started going on the last KOM then? Errr no,
yer I was up the front and you knew something was going to happen I was ready for it. World
championships obviously was a massive thing for you, talk us through the team meeting
you know I think it's the night before the race, what went on in that meeting? For me
it was a position never at that time expected myself to be in you know they took us through
the power point of what peoples roles were and it turned out you know I was sort of protected
and this was kind of what was expected of me, all with like no pressure but you know
so it was a bit, it was a bit strange you know seeing I'd have Cav and Brad doing the
early laps and Swifty and Stannard and that to look after me towards the end so, and when
the Tour de France champion and the current world champion put their hands up on that
sky bus to say yup we're going to put our energies behind Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, you
know what goes through your head when it's your first elite world championships. Yer
you just don't want to uhm, you don't want to let them down do you but because I'd just
come off the Tour of Britain with that success and you know I didn't let those guys down
and yer this was a higher level but just took the same approach you know just thought well
I'll just stick to the plan and see how far into the race I can get and as the laps went
down I was still there and the guys had done their job and you know had a, you know like
a whiteboard up on the side with a few instructions and yer just the main thing was to not let
people off you know that you kind of look up to like that, not let them down.