Renault Clio 2012 roadtest (English subtitled)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 08.10.2012

Maybe I like the back even more than the front. that front leaves no questions.
We all ready saw it one the Dezir concept and now on every new Renault.
But that rear, it looks like a coupe, butlook again and the roof remains level. Nice for headroom.
so a nice touch on those lines. the is the 4th generation Clio, who once succeeded the Renault 5.
That previous one was not as flashy as this car designwise. Withholding the RS of course.
On that point this car is clearly evolved over the last one.
This speakers seperate the low and high end sounds. And it does sound good for this segment.
And same as in the Pegueot 208: no cd-player anymore! Only jack, usb en bluethooth.
Of course we know the otherstuff from Paris,where we met the car. this one has more fun stuff.
Like this stuff on the wheel and air vents. Funny, but still just plastic. you can choose a lot.
the navi looks like the system in the Lodgy, I don't like it. the map doesn't handle easily.
The mulitmedia on the other hand works very well.
Okay, in the back, headroom very nice, legroom good enough. The Clio grew with 3 cm, you can notice that here.
And the luggage, of course now full with our stuff. More than 300 liters, very nice.
Only two engines available: a 0,9 Tce and a 1.5 dCi. Both with 90 PS.
This is the petrol one. A new 3 cilinder engine with turbo. And I like it.
if you wanna have fun, you have to drive it like a revin' engine, but you can drive comfortable on torque as well.
you must however always keep it above 2.500 rpm if you want something to happen.
And you drive to much on sound. And with a 3 cilinderen, you often make to many revs.
the twinair form Fiat has that problem even more. So pay attention or your fuel goes down fast.
So how does it drive. It reminds me of the 2nd generation. More fun, more compact.
Yes this car is bigger, but it doesn;t feel like it. And the steering is very light, but it is direct and you can feel what is going on.
So this car is fun on nice roads, but also easy to handle in the city. The Mini-effect. It feels small.
Wow, Mugello track. It looks great. Fun to see those guys training. And fun is also the word for the Clio.
It is so much more fun that the last one. Driving with a smile. It has more character.
Something Renault tries to achive for a while, it has never worked as well as now.
It is not the best in in it class if you consider finishing and quality, but it is more fun than most competitors.
At dealers very quick, the RS and Estate will come about six months. Time to go, I get the track in 15 minutes!
+ fun to drive, good new engine, + Lot of plastic inside, navigation not very easy.