Gran Turismo Veloce - European Tour Vlog - Episode 4

Uploaded by gtvelocevideos on 06.04.2012

Again on the road, heading Wien.
Austrian radio presents us...
..."I Ricchi e Poveri"! Hurray!
Italienisch Musik! Italienisch Musik!
We're looking for the pub where we will have our first gig tomorrow.
Our first impression of Wien is...
it's plenty of [very nice girls]!
Who says that food in Austria is terrible?
There's edginess in the air...
...because the cafe we're going to play in seemed a bit too posh.
We wonder how they'll react to our music.
And how they'll react to all this stuff! Yeah... all this stuff...
One, two, three... this goes on your shoulders. Right?
That one, we'll drag it. That one too. That's it.
With the instruments in our trolley cases...
...for our first international gig!
Let's go do some rock!