Stupid Game Show Answers - Don't Fear the Losers

Uploaded by stupidgsa on 26.10.2008

[SGSA theme music] think? Something people close.
[Audience laughs]
[Richard]: Name something London is famous for.
I'm thinking pasta.
[Audience laughs] [Family cheers]
And there's London pasta!
[Incorrect answer buzzer]
[Bob]: of the delicatessen closest to your house or apartment.
Closest place would be...Yama Shaba.
[Bob]: Pardon me?
[Audience laughs] [Male contestant]: Yama Shaba.
[Bob]: Yama...?
[Bob]: Sh...alright. Carolyn said it's, uh...Thrifty's.
[Female contestant]: That's not a delicatessen, that's a restaurant!
[Male contestant]: What?
[Female contestant]: A delicatessen is a drugstore.
[Everyone laughs]
[Audience laughter drowns out speech]
[Male contestant]: Woah...I don't know about you!
We asked 100 people to name something people have more than two of on their body.
[Buzzer] Eddy.
[Les]: More than two arms you've got, have you Eddy?
[Audience laughs]
[Ding] [Alex reads out the answer]
[Alex]: We go to Kevin.
And he came up with...Lady Godiva...
[Audience laughs] Woah. Wait a minute. [Laughs]
Wait a minute! [Laughs]
I am pope, Paul the Third...can't I satisfy my desire, Lady Godiva?
I...I'd give you yes just for the humor!
Name a kind of bear.
[Buzzer] Harmot.
Papa bear.
[Richard]: A papa bear!
[Audience laughs] Show me a papa bear!
[Incorrect answer buzzer]
[SGSA theme music]
You're doing good work.