Max Payne 2 Tutorial Part 1 : Animating in Milkshape 3D

Uploaded by WindowWrong on 24.01.2012

Okay, so hi guys and here's WindowWrong
Slayer_blood on moddb
so i'm the guy, who's creating mods and
talking about animations, you saw my animations
on you tube...
what could i achieve on max payne while modding.
Here, what I'm gonna do is a tutorial for
max payne
uh... max animation
and max payne creating maps you know
the first thing i'm gonna teach you is how to animate
i'm going to go quick because i don't have alot of time and
i did the video before
didn't recorded the sound !
anyway i have a bit mad now because i think to start
dictated it did
which we could like anyway
this is my first tutorial has uh... already said on the other videos that
it didn't recall the sailed
i said uh... this is my first report itself
if i do
to explain
if i A
do not explain really good
well you guys just
leave a comment below and
just asking me
uh... disaster
the thing that you did on the suit
so weak here you go
that what you need is windows xp
if you want to create maps and right-wing mike them u
due to the
downgrading from windows xp if you have the seven
what's dot u
you can only
well just watched the depart with animation
if you come on
if you can't uh...
if you're if you can delegate to speak well see later and then that you'll
start to feel good anyway
animation because
cuz you don't want to deformity computer and you want to use adelaide
through let's start with
here we are all my pics
we don't don't start
and the we gotta chis milkshake
uni unique half milkshake
and uh... marks paint to you
model if
multilateral installing computer
and if you want to do
uh... offset animations
just installed for yes max dot
at someone else that despite item havent
well habitat someone gave it to be a building instead
we gotta start with
to you know
here's that shaped the what the hell do i need to do
okay sir
i would explain you have milkshakes works
here under buffalo
here you have final it did
protects faces animate tools
we've got uh... first explained when two files to
is to create
ignou meshes
all tenacious open animation
and state where you want to save it
and uh... this
being marriage
claim this itne all the tutorial
because it's kind of
unita unique
animations works with at looks pretty anyway
so here
then you have export uh...
this option it's gonna be enters because it's
all the former and all the model
that we can't important trade so here
seeing the which is which is uh... the cotton and the model in uh...
i'll fly foreclosed like so sick is that the same source
quake q
quake three e blah blah blah blah blah blah but
what we want to have a with expected to be you guys always actually hal i have
delayed my animation
on milk shift age so
we have employed uh... what we gotta do
later we get a
we gonna point uh... nice thing to you selected and exeter
but and used to explain
now we going to
indie it it
better you see here and two
and do anduke
i don't think you know what is then you have redo
i think you know what it is
duplicate selection
well it is quick is whether
what you have mentioned
iguana duplicate the branches
just have to select all measures all the projects or all the face
and that you could
devil gets there selection and uh... no
that you use do control
control do you have something like that like windows actually
we're thank you
uh... then you have till its so true
do you think you know when his
then you have dot all
so you know what is
and you have sunk all's ok loan
uh... heights election
scotus like the selection and then
unit hide it
and then when you hide at selection or you have everything
it to be to back
so you gotta do and hide all
and refreshed refresh texture
prison when
euclid take uh... that chillier
or texture benches
but uh... uh... you modified the
than that and uh... d eight weeks order picture delude till you're like you know
you globetrotter shop and uh...
the uh... the jury is yellow and then the changes caller
you change a into radical
and that you've regret refreshed picture and then
on the problem
you're not going to see the richest yellow units yet red
i think you can understand that anyway
secure and then we go unfair tax vertex is uh... really really
difference uh... real difficult weapons easy to you
when you know how to use it
but we're not going to be in tears in that because
this is nodding
divert x are
for money models
which share isn't really into it for me because i did
we've had to do that how we're at it
another day anyways so
here yes not together flattened or badly from the left
anyway you all the things for the very best
but you can find all the tutorial for
that you have face is waged which is the same
but this is with the fat the faces of the face of or uh... a group of vertex
which is making that face you know
next if side
and hear is what i'm going to let you had to use that
you have operate automatic on
aesthetic join calmly
they have said ki friend delft ephraim complication ascii from removed all ke
greatest ol
and save the just keep well mrs
yes kisi is for uh... i a flight and uh...
off levitation etcetera
and then you have to all
tools ovitz was that you have aunt mildred for you
uh... feature people can explain with
then you have window
window it's uh... you poor country powell texture coated coordinate editor
this is the what you want to take shield
if you want put material tissue audio meshes
you have to use this
it's uh... call well
has admitted
texture coordinate tor well i think you know what his wealth
that you have children situated to blah blah blah have help
city helpful anyway
here is what what we got to do is uh...
this import discolored
uh... the model but i think
and uh... we could not tell wards areas
well we did
and uh... show you how to do
and shoot animation
which is the most he's and stuff
e need to do
it's a cages sometime that
let me show you work that's done
in the uh... in the past
here you go issues
i did and
and two forty nine shoot
the fluency
bcs before why i'm not going to do it and and
and two forty nine admissions here's the admission
all of this is not a animation
this week of course on them
but uh... push to play button so here you go
play button
mac shooting into friday night
as we wanted
this is going to find work that you want to teach the
let's back up with uh... milkshake with nothing
and we got to go to file has xd has a site import
boxing to cast to campus s_t_d_'s p dot blah blah blah blah
he'll go to that day
to death
which is uh...
the and compressed
all five on it that's a all that that space of blacks of the back simply
we gotta go on in
uh... skeleton
if you want to add a little
whether mother you go to put field
if you want to admit with max put
which is
which is uh... obviously uh... something
here if you have pose max payne pulls mail
it's causing
still it's a male
it's not gonna be for house
what we want his post mail inputs grasping
plus mayo is the uh... defaults skeleton home
andree they are a
and every people part you'd
and then you have this goes into the exp
which use
with we should with we watched within rd
with what do we whatever date
sorry i'd left english i_d_ talking on that i had to learn english but uh...
i'll learn french fries
an abstract so you know
uh... my pair dissimilarity week
uh... oppose mostly so here you go
you have who's not explained he his committee
and you want to worked divisions because you're not going to be almanac accusing
just uh... lube
you get a port
stewart the skin
the skin which uh...
so you got a fair skin of
this testified but the extradite uske d sorry
you've got it first data
gift to you
then the bill chavis is gonna ask you do want to boat
you want to also important to our scholars you gotta say yes because uh...
it's cold temperatures and exeter
that you have a port
inscribed s keity
because everyone does itself
uh... sir four
what's this going do happen
nothing happen
which of course
what it do
you know when you'd put only bashes
it's not uh... like uh... if you're moving uh...
if you're living a balloon
it's going to do that animation
if you love it
it's gotta be inside
with the mother
and the
it animation
it have achieved humbly org uh... movie
megan tally
what business changes
but he's the changes
i'm gonna
uh... do all pathetic
uh... but let's start again
and show you
what's happening
we'll show you what's happening
but you report
uh... p
well u
i don't think you can sanction
should have
that italy
so here one of the adam
problems of the art
is our building
without but
before it moves because we import eschaton
we choose which what
we didn't do
all this is make
it's facchini movie of shipment
now you know how to pray
you know how to do
so you know what does
executing five four
anyway but you always
gotta start with uh...
you've always you too
to put became first because if you put differs
as good as saying nothing
because there's no meshes and it's not uh... side with meshes kevin's nothing
considerations are best
don't forget cash to first get the sanski
so that we get important god
works without
uh... desert eagle
yeah bhule
after that he'll
we gonna do uh...
i'm gonna show your trick
normally you need to activate
with uh... with
the skeleton of the gun too
with uh...
the kids and garden
when you should come game you can't see this wide moving
that's that's the same pink but we've got to do that because we don't want
and uh... has its third person and we can't do that later
i prefer to do that
the trick is gonna assign
to the gunboat
it's much more easier
and uh...
has it's its virtual user is not good piecing
are signs
unique co
we've been chart stiff
dekha withheld
patna the gumbo is this
the speaker
this week
the cigarette
well this is a saying this is the government
this is it
we gotta aside
the gun measures
to them
dislike s_t_d_'s do i'd ask if you couldn't tell
let's do this
specific bashid
to gold
subtext keep watching i said about where
but i think that what was it
so here you go
a finger i think that uh...
at least
fits with
we get into
and trees
by purple would
that we're going to like the benches
and we can aside things with
what will happen
if i were taken
what's happening
or that uh... is moving old to any of that sane
if we have
begun what would move the widow with are
and that's what we what
that sweet wanted
happen because we want to go lou
can exeter well enough to think
that we can add me
seal the still a thing
we'd overtake everything
we had a deal
sort of thing
over that district will activity
be shorter two goats mobile
it could rotate
push for two eight pushed the button tate
be shorter
two proofs
the edit button here
down on the
left or
right corner
you can see at
re ready to admit betting that a good you going to go to charlie
and that
you see everything
you see every bill is everything that we want to edit it
leads to what kind of animation we gonna do
uh... faces
fifty cents a shit there's a legal
like can't
well let's do that
attorney so data
p heavy consultancy
c things because
just tricks clearly documented also animation
you have to vote every part of the skeleton
went uh... i didn't show you
new but
you need to let yourself it's better
because if i tell you everything
he will forget and it's fair to you too
to her let yourself
uh... all the park of this collection
doesn't act cardin everything
so that's different activity so
we've had uh...
we city
we have take
oscar all democrat
the issuer to have these
option activate
like or trade aren't subjected joint
you have this said acted
if you don't have disaffected
selected now
well akal explain but
there the with things because
it's got uh...
instead of
when you go seven ki friend
instead of sitting all the key from or all
all all the junk which is not we won't because instead of the uh... best that
we want to
to to put that did that
when you've bootstrap uh... buddy movie joint only the judge is going to be
but has we doing
the uh...
this ted oppose everything's gonna be here
gimme sector today
but he didn't move on admission scuffles liked
the votes
who are good
which he's
beacon and
wounds so
against her
the student
well eat duty
to like
uh... lead grumpy v
the william sorry website because of concentrate bathtub bach is on the
but you can see what come to the which is good
okay set now
uh... hopes on to get something
here you go
here's max payne holding the guard like a gangster
but this is that a donation because the card is not moving
and uh...
fire remember how
pics which
guns reflectance yet
yet always reflects a real reality if you're a fair to some not really
you do
if it also heat report this is not what we what we what a realistic one or if
you want to play with animation you want
something foreign uh... skeleton
well that's what everyone i want something realistic for me
here you go hears back straight holding the garden
religious shit
you don't have the right
about one two three friends
and uh... we've got uh...
the thing which is movie first so
for instance correctly i think
their heads moving first because uh...
answered because person to react
that you have
that you have dinner
you or
really just a little bit
he's got a full
all shit
european please contribute to it
we call it
using citizen teal
ewga discovered levine shot dead
street we weren't
kern there'd been a
technical yeah
treacherous their addicts who with a
with uh...
aggravation of mexican
i'd diesel-powered high-speed without doing t to to make the intervention
quite good
watch this
you know
looks a bit sheedy
it doesn't look shitty
at school
we go
ten percent oppose
lead to the ground
old dances you know
it looks like this
it's not really good
but you get the idea
look how does it work
you you have max while if you want to if you want to treat high just going to get
a select you've joint
going to do this gonna hide election
the maximize that you've seen three-d_
what's happening with the intention
pc fire
it's not the real good admission
it's moving
darken cryptic
a fake
for me to be to move just a bit
because uh...
it's he
good thing
what he shoots
for next didn't saluting means kisi two meter for diesel face
in slow motion
i'm doing it could get attention seems to show you how does makeshift works ed
here's the elevation
except of course but
you get the idea
ideally so i hope you guys do
like this tutorial
well into i'll give you the
back spring two
the extreme too
uh... baptist four years
the kid
loan tuesday sheets
you get the idea
i'm sure you
it works
it's got to get it done
so if you want to show you
do you want to c reworked uh... me
irritant disintegration fixing a bit
heartbeat to fix
some era
it's complete
this shitty stuff either expected range back sanjiv that you can only proves
what animation
but like you can't distract you can
different shades
so thanks for watching and see on the other total tutorial
how will watson
thanks for watching edna see you guys later
because uh...