Aleene's Silver Doilies Party Decor by Tiffany Windsor

Uploaded by Cool2Craft on 16.12.2012

Hi! I'm Tiffany Windsor. I would like to share with you some ideas for a sparkly
New Year's party using my Aleene's Original Tacky Glue.
What I love to do when I'm crafting for a party
is to pick all of my supplies
in one color.
So, for New Years, I have selected silver!
So I've gathered silver leaves, doilies, glitter balls
a silver cone
a mache box that I've spray painted silver,
silver glitter box and some scrapbook paper. So gather
all of your supplies.
Paper doilies are a great way to add decorative touches to many of your
craft surfaces.
This is a mache box that I spray painted silver
and it's really easy to cut out your paper doilies to the size that you want
and use your Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
to glue them down.
Remember when you are applying your glue that you don't need to over
glue. Don't apply too much glue. It just takes a dab here and there. A lot of
times I like to just put a small puddle of glue down onto a piece of wax paper
and use a toothpick or a wooden skewer to apply my glue.
don't be
over-applying your glue at this step... especially when you're working with paper
you just don't need that much glue.
If you have any spots that have a little bit too much glue, just use your finger
and spread out the glue so it's nice and smooth.
The Aleene's Original Tacky Glue does go on white but it dries clear
so if a little bit oozes out, that's not a problem.
So go ahead and just spread it out
lay your doily exactly where you want it and press it in place. Be sure you have enough
glue on the edges that you can fold that right over the edge of the box lid
and you have an instant beautiful
tabletop decoration.
Since I have some cones left over from my Christmas decorating,
I decided to go ahead and spray the cone with silver
and I have leftover pieces after cutting my doily apart
so I am going to
take the smaller pieces and glue them onto my cone.
You have just a moment to
shift it around just a little bit to get it exactly in the place that you want.
You would keep gluing these all around the top edge of the cone.
Now that we have all of our gluing complete let's take a look at how we can pull together our party table.
Start with a silver charger plate, a silver candle
a silver candle
and a hurricane,
just wrap your silver leaves
around the hurricane
light your candle and you have a beautiful table centerpiece.
Another great display piece is to start with a silver tray
take a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to fit. This adds more interest
to the design
you can add
doily pieces onto your take-out boxes or your glitter sticker letters
to personalize them for your guests. It's a great way
to send your guests home with a special thank you.
Fill your decorated box with silver tinsel
and add a few fun little embellishments
and you can also add your silver tinsel into your cone.
One final touch that I like is to take two clear plates
put a silver doily in between
and stack them up
and that makes a beautiful serving dish for you.
Put these all together and you're ready to throw a fabulous New Year's party!
The Aleene's Original Tacky Glue in the gold bottle is available at Michaels.
It's terrifically tacky and creatively cool.
Let's party!