How to Make a Pair of D-Ring and Chain Earrings

Uploaded by Beadaholique on 30.11.2012

Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make
this quick and easy chain earrings
using these great TierraCast findings
metal D rings
that have
five holes in the bottom. They also have another one that has a
slide at the bottom so it's an opening that's goes all the way across at the
bottom also
For these you can make
some really interesting different designs just by changing the finish of
your components and by changing the chains that you use
and they're
really fun and easy to make. I'm going to show you the basics and then
you can experiment from there
I'm using the really pretty
black oxidised finish
and I have these
posts with a loop that is also TierraCast that I love
You can also just put your hook on top of that
I like the way that this looks a lot
then I have some silver plated chain
some gun metal plated chain
and some czech glass bead chain which is
already all put together and it's a time saver and makes your work look
really intricate
all you need to do is attach an earring
if your using a post you need a jump ring, if your using a hook you can attach it to the
top of your D ring
and then just use jump rings to attach the chains to
the holes on the D ring
you could also
play with the length of your chain and with if you want it to go up in the
middle or down in the middle
up to one side you could have
them by mirrored images so that each earring
chains stepped up to one side
I have mine stepping up to the middle to make this little point like that
I've measured and cut my chain
to attach
the first earring that I made
that's pretty simple so I
didn't wanna show you that here and take too much time, just don't forget if you
do you do want to use this great
czech bead chain
you can just open the links on here to save your
links here but you don't have to cut one and throw it away
so all you're going to do
the chain to the D ring
using jump rings
and you want to go ahead and make sure at the end that all your jump rings are
the openings are facing to the back of the earring
you can just rotate them around
I'm using oval jump rings just to give it a little bit more of a low
along the front so it doesn't stick out
off the top as much. They're squished
the gun metal
matches the TierraCast black finish pretty well. It's just a little shinier
They look nice together
As you cant see it goes together very quickly
and if you think about
all the options you have in chain
and then we have these components in
have them in
brass or gold tone
and then we have the black ones
if you change up
which pieces that you use
it will look very different
That's all it takes to make that part of the earring
the pretty dangle
and then all you need to do is attach an earring hook. you've got to stop at the gaming
as I've been here take a post with a loop
then attach
that and I'm using the same oval jump rings
just put an earring back onto your post
and I'm using the gun metal plated ones for that
You can see it literally just takes a couple of minutes to make and they're such a
pretty eye catching earring