Minute Bucle

Uploaded by edwardmx on 13.12.2009

Ever since I lost my hair
my whole life has changed
everything happened so fast,
one day I woke up, and my pillow looked like a teddybear.
Yes, I remeber like it was yesterday everyday I used less and less shampoo.
people started calling me Sir and I was only 13 years old.
I tried everything, yes, peanut with pumpkin I remeber it vey clearly
I aslo tried raw eggs in my head, but none of them seemed to work,
I even tried cats hair transplantation, but dogs started chasing me.
Today I've come here to Doctor's Haces Caso Lab Facility
to try the newest technologicall advance from south Mongolia
Hello Doctor, ┬┐will you help me with my baldness?
Hi, I'm Dr. Haces Caso
You might remember me from such infomercials as "Granny Nanny's Ointment"
and "2 in 1 Enema's Lubricant"
Today I'm going to show you the effectiveness of Minute Bucle
Third generation formula developed in south Mongolia
tested by millions of balds around the world who yearned for their younger looks
Minute Bucle acts in the deep scalp regenerating hair follicles
How does it work? Let's have a test!
Spray aplication
A small massage is given using a third generation applicator
...and it starts working.
Thanks Dr. Haces Caso, now I have blond and ashy hair, just the way I wanted!
If you call in the next 20 minutes you won't have to pay the real price of:
fifty six thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine with ninety nine
you'll just pay:
forty nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine with ninety nine
Yes, you heard it!
You will save three times the real value.
and the first thirty calls will get the 10 FL OZ bottle
great for sideburns
and as a plus complement
you'll receive a mirror, hair brush and hair slide, so you can start enjoying
... your new life with Minute Bucle.