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Today we’ll talk about Celebrity Divorces!
Hollywood was stunned by the separation of David Arcquette and Courtney Cox
after nine years of a happy marriage and a baby girl.
Fortunately, the couple remained friends (rumors say that Courtney hasn’t even taken off the wedding ring yet!).
Another couple at loggerheads is Christina Aguilera and her husband and producer Jordan Berman.
The two got married in 2005 and had a child, Max, in 2008.
With the marriage falling apart and the new disk that can’t be really defined as a hit…
Well, we have to say it: Christina, what a rough patch!
Finally, the eccentric Charlie Sheen divorced for the third time.
In fact the separation from his wife Brooke Mueller was made public.
Yes, because the union could not really be defined idyllic: they got married in 2008,
the two were often in the news for pubic fights and in 2009,
Sheen was even arrested for violence against his wife.
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