Samsung 2012 best concepts

Uploaded by nomobile on 03.09.2012

Hi everybody! We had to get back to the Samsung booths.
To my mind, the company showed the most interesting specialties at IFA without announcing them officially and making presentations.
There are seven specialties and here you see two of them.

The first one is Ultrabook Samsung. Its main peculiarity is two displays.
The concept of this device copies the concept of Asus Taichi ultrabook presented at –°omputex. Asus made it the main –°omputex specialty.
And Samsung shows that they can use the same technology.
There wasn't any big official announce. Nevertheless, there are only two such devices -- made by Asus and Samsung.

This laptop belongs to Series 9 and has a very thin bottom and an aluminium body. The same ports as in Samsung Series 9 apart from a volume key. Windows 8.
It's interesting that Dell hasn't shown how Windows 8 worked and here you can see it.

The main difference from Series 9 is that the cover is very thick.
Compare the ordinary 9 which has a thin cover with this device.
There are some problems with balance, the cover is loose.
The ultrabook turns into a tablet, but autorotation works not that good. There is SD card slot and unremovable battery.
We know nothing about the laptop's characteristics, apart from the fact that there is a new Intel Core i7 processor inside,
4 GB RAM and discrete graphics.
It's unknown whether it is Gorilla Glass or not.
The second specialty is Samsung Series 9, one of the best ultrabooks in the world which is not exactly an ultrabook because of its high price.

The device is above all praise, well-assembled.

Another Series 9 model's peculiarity is the WQHD display with 2560 x 1440 resolution.

I'll try to open our web-site.
What the hell is that?
High resolution doesn't mean it's super-cool, the difference between displays is barely seen.
The Internet is slow here.
By the way, we have a new review -- Pocketbook Basic, the first video in Runet, you should watch it.
Another five specialties are concepts.
Some of them look really fantastic! I liked it the most. Looks cool. The main innovation here is how the display is fixed.
It's not a slider like Samsung Slade PC Series 5.
The device is called Samsung Pop Up. All ports are situated in the side panel: HDMI, display port and USB.
A volume key, Windows 8, headphones jack. Looks awesome.

This is Samsung Slide. I can't say anything certain, this is a dummy. It's quite thin, an ultrabook-transformer.
Display incline is regulated. The third concept is Samsung Binder.
The vendors continue to create different display positions. Here the display is inserted in the niche. It's written that it's quite a simple mechanism and it's easy to use the device in different variations, for example, you can use it as a tablet.
It's an interesting device. I wish I could test it.
Samsung Swivel is a childish ultrabook, an ultrabook for girls. It's also a transformer.
It has a protected mechanism.
It works as a laptop and a tablet. It's very thin. I can see only a headphone jack, ports are not seen from here. It's a Windows 8 gadget. We are to see all these concepts in October, at least those which will be approved by Samsung management.
The fifth device is Memo PC. A real Windows PC in a compact size. Ergonomic shape, balanced weight. S Pen is included. An interesting bottom shape.
It's thin on the right side and thick on the left, so it will be comfortable to hold it in the left hand. The battery is on the left.
There are different ports: microUSB, charging slot, micro SD slot, SIM card slot and a volume key. There is a front-facing camera and S Pen. A glossy screen, the dream of a fingerprint technician.
IFA 2012 is definitely the exhibition of Samsung devices. I liked a new Series 9 most, it's the logic successor of the previous models. The display is super-bright with high definition, and the device became even cooler. We'll see which of the concepts Samsung will release in October.