Sara and Lucas 46 (English Subbed)

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What's this?
The laboratory's alarm.
It's stuck! It won't open!
What the hell's happening?
Maybe this has something to do with...
with the Inspector's test tubes.
We might have released some type of virulent gas.
Call them again.
Ask for a biological emergencies contingency team.
We may have to evacuate the station.
Inspector, the door!
Your cell.
Your cell.
Inspector, get us out of here.
Please get us out of here now!
Calm down, Povedilla.
What's happening, Silvia?
Alright, listen carefully.
there's a silver spray in that closet.
Grab it, it's polyurethane.
Come on, let's go.
Silvia, what the hell's happening?
Why are we locked in?
Why are the doors locked?
You spilled a very dangerous virus.
That's why the alarms went off
and the laboratory's safety devices.
That's why.
What do I do with this?
Apply it around the edges of doors.
So they're well sealed and prevent anything from escaping.
Wait, what do you mean by sealed!? Are you going to leave us in here locked in?
With that bug floating around?
Of course, Inspector...
Wouldn't it be better if I went out to sealed it from out there?
seal the door.
what type of virus are we talking about?
It's a virus synthesized in a laboratory.
It's a mutation from a stock of smallpox.
Sm... smallpox?
I, I had that when I was young.
No, Povedilla.
What you had was chickenpox.
We're going to try to get you guys out of there.
But you're gonna have to follow my instructions.
Look, there are two small oxygen tanks behind the microscope.
Use them.
You have thirty minutes of oxygen.
cover the rest of the vile with the spray.
What‘s this?
What were my men doing?
That's not important.
They've come in contact with the virus and their lives are in danger.
Don Lorenzo, we have to organize a crisis management cabinet.
Call for the hermetic transport unit.
They must be treated in a better equipped area.
they won't be able to get out of there.
We have to go inside if we want to save them.
…and there's plastic everywhere!
And they have yet to come in!
Povedilla, even under water you wouldn't shut up!
They told us to keep our breathing under control!
So calm down, okay?
They're locking us in here like if it were a fucking coffin!
Hold on, Silvia.
Please don't tell Lola.
So she won't be worried. Okay, please?
Don't worry, Paco.
Listen carefully, Lucas' wound...
Has it come in direct contact with the virus at any moment?
Yes, Silvia, yes.
Don't say anything,
but if the liquid reaches his blood, he could get worse in a matter of minutes.
Keep a close eye on his pulse
and if it falls below forty, let me know immediately.
when are you coming in?
Very soon, Paco.
As soon as the sterilization area's done.
Thank you.
Deputy Inspector,
Deputy Inspector, breathe little by little.
Little by little.
We have to ration the air so we don't come out all bloated.
Get some from here.
You'll see how nice a little bit of enriched oxygen feels.
Come on.
Damn it!
Fuck, Povedilla, that thing's covered in spit!
Were you breathing out or something!? Don't overwhelm me, please!
I beg you, please.
Are you okay?
I'm fucking great.
What did Silvia tell you?
If we felt feverish,
or if we wanted to go to the bathroom...
Just to see how we were doing.
Did she say anything about the wound, Paco?
What the hell's going on?
Nothing's going on.
Are you gonna lie to me about this too, Paco?
What a son of a bitch, Paco.
I don't know you, Paco.
Hey, hey.
Relax, relax, Lucas!
Relax, Lucas, relax!
- Grab his feet! - Yes, yes.
- Grab his feet! - He's rigid, he's tense!
Relax, relax.
The oxygen!
Get the oxygen, Povedilla, damn it!
Yes, Dad?
Lola, come to the station, something's happened.
It's about Paco and Lucas.
What happened?
No, come here. Come down here and I'll tell you.
Yes, yes. We'll be right there.
Yes, yes, yes.
Child, come on.
We have to go down to the station.
Something's happening with your dad and Lucas.
- What happened, Mom? - Let's go, come on.
Inform Castresana.
Something's happening.
Povedilla, the phone!
Pick up the phone.
Who's this?
Oops, sorry.
- I'm nervous... - Don't worry about it, Jose Luis.
Get close to Lucas.
Look down his throat and describe what you see.
Deputy Inspector, open your mouth a bit.
Just a bit...
A bit more.
Fuck, it's completely red.
Inspector, it's completely red. You can barely see his uvula.
It's like if he had a piece of steak stuck in there.
He has edema of the glottis. His trachea's swollen and is unable to breathe.
We have to reduce the inflammation.
Antihistamine and corticosteroids intravenously.
But we wouldn't get there in time.
He needs a tracheotomy or else he will suffocate within seconds.
No, we have hydroxyzine in there.
- Jose Luis... - Yes?
Open the cabinet and pull out a blue bottle that says "Hydroxyzine" on it.
Injected intramuscularly will give us more time.
Grab a syringe.
Paco, you're gonna have to prick his arm.
Tear his shirt open so he can breathe.
Doctor, that will only cause his vessels to collapse even more.
He has an acute respiratory failure.
We have to open his trachea.
Jose Luis, hurry up.
Come on, Povedilla.
Inspector, a cotton swab soaked with alcohol.
Povedilla, it doesn't matter now. Prick, damn it!
Inspector, I think he's suffocating! He sounds like a flute!
He's dying, what do we do!?
Gentlemen, look for a scalpel.
Grab one of those pens on the table.
Take out the ink. Quickly!
Lower down the stretcher.
Tilt his head back.
Locate his Adam's apple.
Now, move down slowly
until you find a space in between two disks.
You have to make an incision.
Of about two centimeters, until you reach his airway.
What if I cut too much?
He would die either way.
Do it.
He's breathing.
He's breathing!
This is taking a very rapid effect on Lucas.
Our only option is to investigate if the laboratory that developed the virus
also developed the anti-virus.