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Come in.
Greetings, professor.
Come, Khanna. Come.
I've to go to college early.
Ok.. did you get any reply from Darjeeling?
Yes. I got a letter today.
What did they write? Will I get tutor's job?
I'm very sorry.
For that job they need an old professor..
..not a young one.
But what problem they've with my youth?
Read Sitadevi's letter. You'll understand.
She writes, I liked what you wrote about Mr. Khanna.
But you didn't write something that's important for us.
If Mr. Khanna is above 50..
..then send him as tutor.
But if he's not, don't send him.
Heard? She's eccentric.
I don't understand.
Now what should I do?
I've tried at many places for a job.
I couldn't get one.
This was my last hope, but..
I feel like tearing my MA degree.
Do you know.. to get angry 72 muscles are used.
But to smile, only 11 muscles.
So why waste energy?
Sit. I'll get tea for you.
No, professor. Thank you.
I'll go now.
I've not just taught you for 4 years..
..but I've considered you a dear one.
Look, don't be shy.
If you need money.. - Not at all.
It's enough for me that you consider me a dear one.
Bye, sir.
Brother Pritam.. mortgaged your pen and took money last time.
Now what have you brought?
I don't mind giving cash to you.
But there are rules to our business.
If you had job, I would've given you money.
But how can you return money when you've no job?
I'm not sure about it.
Forgive me..
..for the trouble. - Never mind.
Never mind.
How are you today?
Do you've fever?
No. I was sitting in front of the stove.
Tell me, did you go to him?
Your college friend..
..who owns 2-3 mills now.
Deepak. - Yes.
I went to him.
Did you.. - We talked a lot. Laughed a lot.
It means, he couldn't give you a job.
I want to be his friend..
..not his servant.
I went to professor too.
Oh yes.
He too wrote to someone for your job.
Did you get any answer?
They liked everything about me.
But not the fact that I'm young.
They want to hire only an old man.
Don't worry.
You'll get a job sooner or later.
Eat food.
Did you eat?
There was a function in the neighbourhood.
She gave sweets.
I was very hungry.
So I ate all.
Don't lie to me.
Won't you keep sweets for your son?
Come on, eat.
I said, I'm not hungry. - You eat it.
Mother, I'm already full.
Professor was very hospitable.
Sweets and snacks.
I ate everything.
Really? - Yes.
I don't believe you.
Mother, I'm not a liar like you.
I'm telling the truth. I'm full.
Sorry. Open your mouth.
What happened?
Mother.. what happened?
You've lied to me.
Mother.. you've fever.
Mother, what happened?
Pritam's mother.
Pritam's mother.
Pritam's mother.
Aunt.. - What happened?
Take care of mother, I'll get the doctor.
Professor. - Yes?
What is the matter?
You look very worried.
My mother is very ill.
She's unconscious. - Unconscious.
I don't have.. - Why didn't you tell me before?
Take this. And get a doctor.
How can I thank.. - Go and get a doctor first.
I wrote letter to Sitadevi. Read it and post it.
Go now. - Thank you.
I think your mother has tuberculosis.
No, doctor.
How can it be?
Please check again.
How can she get tuberculosis suddenly?
It's not suddenly..
..but she must've hidden her pain from you.
So the disease has been prolonged.
Save my mother.
I beg of you.
I've nobody except my mother.
Save her anyhow.
Don't worry.
She can be cured.
Send her to some good sanatorium.
How can I?
I'm jobless.
I'm very sorry, Mr. Khanna.
But didn't I say, the disease has been prolonged.
It's not good for her to stay in this house.
If you want your mother's life..'s important to take her to some sanatorium.
Mother's life.
As soon as possible..
..take her to sanatorium.
Take this.
Thank you.
What did the doctor say?
If you want your mother's life..'s important to take her to some sanatorium.
I don't mind giving money to you.
I would've given 100 - 200 just like that.
I'm very sorry.
They need an old professor..
..not a young one.
They don't want a young man..
..but old man.
Old man.
"Someone will come.."
"Someone will come to my village."
"He'll be tied by bond of love."
"Someone will come to my village."
"Someone will come.."
"Someone will come to my village."
"He'll be tied by bond of love."
"Someone will come to my village."
"My black eyes is twitching.."
"..when friends ask for secret of beloved."
"I get scared with shyness."
"Colorful season has brought message."
"He'll lock eyes with me."
"Someone will come to my village."
"He'll be tied by bond of love."
"Someone will come to my village."
"Someone will come.."
"Someone will come to my village."
"He'll be tied by bond of love."
"Someone will come to my village."
"When I look at mirror, I see a lad."
"He looks charming and unique."
"Thought of meeting makes my heart restless."
"I turn around to see his face."
"He'll come and make my destiny."
"Someone will come to my village."
"He'll be tied by bond of love."
"Someone will come to my village."
"Someone will come.."
"Someone will come to my village."
"He'll be tied by bond of love."
"Someone will come to my village."
"Sun is for day and moon for night."
"And he's for my eyes."
"God knows how will he look."
"His thought has cast a spell on me."
"He'll steal my slumber."
"Someone will come to my village."
"He'll be tied by bond of love."
"Someone will come to my village."
"Someone will come.."
"Someone will come to my village."
"He'll be tied by bond of love."
"Someone will come to my village."
Rita, aunt is coming. Come fast.
"You can call me wild.."
"You can call me as much as you want."
"I am crazy in love.." - Who are you?
"You can call me wild.." - Aunt!
"You can call me as much as you want."
Yes, aunt.
How did this man come here?
He's a man.
In my absence.. did a man come here?
I don't know. I was studying in my room.
I.. just came here.
I.. am professor Khanna. - Oh.
You had..
..called me for tuition.. - Stop.
You've grey hair.
There isn't much wrinkle on the face.
Actually I'm.. expert in Yoga.
I can do all the yoga postures.
I know yoga too.
Which teacher taught you?
I learnt it from books.
From old books.
Old books.
But they're all in Sanskrit.
It means you know Sanskrit too.
Yes. - Very good.
I don't need to find a priest for you now.
Take professor to his cottage.
You can rest.
Oh you.. will teach us.
Sanskrit.. - Yes.
Aunt wants us to learn Sanskrit through you.
Oh God!
Calm down!
Let's go to my cottage.
This way please.
Which one is mine?
You'll know.
This is your cottage.
You can go in.
Bed, furniture..
..everything is ready for you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What happened?
Ah.. not this..
That is your cottage.
But you said this is my cottage.
Yes, I said so.
She's strange. - She says this first..
..then that one.
Go in.
Go with ease.
Thank you.
I got saved.
She had send me in the wrong cottage.
What enmity could she have with me?
You're here, darling.
Thief! Thief! - You..
I caught you today.
But.. - Shut up!
I'm Hanuman Singh.
I'll break your bones.
But listen. - Shut up!
I never saw him.
Don't doubt me.
Yes. Of course.
She used to tease me as a dward.
Shameless. Wretched.
Insolent! Today I'll see your old friend.
You.. you thought it was your own house.
Hanuman Singh!
What's this commotion?
What happened? - A disaster got averted.
I reached when he shut the door. - What?
He closed the door from outside. - From inside. And window too.
But professor, I left you in other cottage.
So doors and windows..
You go.
Didn't you hear me?
Me too? - You stay.
Shake hands. - Sister.
Aunt was so furious.
She's angry.
Now that teacher will be fired. - Sanskrit gone!
I don't trust young man's character.
So I called you here.
But at this moment..'ve to prove your character.
Got it?
Yes. - Yes.
Answer me.
How did you come in this cottage?
I told you..
..there was someone in the bathroom of other cottage. - Impossible.
I saw someone there. - Impossible.
Nobody can step there without my permission.
Maybe you're right.
I saw only his hand.
Why didn't you check?
Why did you come here?
Actually that hand was of a female.
And.. - What?
I mean.. I saw only hand.. cloth.
How can she get in the cottage?
It was a very dangerous hand.
So I ran from there.
I stay away from ladies hands.
Really? - Yes. - Yes.
I hate women.
So I'm still single.
Go in your cottage.
Yes. - Don't come here again.
Hanuman Singh.
Tomorrow morning bring him to me at 6.30.
You'll be told your job.
You hate women.
Yes, wrestler.
You hate women? That's why you shut my door and windows?
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Professor, you're 40 seconds late.
Yes, I..
When you're not punctual.. can you teach the kids?
Henceforth I'll come 40 seconds early.
Hear about your responsibilities in this house.
There are two small kids.
They can't be supervised in school.. you'll teach them at home.
Two small kids? - Yes.
You'll get 800 rupees salary.
Yes. Right. - Then go.
Start teaching the kids.
Hanuman Singh, get the car.
Listen. - Hmm.
I might return late in the evening.
But these girls will return from college.
Then teach them Sanskrit.
I'm giving you 800 as salary.
Yes. Right.
Come, sister. Let's go.
Why did you played a prank with me?
What's your enmity with me?
Aunt gave you some orders. - Yes, I'll go.
I came here to work..
..not to have enmity.
I want to mingle with you.
By teaching Sanskrit? - Yes.
I've to.
It's your aunt's order.
Oh.. - Sister.
He wants to mingle with us.
You obey orders.
Go and obey aunt's order. - Come.
Very good.
What's your name?
And yours?
Tunnu. - Tunnu.
Why am I being called here?
Do you know?
To beat us.
To beat?
Who said this?
Sister says..
..this stupid teacher will hit more than aunt.
Stupid teacher
Yes. She calls you stupid teacher.
She lies.
I'll never hit you.
Take your books.
Let's see what you've studied.
Stupid teacher
Jolly good.
Got it?
"My heart.."
Greetings. - Greetings, son.
Yes. - Do you've Sanskrit books?
Yes. Which one? Epics, novels..
I want a book to learn Sanskrit.
Ok, sure.
1 rupee.
Ok, thank you.
Can I find a tailor nearby?
There is a tailor in after a yard.
Change. - Yes.
Take this. - A- one tailor. - Yes.
Sun's ray.
It's time.
What if he doesn't support?
Then we'll be in trouble.
This plan is for him.
Somehow we've to include him.
Let's try.
What are you doing there?
Come here.
Coming, professor.
We're here. - Sit.
What's the order?
You're talking very sweetly today.
What is the matter?
You said that you want to mingle with us?
Yes, with all my heart.
With all my heart.
We're not in the mood to learn Sanskrit.
You want to get me fired.
There is still time for aunt to come.
We'll get in the mood later.
What if you don't get in the mood?
You too doubt us like aunt.
We can't get along.
Oldies are very grumpy.
This oldie is interesting.
Believe me.
You don't know anything except Sanskrit.
You've passed your age of liveliness..
Not at all.
Are you young?
If not my face..
..but my heart is young.
Heart makes on lively..
..not age.
We'll find now..
..this age brings liveliness.
Oldies don't know how to live.
"This is the age to make merry."
"These eyes are enticing."
"This world belongs to youth and lovers."
"I too was young and world was beautiful."
"I was someone's beloved too."
"I too was young.."
"These eyes weave dream.."
"Childhood passed and youth arrived."
"Childhood passed and youth arrived."
"This is the age to make merry."
"These eyes are enticing."
"This world belongs to youth and lovers."
"This is the age to make merry."
"As long as there is life.."
"..everything is mine. - Get lost."
"Heed this heart."
"Heed this heart. Understand these gestures."
"I too was young and world was beautiful."
"I was someone's beloved too."
"I too was young.."
"Life is to laugh."
"Flow with the tide."
"We don't want be in veil like in old days."
"This is the age to make merry."
"These eyes are enticing."
"This world belongs to youth and lovers."
"This is the age to make merry."
"I maybe old but this heart is young. - Get lost."
"Look at my heart."
"Don't be ignorant."
"I too was young and world was beautiful."
"I was someone's beloved too."
"This is the age to make merry."
"These eyes are enticing."
"This world belongs to youth and lovers."
"The world was mine. - The world is ours."
"The world was mine. - The world is ours."
"The world was mine."
So this is what you're teaching the girls?
Yes.. I..
You said.. hate women, right?
Actually. - Hanuman Singh.
Madam. - Take professor to station tomorrow morning.
Station? - Enough.
Train leaves at 8 am.
We don't need you now.
Listen. - I won't.
And you..
Come inside.
How can I send you to sanatorium, mother?
Bye, professor.
You're going, professor.
It's very good news. - Really?
You're very happy as he's leaving.
You won't go, professor.
The more these girls hate you..
..the more salary you'll get.
You can go.. college now.
Take professor's luggage in cottage.
You can go..
..and teach the kids.
She's very strange.
She fires then hires. - You won't last long.
Why do you want this enmity?
You're scared?
You laugh a lot.
This is nothing.
The day you'll get fired in shame..
..I'll laugh to my heart's content.
We'll see when that day comes.
Before that you'll cry a lot one day.
Nobody is born who can make me cry.
Yes. We'll see who cries one day.
You or me?
We'll see.
We'll see.
Put it.
Are you cutting onion or brinjal?
Cut it more thin.
They teach us to be a cook.
I was studying in college in Mumbai.
But I came here. - So what's the problem?
Take admission in some college.
My parents' death shattered that dream.
Now if I think of college, I'll be doomed.
A demon looms over me.
You can't go.
I don't have lecture.
I'll return for the next class.
You can't go.
What will I say to aunt if she finds out?
..colonel's butler.
What if I tell aunt?
Don't worry. I'll come soon.
Hello, sir.
Is my coat ready? - Yes, sir.
A minor work is left.
It's a strange coat.
Will you wear if from both the sides? - Yes.
One side for youth..
..and other side for old man.
Do you mind? - No.
Can I try it? - Yes, come.
Don't worry, Miss Nina.
I've to come again and again.
There is always some problem.
Take care.
It'll be done.
When can I get it? - In 2 days.
Ah.. I'll come on Wednesday at 2.
Very well, madam.
Take this.
You've made a very nice coat.
Please make it short.
I'll come on Wednesday.. 2 pm.
Very well, sir.
Come here.
Yes. - Where is my drape?
Drape? - I had kept it inside.
Where is it?
Why do you allow such rogues to come in?
He'll come to take coat then.. - Forget that.
I want my drape now.
How can I go home like this?
I've an idea.
Cloth for the dress..
Me? - Yes.
What's around your neck?
Singer Tansen used to call doe..
..and I call girls..
..close to me.
I'm talking of this drape.
It seems to be my drape.
It's very romantic.
It came with my coat.
If you don't give my drape, I'll call the police.
Call them.
Police will take us to police station.
Then you've to give your address and your family will know..
..that in tailor shop you..
Why? - Why did you get scared?
That.. if I hand you to police, they'll lock you.
You're feeling sympathy for me.
Is it.. - Insolent.
No matter what.. police can get you this drape.
Have pity on me.
If I return home without drape, what will they say?
They won't say anything.
They'll slap on your cheek..
..and make it red. - I beg you to return my drape.
Begging isn't enough.
You've to plead with tears in eyes.
You're a beast.
I rather get slapped..
..but I won't plead to you.
She won't cry.
I've one other condition to return the drape.
You've to give a receipt for the drape.
What? - Yes.
What's your name?
Bimla. - Then write.
Pritam (beloved).. - What?
Don't be surprised.
It's my name.
What are you looking at?
Your face looks familiar.
- I've seen you before. - Yes..
Of course.
In dream.
What do I've to write more?
If today.. hadn't returned my drape today.. you know what I would've gone through.
Do you know what I would've gone through?
Should I write my name? - Yes.
Your.. - Your.
Bimla. - No.
How did you know my name?
I heard the tailor say it.
He called you Nina. Write it.
Thank you.
This is the receipt for the drape.
This is your book, my pen and your drape.
I'll return this to the tailor.
Are you returning from rehearsal?
If you want to come home, get in fast.
But what's the rush?
Let's go, driver.
Girl, don't be angry. In old age.. - Drive.
Get down.
Get down.
You're 20 minutes late.
How did you get late? - Baby Nina.
What did she do?
Where did she go?
Answer me. - Nowhere.
Nowhere. - Tell me the truth.
Or else I'll whip you.
This girl.. something surely happened today.
What happened?
Why don't you tell her?
Me? Aunt..
..they're late because of me.
I went to the city in the noon.
I thought of taking a lift while returning.
I'm an old man.
I stopped the car to buy few things.
Are you telling the truth?
Yes. They're late because of me. I swear.
Don't get them late again.
You don't know..
..but I get so worried.
Maybe you're getting her wrong.
I accept that she's very strict..
..but this might be because of love.
Aunt loves us? - Didn't you see..
..when you were late..
..she got so worried.
She has nobody besides you.
Maybe she didn't marry because of you.
Who can marry a dictator like her?
Men have always avoided her. - I don't believe.
She's educated.. and she would've been beautiful too.
She could've married easily.
But if she had married..
..who would've taken care of you.
She's taking care of us only from 6 months.
Got it?
6 months?
Yes. - Our parents were alive 6 months ago.
We were far away from this hell with them.
You can praise aunt, but not in front of us.
We hate her and you too.
Thank you.
Stupid teacher.
He thinks he understands aunt.
He'll understand tomorrow.
What did you make? - The usual.
Salad and barley water.
Barley water.
Yes. - Barley water all the time.
And this fodder.
We're humans or beasts?
Enough. Fill it.
But aunt, how can I drink.. - You've to.
You can't leave even a drop.
I heard what you said.
You don't like barley water.
You like spicy food.
Even your mother liked spicy food.
She came as guest at our place.
She wooed my brother..
..and got married against the wish of our family.
Mother isn't alive.
Don't bad-mouth her.
You're like your mother.
I'll teach you a lesson..
Aunt.. - Shut up!
What do you want to say?
He thinks you're very beautiful.
He likes you.
He said you must've been very beautiful in your youth.
How dare he!
Who is he?
Man or woman?
Call professor immediately.
Stupid teacher will be fired.
Eat fast. It's time for college.
We prefer to starve than eat this.
You called me.
How dare you!
You like my face.
Is it true?
It's false. - Are those girls lying?
You told them I would've been beautiful in my youth?
Yes. Actually I was explaining them at that time.
About youth and beauty?
You were talking of such things?
I was explaining.. much you love them.
But why did you mention my beauty?
I had to tell them that you must've..
..been very beautiful in your youth.
You could've married anyone you want.
But if you had married..
..then who would've raised them like their mother.
Don't mention that woman to me.
I've taken the place of their father.
I made a mistake.
You can take a father's place.
Thank you.
Those girls must've abused me.
Maybe that's why you were explaining to them.
They didn't say anything.
I was just explaining.
Just like that?
Because I felt like praising you.
Out of the blue!
Why did you feel like praising me?
I just felt so.
Henceforth don't praise me.
Got it?
I won't praise you all my life.
Can I go?
I've to teach the kids.
You can praise if you want.
But not about youth and beauty..
Got it?
Yes. I got it.
What's going on?
Why didn't you bring your books?
Professor.. you got fired today?
If you're fired, we'll get holiday.
What holiday?
Sister said that today stupid teacher will be fired.
She did this to get me fired.
There won't be holiday.
Take our your books and read them.
They call me stupid teacher.
Stupid teacher.
Did you mend my jeans?
As per your order.
Put madam's jeans in the cabin.
Try it. You'll be happy.
Brother, you did a strange act that day..
This is your cloth. - Cloth.
I gave it to that madam.
And she gave it to me.
Now do you understand our relationship?
I got it, sir. Your coat is ready.
Listen. - Yes.
Nina dear.
You're here?
I'm where you're.
How dare you! - Calm down.
You won't want this letter to reach your family.
Come here.
I want to talk to you. Come.
Sir, this is your coat and change.
Thank you very much.
Get the second bundle ready.
Ok, sir.
What do you want?
Your companionship.
Not for a life time, but for a few moments.
You'll walk with me out of this shop.
I say.. - Calm down.
Your second bundle.
Thank you so much. - Thank you.
Come, dear. Come.
Don't mind it.
This is our relationship from last birth.
I got it, sir.
Where are my clothes?
Won't you give my bundle?
Cry and plead. You might get it.
I'll plead! My foot!
"I can even give my life to beloved."
"Only if requested with love."
Really? Ok fine.
"I move on while the world follows me."
"Don't ask where I'm going."
"Even the sky bows to beauty."
"Love saga has started."
"Even the sky bows to beauty."
"You can be away from my sight, but not from my heart."
"There is a magic in ambience."
"How can I restrain this heart?"
"Even the sky bows to beauty."
"Love saga has started."
"I move on while the world follows me."
"Don't ask where I'm going."
"I move on.."
"I steal hearts wherever I go."
"Don't worry if we get lost on the path of love."
"I move on while the world follows me."
"Don't ask where I'm going."
"Even the sky bows to beauty."
"Love saga has started."
"I move on.."
Don't bother your delicate fingers.
This is the real letter.
Rema. - Madam.
Turn on the lights.
Now go.
You remembered me.
Why would I remember you?
I mean.. called me.
Are you fine here?
I'm going out tomorrow morning.
Are you reading something there?
No. Just like that..
I.. what was I saying?
You're going out tomorrow.
Nina's father.. I mean my brother..
..died with his wife in an accident.
He used to live in Mumbai.
He has many properties there.
I've to transfer them in these children's names.
But there are some legal complications.
So I'm going out to meet a lawyer.
Maybe it will take a few days.
I think.. I can trust you.
I'll be fortunate if you can trust me.
Keep an eye on those girls.
Can I go now?
About me..
I mean how I was few years ago..
I won't talk to girls about it.
Don't even think about it.
Ok.. ok.
Aunt, so much money is lying here.
My son has sent them. It's 300 rupees.
He draws a huge salary now.
Just think..
..I'm an old lady.
How can I spend so much money?
But he keeps sending more.
He loves me very much.
He wrote that he'll come on getting a leave.
Yes. Keep the money.
My son is one in a million.
I wish.. look at him day and night.
Is he very handsome?
He had come to drop me here.
Maybe you didn't see him. - No.
Wait, I'll show his photo.
Isn't he beautiful?
Yes. Very beautiful.
Hanuman Singh, did you take all the papers?
Take care of them.
Girls, leave from college..
..but not from studies.
Let's study Sanskrit.
Madam, do you want to tie us with a bond?
Go ahead. Do it.
What's going on?
Bonding of hearts!
Who is he?
He.. I don't know him.
Nice joke.
Actually he wrote a letter and called me here.
Read it. - No.
Now do you believe me?
So this is the matter?
Do you understand?
Bless you!
You're mistaken.
He's.. - Who is he?
Why did you call him here?
Because she's in love.
What? - Not with me but with my singing.
Really? So you claim to be a singer too.
Then start singing.
Should I sing with throat or heart?
With your head!
"My beloved gave me a push.."
Bless you.
Damsel, what does he need to disappear?
He can't disappear.
He's a thorn.
My foot.
"O' damsel! You're like a flower with thorn."
"Seeing you my heart says.."
"..I might fall in love today."
"..I might fall in love today."
"O' damsel! You're like a flower with thorn."
"Seeing you my heart says.."
"..I might fall in love today."
"..I might fall in love today."
"Life has come at a lovely juncture."
"This truth shouldn't become a legend."
"Life has come at a lovely juncture."
"This truth shouldn't become a legend."
"When cool breeze blows, a passion is kindled."
"Seeing you my heart says.."
"..I might fall in love today."
"..I might fall in love today."
"The Nature is getting colorful."
"God has made everything beautiful."
"The Nature is getting colorful."
"God has made everything beautiful."
"The river reflects the face of the to be bride."
"Seeing you my heart says.."
"..I might fall in love today."
"..I might fall in love today."
"I will always be in front of you."
"I will steal your heart."
"I will always be in front of you."
"I will steal your heart."
"Don't ask about the flight of this heart.
"Seeing you my heart says.."
"..I might fall in love today."
"..I might fall in love today."
"O' damsel! You're like a flower with thorn."
"Seeing you my heart says.."
"..I might fall in love today."
"..I might fall in love today."
"..I might fall in love today."
I harassed you a lot even before.
But you never cried.
But today.. - Before today.. couldn't harass me so much.
But today..
Today you're crying.
I thought when you'll cry, I'll be pleased.
But today..
Your tears are like a burden on my heart.
Then tell me, who are you?
I can only say today..
..that I'm not your enemy.
This ball is mine.
How did it get here?
We were playing cricket. It flew here.
Why don't you play carefully?
My heart was saved. What if it had been broken?
It can't be broken.
The ball is very hard. - Really?
Let me see how strong it's.
Thank you.
Snake. - Where?
Oh God!
It's really very strong ball.
It didn't break.
I appreciate you.
Return the ball now.
Learn the lesson to mess with girls? - Yes.
But only after getting hurt.
Now even the ball's shadow will come here.
Return the ball. Please.
Thank you very much.
Rita. - Aunt.
Who was that man? - He..
That man was holding your hands.
Aunt, I was returning his ball. You're doubting..
Shut up!
I understand youths very well.
If we don't pay attention..
..they start showing their true colors.
And you?
I told you.. keep an eye on the girls.
How did that man come here?
Rita was right.
His ball came here.
It was an excuse.
What were they talking about?
How could you know from afar?
I know it's nothing like that.
Rita is a nice girl.
If you're too strict..
..and doubt, even nice girls can go astray.
Only love and affection.. - Shut up!
You're crossing your limits.
Who are you to interfere in our family matters?
Aunt has come.
Phoolrani.. - Coming, madam.
Don't give food to Rita for two days.
Keep her locked in her room.
Got it? No food and water for her.
Thank you, professor.
Never mind.
Shut up!
Will you kill him?
Move aside.
I'll whip this disloyal.
He was taking food for sister against my order.
He's betraying me at such an age.
Betrayal! Do you expect love from him?
How can anyone love a butcher?
You called me butcher?
One who hits an innocent child mercilessly is a butcher.
Get out.. get out immediately.
Don't scream.
I'll go.
But remember..
..only love and affection can make kids obedient..
..not with atrocities.
You must've been very beautiful in your youth.
You could've married anyone you wanted.
Come here.
Yes. - What do you think of me?
Come in. I want to talk to you.
Get in.
Yes. Sure. Coming.
Coming. Yes.
You called me a butcher.
Do you think I'm very bad?
You don't understand me. Not at all.
I mean.. now you think about me is wrong.
You understand me earlier.
When? - That day..
That day when you wanted to praise me.. were right.
Not maybe..
..why can't you think of me like that?
I'm not a butcher.
Did you get it?
If you think I'm butcher..
..then I'll..
I said that in anger.
You've to go to Mumbai tomorrow.
Mumbai? - Yes.
We've to transfer property in Nina's name.
For that you've to meet the lawyer.
I'm trusting you with this.
You had said..
..I can trust you..'ll consider yourself fortunate.
Yes. - Then go tomorrow.
It's very urgent.
We'll come too after some time.
Will you go?
I'll go.
Normal? Mother is cured.
I can become young again.
Young? Are you old now?
Yes.. no.
I mean..
..mother's worries made me old in my youth.
Doctor, tell me.. mother completely cured.
Don't worry.
She's better than before.
She'll be totally fine in a few days.
Really? Thank you, doctor.
Pritam. What is this?
Mother, that..
Mother, I've to play a drama there.
I bought fake beard for that.
Did you go to teach the kids or play drama?
This is the problem, mother.
I've to act too along with teaching.
Get well soon.
I'll stop playing that drama..
..even if I lose the job.
Don't say that.
You got this job with such difficulty.
Don't worry about me.
Put your heart in your work.
..I've put my heart into it.
But I don't like playing drama.
You used to play dramas in college.
- Why don't you like it now? - That's the problem.
I don't like to play drama there.
Anyway.. I'll go to Mumbai and find a solution.
It's very delicious.
My sir brought it from out of town.
And I brought some for you.
Brother Ramesh. How come you're here?
Dad is going to Calcutta for a few days.
Uncle went to Calcutta so the coast is clear for you.
There must be some party then.
Yes. It's a big party.
A big party?
Did you decide after seeing her?
I can't come.
Don't worry.
He's very decent when it comes to girls.
Party will be during day. Will you come? - No.
Aunt's fear.
I don't fear aunt.
But I can't come.
Malti will be with you. Why do you refuse?
You're scared of aunt.
I said I don't fear aunt.
I'll come tomorrow.
Bye, brother Ramesh. See you tomorrow.
Can I go now? - So soon.
It's been 2 hours.
He's very cruel.
The one who made watch.
Someone was more cruel.
The one who made duty.
Someone was more cruel.
The one who made heart.
When will we meet again? - Never.
Aunt's fear. - No.
Yes. That's why you refuse to meet.
I say I don't fear aunt.
I'll meet you tomorrow.
Nina! Hello.
Razia. - Hi.
Nice to see you.
Who are they?
Aunt, Lona. Vinod. Razia.
How did they come here?
Easy, old lady.
Is her blood pressure all right, Nina?
Madam, actually we're Nina's old friends.
Nina wrote to us to come here.
You've to stay with us.
Forget staying.. can't even meet Nina.
Got it?
But aunt..
Maybe you didn't recognize me?
Talk to me. What do you want?
What I want?
And you too.
I want you two to come with me.
But who are you?
I think I've seen you before.
And you too.. - Talk to me.
I mean.. you didn't see me before.
But you saw my uncle.
People. He's ill and in hotel.
He's ill? - Yes.
What's the illness?
That.. anxiety.
You came here and he started shivering.
Let's drink tea till the luggage arrives.
You never met us.
So how did you recognize us?
Uncle told me that two ladies will come alone by plane.
All the other ladies were with gentlemen.
You look very much like your uncle.
Yes. The difference is only of beard.
Let's go. I'll pay the bill.
Please come.
This is your room.
Boy, keep the luggage in.
Come.. - Which is professor's room?
The next room. Number 48.
You must be tired. Go and rest.
No. I want to see him first.
Look, he was in pain all night.. a caged bird.
He fell asleep in the morning. Let him sleep.
You're with us for 2 hours.
He must've woken up. - No.
I know his helplessness.
He can't wake up.
What's the harm in checking?
Didn't I say he was in pain all night.. a caged bird.
Let's go. He might wake up. Come.
Go and settle in your room.
I'll order tea and biscuits.
Come, Nina.
Is it fine, sir?
Very good.
Take this. Now the second job.. got it?
Yes, sir. - Hurry.
Hello. Give me room 47 please.
It's me.
Yes. Me.
Yes. I woke up just now.
My young nephew..
He's very naughty.
He banged the door so hard that I woke up.
Pritam must've told you..
..when I reached here..
..I came to see you.
He told me that you've reached.
In the journey..
Oh God.
What happened, professor?
Turning sides..
While turning side, I dropped the receiver.
Are you very ill?
I feel better now.
I feel better now.
What happened, professor?
You stopped..
When she came, the receiver slipped.
Where is your nephew?
I send him downstairs.
He's young. You got it?
You did well. - But he's very decent.
I fell ill when I came here.
He helped me very much.
He went to court and met the lawyer.
He did everything.
But what happened to you all of a sudden?
It seems to be seasonal fever.
It'll be cured soon.
Don't worry.
Go and get ready.
Pritam said you've to reach court at 11.30.
There is still time.
You've to unpack too.
Nina will do that.
You're not well. Someone should be with you too.
Go, Nina. Unpack the luggage.
Who is happening? - Shivering.
Shivering? Let met cover you with blanket. - No.
Lie down quietly.
Oh.. I'm dead!
What happened? - I'm dead.
I'm doomed!
But what happened?
Today I'm doomed!
Tea.. tea..
Make tea quickly.
Got saved!
Take tea.
Not this.. I don't need it now.
Go and do your work.
Do what I told you to do.
Please drink it.
No. Let it be now.
I'm feeling very hot.
You're sweating.
Let me wipe it. - No.
Doctor said the more I perspire, the better.
If I wipe, perspiration won't stop.
Let me wipe it.
What happened now?
Shivering again?
Phone for you.
Give me.
Where are you?
It's me, boss. Is it fine?
You've to reach court quickly.
But how can I leave you in this condition?
It would've been better if someone was with me.
Only affidavit has to be submitted in court today.
Nina can go alone.
Both of us don't need to go.
Any one of you can go.
Nina won't have any problem.
Pritam will be with her.
Pritam? - Yes.
No. I'll go.
I'll come along.
You stay with professor.
Go fast. The court must've started.
Pritam must be downstairs.
Why are you sad?
Because you didn't get to be with Pritam.
Why do I care about your Pritam?
Girl.. go..
..maybe it's your phone.
Chang. Very good.
Look, connect my phone with her.
Whom do you want to talk to?
Hello. Sweetie pie.
Who? Vinod.
What happened to your voice?
I've cold, dear.
Not at all.
We didn't mind the old lady.
Look, we're waiting for you at the Central Park.
Come fast.
I can't come.
Oh no. Aunt is out, but someone else is here.
He's ill.
Give him sleeping pills and come here.
No. You've to come.
We're waiting for you.
Let her come.
What is it, girl?
Vinod had phoned.
Yes. My friends are waiting for me.
Can I meet them?
I'll come quickly.
They're my childhood friends.
Ok, child.
But keep my honor intact.
Go fast and come quickly.
I'll go in two minutes.
Put 'Don't disturb' board on the door.
I want to sleep.
Aunt.. aunt..
Aunt will scold me..
Where were you?
I was waiting for you for long.
I was eating.
Lawyer. - Hello, Mr. Pritam. - Hello.
She's Sitadevi. - How do you do?
How is your uncle?
He's alive. - Pritam.
Did you bring the affidavit? - Yes.
Oh.. I forgot it at home.
Strange! We've to file that today.
There is still time for the court.
Please rest. I'll get it.
Take care of her. I'll be back.
You? Here?
I'm where you're.
So aunt returned to the hotel.
I've made her wait in the court.
But you.. what are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Me? I asked your uncle before coming here.
But I hope you won't tell anything to aunt about me?
That's the idea.
You'll tell her.
Look, if you tell her..
..then your uncle will be fired.
I too want that old man to be free from this hassle.
What if aunt drives me out of the house too?
You can come to my house.
It can be yours for ever.
"Please wait.."
"Please wait.."
"Heed my heart before you leave."
"There is anger on face but love in the heart."
"I can't live or die without you."
"There is acceptance in eyes but refusal on lips."
"I can't live or die without you."
"Since I saw you, you seem like mine."
"You dwelt in my eyes.."
"You dwelt in my eyes.."
" a dream."
"I don't know what I lost and what I won."
"I can't live or die without you."
"There is anger on face but love in the heart."
"I can't live or die without you."
"We both lost in trying to hide and express love."
"Now entire world.."
"Now entire world.."
"..knows about us."
"It's difficult to retreat from this path now."
"I can't live or die without you."
"There is anger on face but love in the heart."
"I can't live or die without you."
"Don't think it's just my wish."
"My heart wanted to say something.."
"My heart wanted to say something.."
"..I repeat the same thing."
"If you don't believe, read my eyes."
"I can't live or die without you."
"There is anger on face but love in the heart."
"I can't live or die without you."
"There is anger on face but love in the heart."
"I can't live or die without you."
"I can't live or die without you."
Come on..
What are you doing here?
You were going to come to court with affidavit.
Yes, I went there.
I learnt that you've left.
So I came after you.
How long could I wait for you?
Lawyer postponed the matter to tomorrow.
Give me the papers.
I'll complain to professor about you.
Wait. You can complain in the evening.
Professor is sleeping.
He's sleeping.
Then where is Nina?
- Nina isn't in her room. - Not there?
- Even professor isn't here. Both are missing.
Oh.. doctor.
The pain of cage bird!
She must've taken her to a doctor. - Which doctor?
I'll find out. Wait in your room. - No.
I'll wait in this room.
I'm doomed. - Go.
Why are you staring me?
Ok, I'm going.
You've come.
You came before time.
You don't need that dress.
What? - Wear this.
Don't waste my time.
I'm paying your agency by the minutes.
I've to complete this painting by this evening.
Change in the bathroom.
Bathroom is this way.
Keep your clothes somewhere and stand there.
Come in.
Washer man, sir.
Want to give dirty clothes? - Take from the bathroom.
- There are lots of clothes. - Fine.
Where did that girl go?
When I went to the bathroom she went out. - Out.
She stole my clothes.
What happened?
A girl stole my clothes. - Yes, Rajasthani dress.
She must be in the hotel. Search for her.
Did you see any girl?
Washer man.
Are there dirty clothes?
What? - Dirty clothes. - No. Go.
Hurry.. - Don't worry, sir.
Come on.
Did you see that Rajasthani girl?
Yes. - Where is she?
Leaving my work.. I look at girls. - Don't get mad.
Do your work. Ok?
Do your work.
Don't worry.
Sir, madam is found.
Found? - Yes. - Jolly good. Take this court.
Where did you go?
My job was in danger.
I had to run from the room in illness.
I went everywhere to find you.
My heart..
It's beating so fast.
I'm sorry, professor. Let's go.
Hurry. - I'm tired now.
Take me along.
How can I lift you?
Then take me in trolley.
Hurry. - My heart..
It's beating fast. Hurry.
I'm doomed!
My heart is beating so fast.
Oh.. - Where did you go?
To doctor.
Doctor? Oh God. What happened?
Shivering again? - Nina.
Bring blanket from your room.
Bring him in. Carefully.
Oh.. - Bring him in.
Be quiet.
Pritam must be worried looking for you.
God knows where he must be wandering.
So many.. - Yes.
Only then will your shivering stop.
Oh this old age..
It has become a problem now.
Look.. couldn't rest since you came.
Go and rest.
Pritam must be coming to take care of me.
I won't leave you alone.
Nina, go and rest.
Old age has become a problem for me now.
Don't say that.
You're not so old.
Do acting of old man!
Do acting of old man!
Do acting of old man!
"In the city of love I'll make an abode."
"In the city of love I'll make an abode."
Come, girl.
You look fine today.
Talk to me.
What? - What are you looking at?
Are you waiting for someone?
I've recognized you now.
What did you say?
What you seem to be..'re not that.
Don't act.
You're very sly.
Nowadays my aunt..
..has started wearing flowers..
..dyeing hair..
..for whom?
I know very well.
Oh.. you understood that.
What did you say?
How are you today?
Very fine.
I took care of you yesterday, this is the result of that.
Yes. True.
Or else I wouldn't have left illness so soon.
I mean.. illness doesn't leave me so soon.
"In the city of love I'll make an abode."
Let's go to court.
If you're cured.. too join us.
He got cured today. Let him rest.
Mr. Pritam will take us to court.
I won't let that rogue go with you.
He misplaced the affidavit yesterday.
These boys can't handle court matters.
I'll come.
Miss Verma.
You didn't take your cane.
Actually now.. seems like a burden.
Madam, your plane tickets.
When does it leave.
After 2 and half hour.
After 2 and half hour.
But aunt, how can we leave today?
Why not?
Professor has to meet his nephew.
I met that rogue for so many days.
What's left?
We'll go today.
But aunt, we've to pack our luggage too.
How will it be done so soon? - It'll be done.
I'm still agile like youth.
I'll pack in a jiffy.
I'll pay your bill.
You're stone hearted uncle.
You're going without meeting your nephew.
Don't you think of him?
Why do you think so much about him?
He's my nephew or yours.
What are you saying?
He's my.. - Yes. Tell me.
What's your relationship with that rogue?
He's not a rogue.
Why do old people misunderstand young ones?
He's not a rogue.
Child, why are you defending that loafer?
Is it matter of hearts..
It happens.
Wipe your tears.
"Beckon me.."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
"Beckon me.."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
"My life is in a dilemma."
"My life is in a dilemma."
"I might get incinerated."
"Don't make me burn like a lamp."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
"Beckon me.."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
"I am in your every breath."
"I am in your every breath."
"I am in your heart beat."
"Just look at my heart too."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
"Beckon me.."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
"You will cry if I'm not there."
"You will cry if I'm not there."
"Your heart will be distressed."
"Don't wipe the one who is yours."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
"Beckon me.."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
"Beckon me.."
"Don't make me pine so much in love."
I'm where you're.
Why do you harass me so much?
Now I won't harass you.
You'll never go away from me?
For eternity.
But I..
I've to go for some time.
Did you hear this sound?
Car horn.
Behind this car horn there is a lady with strict voice.
A lady?
Nina, I can tell you everything.
I can explain you everything.
But I can't tell her.
When we meet again, I'll tell you everything.
I'll explain everything.
Wait for me at the same place..
..near the ruins.
I'll tell you everything and explain everything.
Wait for me.
Mother, it's enough. - Eat one more.
Mother, there is no time.
If I don't reach post office by 1 O'clock..
..she'll go without taking me.
But why didn't you call her here?
How can I? She's a madam.
She's used to looking at workers like workers.
She seems to be very proud.
Don't ask. I'll just be back.
Yes, doctor.
Your mother is fine now.
You can take her quickly.
When? - In a few week.
Thank you, doctor. Thank you.
I'll make arrangement by then.
Mother, give me my coat.
Who is Nina?
Nina? How did you know?
Because of this letter.
Oh, mother.. this letter.. actually..
You read it.
Every word.
I'll go now. It's getting late. - Listen.
Do you like the girl?
It's all for you.
You had to do all the house work.
I thought I should find a girl.
Stop it. Don't explain.
When are you bringing the daughter- in- law home?
This is the problem.
If she finds out everything..
About us.
Nina will agree.
But her aunt.. she's a big dictator.
She'll hang me.
How dare she!
My son is one in a million.
She can't refuse.
I'll talk to her.
No, mother. Don't do that.
If I find a solution, I'll..
What happened? - That old lady's car is coming here.
I'll go now.
Pritam. Pritam.
Where is aunt?
She went to look for you in the sanatorium.
Sanatorium. Oh God!
Professor came here today.. - Yes.
He just went towards your car.
He's my son.
Your son? - Yes.
Why are you surprised?
You don't look so old.
Its because of the treatment of this place.
It's a very nice sanatorium.
Yes. - Come in.
My son was praising you a lot.
Really? - Yes.
He was saying that he has all the comforts at your place.
Professor is very nice.
Do you like him?
He's very decent.
Everyone likes him.
He's very innocent.
He's scared of you for no reason.
Yes. He's scared to talk of marriage.
Yes. He told me today..
..that everything depends on your wish.
If you agree, that marriage can take place.
I'll go now.
You didn't tell me your decision.
Now you don't have to be so formal with me.
This old lady is very strange.
Where are you running to?
Yes.. - Please get in the car.
You're too much.
You're coward too.
You hid from me.
But your mother told me everything.
Yes. Everything.
Look, I confess to my fault..
Weren't you ashamed?
I'm feeling ashamed for months.
Like a shameless guy you told everything to mother.
Don't act.
I felt so shy.
What would she be thinking about us? - What?
She was asking about my wish.
I'm not shameless like you.. say yes quickly.
About what?
Have some shame! The driver might hear us.
Sit with ease.
"I will settle my abode in the city of love."
Driver, pull over. - What happened?
I've important work. I'll come later.
But where are you going? - I've to go.
Pri.. - Tam.
It happens, child.
I was..
You shouldn't fall in love with someone..
..who likes to play with hearts.
That Casanova has spurned your love.
No. It's not possible.
It happens.
You lost him in this lifetime.
He has held someone else's hand.
Don't say that.
I can't bear to see you in pain.
You want a husband who would love you.
Then don't worry.
I'm here for that service.
Professor, what are you saying?
The truth.
What is the difference between that rogue and me?
Only of this beard and moustache.
I'll shave them for you.
You should be ashamed.
I didn't know you're so lowly.
Nina. Listen.
You? - Yes. Me.
Cheat! Fraud! Loafer!
You gave me all the titles.
Now call my name with love too.
Leave me.
Now I won't take your name for all my life.
You cheated all of us.
I was helpless because of two things.. was unemployment and second was mother's illness.
Honestly, the day mother comes out of sanatorium cured..
..I'll tell your aunt everything.
Why didn't you tell me before?
Why did you play with my emotions?
Secret is only told to close ones.
The day I was sure you think I'm your own..
..I told you the truth.
I can't consider a cheat like you to be mine.
You're crying. You bore too much.
Now come. I'm getting late.
What will we do now?
We'll do something. I'll tell you in a few days.
When? - Rita.
I'll go now.
Who was he?
Tell me.
Look, Rita..
..I'm not against love.
But it has some norms too.
To meet in these ruins away from the city..
What will people say about your character?
If I meet him in the city, aunt will come to know.
If you're so scared of aunt, why do you meet him?
I'm not scared of aunt.
Ramesh too thinks I don't meet him because of fear of aunt.
I'm not scared of aunt.
You're very scared of aunt.
That's why you do wrong things in stubbornness.
Stop seeing this boy.
I don't like that boy.
Because he doesn't love you truly.
Or else he wouldn't have fled seeing me leaving you alone.
Go to college.
Don't meet him again.
If we're not strict with girls these days..
..they can't be reformed.
If you're too strict, they can get astray.
Nina and Rita aren't kids.
They're wise.
They're of marriageable age.
You should think of their wish too.
They'll marry as per my wish.
I've selected a boy for Nina.
Who is he?
I thought two families should unite..
I didn't understand.
The boy is from which family?
That boy is Pritam. Got it?
Nina is getting married to me..
I mean.. to my nephew Pritam.
Very good. Very good.
But.. will he agree?
Not just he but even his uncle will agree.
Very good. Very good.
Sita, whom are you waiting for?
Hanuman Singh. - Yes.
Did you see professor?
Yes. He was going towards the hillocks.
What are you doing here at this time?
You came to meet that boy.
You're still seeing him in spite of my warning.
What can I do, professor?
It's important for me to meet Ramesh.
You don't know, it's very important.
But now he won't meet me.
He doesn't come to meet when I call him.
Don't worry. I'll fix everything.
Don't worry.
Don't worry. I'll fix everything.
What are you doing here?
Everyone is waiting for you.
Come, child.
Really? - Yes.
He has come.
Come, professor. Come here.
Quiet! Please.
I want to make an important announcement.
You'd be happy to know..
..that very soon my niece Nina is getting married.
She isn't getting married to a stranger..
..but to our professor's nephew.
Congratulations, child.
Calm down!
I want to say something too.
You'd be more happy to know..
..that not one but two weddings will place.
Second wedding will be of my friend Sitadevi and professor.
Pritam, why did you remove your beard?
The matter has gone too far.
I think I should tell your aunt everything.
You know her anger.
What if she drives you out of the house?
I'm helpless. I've to go.
You'll go alone?
How can I take you along?
I'm not a kid.
I can marry the one I want.
Even legally aunt has no right on me.
Not legally..
..but decency means something too.
I was a servant of this house.
I can't elope with you.. - It means you don't love me.
Look into my eyes and say again.
Say that I don't love you.
Say it.
I came here to teach kids.
But you teased me.
You forced me to take revenge.
Do you see the result of it?
You're helpless because of your heart..
..and me too.
There is no solution.
Time will give us some solution, Pritam.
Don't tell aunt the truth now.
Maybe you're right.
I had to hide till tomorrow.
Till tomorrow? - Rita has some important work.
After that..
Hanuman Singh. Hurry.
You saw this. This is the new design in diamond.
Ramesh, please try this robe.
I said I'll wear suit in wedding.
You'll wear robe in wedding.
Yes, father.
Ok.. you're preparing to get married quietly.
You? - Who are you?
What do you want to say?
This wedding can't take place.
This boy can't deceive an innocent girl and marry elsewhere.
No, father.
Actually.. - What?
That girl is after me.
Read her letter.
My dear..
..I waited for you yesterday but you didn't come.
Have mercy on me or else my life will be ruined.
Come today at 2 pm.
Your Rita.
Read this.
My son avoids her.
Yet that characterless girl is trying to woo him.
Not her, but your son is characterless.
He trapped Rita with deception.
He has to marry Rita.
Don't talk rubbish!
Ramesh will marry the girl I chose.
There is still time. Be brave.
Rita loves you.
If you show courage once, I'll make sure you both get married.
Not even your father can stop you.
If you don't go I'll call the guard.
Please go now.
I can't go against my father.
You don't deserve Rita's love.
Get lost.
He's a coward. Useless!
Thank God you're not marry such a coward.
But.. - Don't worry.
Forget him.
Time will heal everything.
Here.. your letter.
I snatched from him as he's marrying elsewhere.
Marriage? - Yes. Today itself.
Oh God! I'm ruined! What do I do now?
What is the matter?
Why did she run crying bitterly?
Tell me, why are you here?
Madam has sent me here.. tell you that your mother is coming by noon train.
Mother? No.
Yes. Madam wrote a letter to her.
She sent a telegram in reply.
Madam is going to receive her. - Oh God!
Then.. - What is the matter?
Why did you get scared? - Nothing.
Tell madam I'll go to receive mother.
Professor, what happened to Rita?
Rita.. she'll be fine.
I've to reach station as it's time for train to arrive.
But why did she run towards the lake.
Lake? - Yes. She was mumbling like crazy..
..saying she's ruined!
Nina! What is the matter?
Aunt, Rita ran towards the lake.
Rita and professor were arguing.
I saw it.
Arguing? - Yes.
Come. - Let's go.
No.. your secret will be exposed.
Aunt, Rita is drowning.
In this old age.. - How can he save her?
Cowards! Don't just stand.
Go and help them.
Who is he?
Did you write this letter?
Tell me. Did you write this letter to him?
Shameless! Read this letter.
He didn't woo you, but Rita too.
No. - No?
Then why don't you read it?
You recognize Rita's handwriting.
She's critical, nurse.
Case is more serious.
She's pregnant.
What did you say?
Rita.. pregnant. - Yes.
I'll kill him.
I'll kill him.
Miss Verma!
Aunt.. aunt..
Your clothes are all drenched.
Why didn't you come to station to receive me?
Tell me.
Why are you quiet?
I'll tell you, mother.
When? Where were you going in this condition?
Take me to your house.
I've no house now, mother.
I lost my job too.
No.. no. Aunt.
No! Don't kill my son. I beg of you.
I'll kill him. - No.
Move aside. Leave me.
No! - Leave me.
I say leave me. - No.
He has ruined my family.
He made your sister pregnant.
No.. - What did you say?
Pritam, is this true? - It's a lie.
Is it a lie..
..that you deceived us all the time.
You acted to be an old man to work at our place.
Why are you quiet? Answer her. - My Pritam isn't like that.
You bit the hand that fed you.
Break his bones!
No! - Hit him.
Pritam. - Hit him! - No!
What happened, son? Who is she?
She's my mother.
I'll come soon..
..take care of her. - Don't worry.
I swear by you, mother..
..I was accused of sins in front of you..
..I'll get myself acquitted of it..
..or else I won't face you.
I say leave me.
Rogue, leave me.
Leave me.
Nina, who is he?
He.. - Nina.
You? Why did you come here?
You accused me falsely..
..for this coward's deed.
I say get lost.
This goon kidnapped me from my wedding.
Goon! Look where I've brought you.
Recognize her.
Rita. - Did you listen?
And you thought I defamed your family..
..and for that you even hurt my mother.
Now tell me.. answer me..
Who is the cheat?
Me or he?
Don't talk rubbish!
I read the letter she wrote to you.
Who can be a bigger cheat than you?
You cheated me by posing as an old man.
You trapped Nina in your love..
..and her sister Rita too.
No.. no. This is wrong.
Did you hear Rita?
You know this accusation is false.
Tell her this is false.
Mister, don't bother my patient.
Because of shock she has turned dumb.
What? - Yes. She has turned dumb.
No.. no.
Rita. Rita, speak up.
I said she can't speak.
Both of you get lost. - Never!
If this cowards leaves, Rita's life will be ruined.
He'll marry someone else.
As long as I'm alive..
..he can't leave Rita.
Hanuman Singh, call everyone.
Did you see..
..Rita's condition because of you?
Call her! She might wake up hearing your voice.
I say call her.
You won't call her?
Call her.
I say call her.
Call her. Take her name.
I say call her.
Take her name.
Call her. Take her name.
Call her.
Call her. Take her name.
Leave me.
I say call her.
Don't dare to touch him!
What do you want to know?
He's a goon and rogue!
My heart knows..
..and listen what you're.
You're a butcher!
You called me butcher too.
Not once, I'll say it thousand times.
You can't stop me today.
You don't know mothers and kids love.
Our mother is no more.
We thought you'd give us maternal love.
You're not mother, but butcher.
He saved your niece from drowning.
You pelted him and his mother with stones.
The same son on whose mother you got pelted..
..came to your door with this culprit.
Only to save your niece's life.
..this is how you repaid his favor?
I'm ashamed to call you aunt.
We won't call you aunt now.
Our aunt is dead.
You're not aunt but butcher.
Hanuman Singh, did you hear?
Did you hear?
My niece calls me a butcher.
I'm a butcher!
You're not a butcher.
You're like their mother.
I couldn't be a mother.
Move aside.
I'm not a mother.
Sitadevi. - I'm not a mother.
Sitadevi. - I'm not an aunt.
Sitadevi. - I'm a butcher.
Forget what Nina said.
Forgive them.
They're like your daughters. - My daughters?
Daughters belong to mothers.
I'm a butcher. Move.. - Sitadevi.
I'm not a mother. I'm not a mother.
What did you do to be a mother?
Did you accept them with love? Did you hug them?
Did you cry on their pain?
I know how a mother is.
My mother was suffering from tuberculosis.
But she hid her ailment from me..
..because I was unemployed.. she didn't want to bother me.
Mother is like that, Sitadevi.
This is called a mother!
I don't know how a mother is.
I'm not a mother.
You're a mother, Sitadevi.
Every woman is a mother. She has maternal love.
Or else why do you suffer in pain now?
Your maternal love is suffering.
And there.. look..
Your orphaned nieces..
You're so close yet so far?
Let your maternal love get kindled.
You're a mother.
Accept your nieces.
You're a mother, Sitadevi.
I'm a mother.
I'm a mother.
I'm a mother.
Did you hear? I'm a mother.
Nina, am I?
Rita, am I?
My children!
"O Creator!"
I am overwhelmed..
..embrace us.
Hey, boy..
..I've two daughters.
I want two sons in law.
Come here. Come.
"Someone will come to my village to fall in love."
"Someone will come to my village.."
"Someone will come.."
"Someone will come to my village.."