Fieldsports Britain News - 2nd January 2013

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This is Fieldsports Britain News.
Boxing Day hunts across the UK attracted strong support this year, despite the recent flooding
and poor hunting conditions. Foxhound packs and other hound sports are enjoying strong
support thanks - many believe - to Tony Blair's attempt to ban them.
Staying with hunting, and MPs are investigating the third-of-a-million-pound bill run-up by
the RSCPA in its efforts to obtain a conviction from a British fox hunt. The Heythrop Hunt
has pleaded guilty to four counts of unlawfully hunting a wild fox with dogs. It's not justice
but it is law. The RSPCA is too rich for most people to face in court. The presiding magistrate
called the RSPCA's £327,000 costs "staggering". We made a film about the ruling. Click on
the link on the screen to watch it.
UK shooting associations are hitting back at the Scottish Government, which wants to
ban airguns. Holyrood has launched a public consultation on plans to introduce a licensing
system for Scotland's 500,000 airguns. The proposals include a ban on people plinking
in their back gardens. You can take action. Both the BASC and the Countryside Alliance
websites have instructions on what to do.
A new British shooting Youtube channel is being launched next week, the Schools Challenge
tv. After years of inspiring youngsters to take up shooting the Oxford Gun company is
continuing it's drive to attract people to the sport with a new regular show going live
next Tuesday the 8thof January. And from then on each episode will be published on Youtube
every 2nd and 4th tuesday of every month.
And finally, it has been outed as a fake. Homegrown animations are becoming more and
more popular on YouTube. This film of an eagle apparently snatching a child in Canada is
one of them. It's also meant lots of people watching our own series of golden eagle films
which are real but don't include children being plucked from playgrounds.
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