Breast Cancer Risk Increased By Breast Implants? - Dr. Jay Harness

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>>>Dr. Jay Harness: I live in sunny Southern California. I have been here about eight and
a half years and this is the land of breast augmentation. So I bet you know where I’m
going with this.
I have been asked the question by multiple patients, “Can these wonderful breast implants
that I have, Dr. Harness, increase my risk for breast cancer?”. The answer simply stated
is ‘no’.
Now, could it make it a little more difficult to make a diagnosis of breast cancer and when
mammograms are done with women with breast implants, we have two main views that are
done: craniocaudal – squishing the breast up and down, and medial/lateral oblique – squishing
from the side.
Where I work, in most breast centers that I am aware of, do two different sets of mammograms
on each side, obviously, where you have the implants. Our first is with the implants in
place and then second is called the extraction views with the implant, believe it or not,
is the pulled out of the way, the breast tissue is put back in compression so the implant
,if you will, is out of the picture.
Is this little less optimal? In other words, are there certain areas of the breast, because
the breast is being pushed forward by the implant or because of the technique of the
extraction views, where you may not get sort of perfect imaging? The answer is ‘yes,
there are some, if you will, sort of blind spots or areas that are little more difficult
to image with the implants in place’.
So what we do about that? Well, we are not going to get rid of the breast implants, so
what we want do is to make sure that my patients and you are doing very careful breast self-examinations
each month. If you’re still having your periods, during and after your period is a
good time to do breast self-examination.
One of the advantages, the breast implants underneath the breast tissue is compressing
things upward so the breast tissue is sort of thinned out. So when you are feeling with
your hands, it is actually a little bit easier to feel distinct lumps in the breast.
So the take home message is ‘no, breast implants do not cause breast cancer’, but
what is important, obviously, is getting your mammograms done regularly, get it done in
a center that knows how to do extraction views, and really importantly, continue doing breast
self-examination, and if any findings come up, see your component provider right away.
Hi, I am Dr. Jay Harness and I want to share with you important information that I believe
that every newly diagnosed patient with breast cancer needs to know.
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