Sweet Lassi (Indian Yogurt Drink)

Uploaded by NishaMadhulika on 06.05.2012

Namaskar Welcome to nishamadhulika.com
Today we will prepare Dahi (curd) ki Meethi Lassi.
Curd had in any from is very beneficial to us.
Curd contains protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin
B12 and several minerals which are very important for our body.
Ingredients required:
Curd - 1 cup (for 1 glass of Lassi)
Ice cubes - 8 to 10
So let us start making Lassi.
Pour curd in the mixer jar followed by 2-3 spoons sugar.
Add sugar according to how sweet Lassi you would prefer.
We have whipped curd till sugar was completely dissolved.
Now let us add the ice cubes then whip again.
Dahi ki Meethi Lassi is ready.
It is very tasty.
You can make this Lassi and have it whenever you feel like during summers.
This Lassi provides a lot of coolness to the body and is also advantageous.
Try this recipe yourself and share your experiences with us.
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